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-Do you know what an Imago is, Will?
-It’s a flying insect.
-It’s our wine, actually.

Guys I think I found the ultimate Hannigram wine. It’s called Imago for God’s sake. I bet it taste like tears and betrayal :)
I’m seriously considering buying one for the premier…and open it when this two nerds are finally reunited (O drown my sorrows if Primavera kills me with Mizumono aftermaths).
Anyway I really want to buy the thing now!

Was rewatching Hawaii Five-0 3x17 and got stuck in this little scene where Danny and Steve go talk with “The Kid”, this singer that used to work with Frank Sinatra, and  “The Kid” actually starts telling this story and Danny gets this sort of giddy-childish face and looks straight at Steve (not the person that’s telling the story, but Steve, like saying “hey, hey, hey, did you hear that?” and Steve just smiles back and then bats his eyelashes and looks the other way.

This little scene kills me, this little scene is gold, this little scene sums up the essence of the relationship between these two.

If Ya Like My Body

Title: If Ya Like My Body
Author: T-Hiah
Rating: T+
Prompt/Summary: Dedicating a sexy song to Morgan.
Trigger Warning: Buzzed reader, seductive lyrics, a swear word or two.
Word count: 545
Multishot: Prolly not. If someone wants to write about them in Morgan’s apartment afterward that’s fine with me; please make sure to credit me.
AZ Song lyrics / Youtube
Edited by Rad

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clearancecreedwatersurvival asked:

Hey, so this is pretty specific, but I was hoping you could direct me to a fic or two that feature a prominent proposal scene. It can be spur of the moment or planned in advance, a one shot or part of a longer story, but basically I'd appreciate some 'let's get hitched/bonded' fluff. Thanks in advance!

 Ok, you might hate me after this but there is fluff I swear, it’s just buried in angst and  … just … ugh. These boys are killing me. 

So first off (raises fics on platter like a peace offering or a sacrifice), there’s these ones on AO3, but I didn’t read them so they’re an unofficial fic rec (i.e. proceed with caution)

And then theres the heart stopping fic

Shine Like the Sun by kyliselle

(AOS), rated NC17, 25k words

An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bringing a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru - a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.


“’Bond with me.’ Kirk stares at Spock in surprise. ‘You can’t be serious,’ he says.”


*spends a few minutes meditating so I don’t fly to pieces or fall apart or become the latest renewable energy source “Just give her fanfiction and she’ll power NYC for ten years”*

But theres also a cute proposal/ acceptance in:

The Bonds of Children by Reigen Doki

(AOS), rated t, 10682 words

Child AU. Spock and Jim were always the ones to choose their own destinies. Even when the universe was trying to choose for them. I think the implication that there is at least a little Kirk/Spock here is obvious.

I reread the end of this one regularly

episode highlights

  • EMIYA playing again and i think it’s a different version than the one of last ep even so that means TWO new versions of EMIYA
  • shirou taking off his jacket like LETS FIGHT as if he wasn’t already fighting
  • shinji did a shaft headtilt
  • shirou and archer standing back to back for an uncomfortably long amount of time for no particular reason
  • archer’s look of PURE HATRED when monologuing at shirou
  • saber parallels more like Kill Me
  • “just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right”
Memories? || smallcatboy

“That was a wonderful performance, Mizura! You killed it!”

“A-ah, thank you! I’m flattered that you enjoyed it!”

“Oh come on, it wasn’t just me! Did you see everyone in the audience cheering for you when you finished? Mizura, you’re going to kill it as an idol! You opera career has taken you to this point and you’re just going to soar!”

At this comment, Mizura laughed before blushing and smiling at her sister. She seemed so enthusiastic about this move in her life that the younger blonde couldn’t help giggling again. Ah, Hiyori. Always so cheerful when it came to anything Mizura did. Still, she was tired after just singing for two hours straight, and Mizura motioned for her sister to leave her be for a few minutes so she could change and start to get ready to head home again.

Quickly changing out of her costume, the girl smiled when she heard her manager open the door and hand her a bunch of bouquets of flowers. She didn’t know who they were from, so when he left she flipped through the little notes on each before putting each bouquet in its own vase. The little note from Aures didn’t catch her attention or make her remember anything.

A few minutes later she emerged from the room to look for Hiyori and was surprised to find her sister not waiting in front of the dressing room. Cocking her head to the side, she blinked out of confusion before grabbing her phone to call her with and then walking out to the car. No one even recognized her on her way out, which was a good thing because she didn’t want trouble.

As Hiyori’s phone was ringing, Mizura blinked when she bumped into a short boy and turned to apologize immediately.

“A-ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Then the phone line went dead and she blinked before looking at her phone strangely and seeing that the signal was bad. Well then. Finding Hiyori was going to be difficult then, wasn’t it?

it’s so whack to me that there are random people on the internet (the internet) who decide i made up my race … for notes? or attention? or something? 

number one, why? that’s just wild. but number two, if i was gonna do that, i’d choose something that would actually get me notes. if i was here for notes, i’d chose to be something else. if i was tryna idk, catfish you all, i’d do something where i got something out of it. 

but more than that, why do people think it’s their responsibility to ‘call me out’. like, so? if i was pretending, so what? when have you ever cared about indigenous people? where are you when we’re killed and stabbed and raped and robbed and have everything destroyed? where are you then? even those of you in australia - you know whose land you’re on? koori or yamatji or pallawah or murri? no. you don’t care about us. 

so it’s wild to me some people who i’ve never met, who probably have never met someone who ID’s as indigenous in their grown life, have the audacity to tell me that i’m not indigenous, that i’m pretending, that i’m tryna live a lie. 

why? cause i live it everyday. i live this nightmare every day. feel this pain every day. everything in this land aches and i know that intimately. if i could, i’d forget it in a moment. but i can’t. so i live with it everywhere - in my own life, and here, in my dreams in my prayers in every thought. i can’t pretend - i don’t have that luxury. 

Four Steps

To my Followers


AU - Sirius is a proud centaur and skilled monster slayer. After shattering his leg trying to kill Fenrir, Sirius is made human by an old hermit in order to restore his mobility. Sirius is appalled with his new body, but is given the possibility of becoming a true centaur again if he completes one task: protect Remus, an escaped werewolf, until Fenrir is dead. 


Remus/Sirius, James/Lily

Can also be found on AO3

Let me know if you would like to see more! 

Read the Prologue below: 

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cybercorpsesnake asked:

The last two chapters were only good for me because Juvia facial expressions, what about you?

Yeah. I mean, this arc seems to be lacking a climax. Wasn’t Avatar supposed to be freakishly strong? Everyone was defeated so easily it was a little “what the hell?” No one even seemed to sweat against them. By the way Avatar was introduced, I thought we’d have more excitement.

Well, since Juvia is my favorite character, her appearances always make me happy and she just kills me with her craziness! I hope she appeara more the next chapters! 😍

ninten1 asked:

I have absolutely no sources for this but it TOES MCGOATS HAPPENED AND IF YOU TRY AND CONTEST ME ON IT THEN YOU'RE A VIOLENCE ENABLER but tomorrow morning Rebby killed two innocent birbs with one stone.






“That was nice Cipher. I’m glad we could spend some time together. But I’ve got reports to prepare for the Minister of Intelligence and you’ve got to go. Our time’s up.”
“I’ll be seeing you Watcher Two. You can’t get rid of me this easily.”
“I suppose we’ll find out. Take care of yourself.”

Kaner being a hot punk

“Kane, come here! I need your help fast!” You yell as you jump onto the couch as fast as your body will allow. You hear Kane groan as he gets up out of the bed. “Could you be any slower, dude.” You complain.

You hear him laugh as he walks over to you, laughing even harder when he sees you standing on the couch, “What in the world are you doing, y/n?” 

You point to the corner of the room at the massive group of spiders, “Kill them or get them outside. Just get them out of our house, Kane.” 

Kane laughs again, “There’s only like two spiders over there,” he walks over to get a better look, “okay, well maybe three, but they look like small and harmless.” He pretends to grab one and closes his fist as he faces you again, “Look, y/n, they’re babies, come hold it with me.”

You squeal, moving further away from him. “Patrick Kane, get that out of the house right now. I’m not kidding.” He steps closer, his closed fist coming closer to you, “Kane! I’m going to kill you.” 

Kane laughs as he takes another step closer, “Oh come here, baby, it’s so small. Here.” He says as he pretends to throw the spider at you. 

“KANE!” You yell as you try to jump off the couch, managing somehow to land on your feet. But the second you try to run, you slip and land straight on your face. 

You hear Kane laugh but come closer to you, making sure you’re okay. “I was just kidding babe, i didn’t have anything.” You playfully punch him but laugh at the situation. “You’re okay, right?” 

“Yes. You’re a total dick though, Kane. Don’t think I won’t get you back for that.” You laugh, getting yourself up off the floor. 

“You gotta admit though, that was some funny shit, y/n.” He laughs as walks over to get the spider corner. 

“Ha ha, Mr.Kane, so funny” You say sarcastically as you kiss him softly.

“I’d be careful if I were.” He smiles.

“Oh yeah, why’s that?” You laugh, kissing him again.

“Because the spiders aren’t behind me anymore.”

“What?” You look behind him to where the spiders used to be and all you see is spider web. “Fuck! Kaner, you definitely better be expecting some payback.” Both of you laugh and kiss again, 

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1) why did you choose your url?
He’s a traitor, and he’s a king. Derp.

[[ If you want something a little more in-depth,
he also betrayed two previous kings, both of which
were his ‘fathers’ — his step father, Odin, when Loki
allowed the Frost Giants into his chambers while he
was in Odinsleep and did not stop Laufey from murdering
him; and Laufey, his biological father, by killing him after
he killed Odin. So this is a play on not only is Loki a traitor
and a king, but a traitor OF kings, and generally anyone
in power that he can stab in the back sooner or later. ]]

 2) what is your middle name?

 4) favourite colour?
Black, blue/aqua, silver, purple… all cool colors.

 5) favourite song?
Lol way too many. Uhm let’s just go with ‘Anthem of the Lonely’ by Nine Lashes at the moment.

 6) what are your top five fandoms?
Marvel, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, Harry Potter, aaaand whichever anime I happen to be into at the moment (which is currently between Tokyo Ghoul & Kuroshitsuji)

 7) why do you enjoy tumblr?
Friends, ROLEPLAY!!!, funny ass shit, amazing graphics/edits, outlet for creativity, uhm… yeAH.

 8) tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they do the 8 questions too): I have/had way more than this, buuuut… darkpatriotismnyrnernil, regnumverus, theliarstale, the-accursed, avengeresque, tetsujiin, stalwartprotector, oncedeadliesmith

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Character reactions if Tatsumi and Najenda were married

This was requested by silvyavan  (Thanks for the compliment! )

Leone: Aww 

Leone: So cute

Leone: Lubbock? Mine? Are you two ok?

Mine: T-tasumi…

Mine: But I thought you loved me…

Leone: It’ll be ok

Lubbock: [cries silently]

Leone: Lubbock?

Lubbock: I told Tatsumi how much I loved her


Leone: [hugs Lubbock]

Lubbock: [smirks with a nosebleed]

Leone: I see you haven’t changed Lubbock

Chelsea: I hope you don’t contiune following Lubbock’s wishes

Chelsea: I don’t think your wife would appreciate you spying on me bathing

Tatsumi: T-that was only once

Chelsea: Mmm sure

Shelee: Too bad I couldn’t be alive to see it

Shelee: It would have been a nice change

Bulat: Yes Shelee imagine my beautiful Tatsumi getting married

Shelee: What?

Bulat: Heh Tatsumi um congratulations

Najenda: Now we can enjoy being married for about three months

Tatsumi: Wait why three months?

Najenda: Because then we’ll probably die

Tatsumi: Well that’s positive

Najenda: It was I could have said one month

Susanoo: Najenda-san I hope you have a perfect relationship

Susanoo: I will straighten your hair after you are done making out with him




One simple rule,the man said… never mix business…

Business. The wife. The job. The house. The city.


…with pleasure…

Pleasure. Kill the wife. Quit the job. Burn the house. Destroy the city.



Let me out.

You’re already out.

Show me the light.

You see the light.

Give me free reign…

But only at the proper time–



I want to be heads.

We’re both heads.

We made our choice.

No choice.