A series photographed, styled and modeled by sisters, Rachel and Nicole Effendy. 
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“Protecting biodiversity in our ocean, I think, is the single most important thing we should be addressing.”

On April 4, 2014 Bill Maher had a special guest at his show —- WATCH HERE—— Namely Toronto native, environmental, activist and Captain Paul Franklin Watson. Normally Watson is on the front lines of the battle to conserve and protect marine ecosystems for wildlife. Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been doing it for nearly 40 years. Watson was an early and influential member of Greenpeace, crewed and skippered for it, and later was a board member. Watson argued for a strategy of direct action that conflicted with the Greenpeace interpretation of nonviolence, was ousted from the board in 1977, and subsequently left the organisation (wiki)That same year, Watson founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The group is the subject of the weekly American documentary-style reality television series called Whale Wars (6th season) by Animal Planet. Last Friday (October 15th) I personally visited (Instagram) the opening of the brand new Global Headquarters & Sea Shepherd Store (store), located at: Alexander Boersstraat 52 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our team and myself also went for support and to launch a new project with the Sea Shepherd organisation. Go check out The Store and HQ. in Amsterdam, you even can go upstairs and ‘Ask Questions’ if you are interested in supporting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. More information:Sea Shepherd, Parley for the oceansg-star’s RAW for the Oceans and The Vortex Project. Photo Credit: HBO: Real Time with Bill Maher. Enjoy! 

for the type of show it is, netflix lists Fullmetal Alchemist as “goofy”

that is so ridiculously misleading that i could laugh in fact i am laughing imagine some poor soul thinking they’re in for a nice time and are faced with genocide, two kids losing limbs and their body, a horrible abomination in an attempt to bring back their mother, and political corruption 

you know, goofy stuff

G-STAR RAW s'associe à Pharrell Williams et lance la collection 'RAW for the Oceans'

G-STAR RAW s’associe à Pharrell Williams et lance la collection ‘RAW for the Oceans’

Il y a un peu moins de 3 mois, Pharrell Williams mettait un peu plus son entreprise Bionic Yarn sous les feux des projecteurs en signant un partenariat avec adidas Originals et nous signer dans la foulée, le premier teaser vidéo de la Stan Smith revisitée. (more…)

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I apologize for coming on tumblr sporadically as best, publishing thirty things from my queue in under ten minutes, and leaving again without a word, but I really just don’t have my shit together and can’t control my life let alone my blog so thank you all for bearing with me

fun fact, I just looked up whether it was “bear with me” or “bare with me” and the phrase apparently comes from an old english reference to pallbearers. Help carry the casket full of my hopes and dreams with me, my friends. thank you

Sarah Jessica Parker

Wearing the Cropped Boyfriend Sweater from the RAW for the Oceans collection, Sarah Jessica Parker looked “happy” while running errands in New York.

Every piece within the collection contains plastic that has been recovered from the world’s oceans and innovated into Bionic Yarn. As said by Pharrell and quoted on the sweater, the aim of the collection is:

“Happy life. Happy human beings. Happy Oceans.”

The RAW for the Oceans collection, which also includes denim jeans, jackets and jumpsuits, and more, is now available online at g-star.com

The collaboration is in cooperation with Bionic Yarn and The Vortex Project, an initiative by sustainable platform Parley for the Oceans.

TUNDRA’s Powwow Under the Powerlines & Songs from Inside The Whale (by Filip Visnjic) #mediaart

TUNDRA is a collective from Saint Petersburg who last year brought us The Void (video below), and the challenge to remain still long enough to “visualize the idea of emptiness”. The tricky part was to attain this state of stillness while situated in a hyper-immersive 360-degree surround installation of vortex-style spinning panoramic projections and quadrophonic sound.

Tundra define themselves as a “collaborative artistic collective” whose members include musicians, sound engineers, programmers and visual artists. Their focus is to create “spaces and experiences by making sound, visuals and emotions work together” in audiovisual performances and interactive installations.

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Rihanna in NYC

Rihanna wore the Arc jeans from the G-Star RAW for the Oceans collection, as she visited her studio in NYC.

The Arc jeans are constructed for ultimate flatter, using a sculptural construction that ‘turns’ around the leg. Co-designed by Pharrell Williams, an element of discovery is given to the garments through internal prints, revealed with a turn-up of the cuff. Woven from innovative Bionic Yarn, the RAW for the Ocean collection uses the first denim made from recycled ocean plastic. 

The RAW for the Oceans collection, which also includes denims jackets and jumpsuits, sweatshirts, tees and more, is now available online at g-star.com

The collaboration is in cooperation with Bionic Yarn and The Vortex Project, an initiative by sustainable platform Parley for the Oceans.

Afrojack and Sting

DJ Afrojack and Sting supporting the RAW for the Oceans initiative. 

RAW for the Oceans is a long-term creative exploration, where Bionic Yarn and G-Star RAW have joined forces to retrieved plastic from the ocean and innovate it into denim. The initiative is culminated in G-Star collections, made from Bionic Yarn. The collaboration is in cooperation with The Vortex Project, an initiative by sustainable platform Parley for the Oceans.