'Pro-ana refers to the promotion of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.'

Just stop for moment and re-read that sentence. Pro-ana literally means that you are promoting anorexia. Whether you are proudly pro-ana and state so on your blog, or whether you are completely in denial, and will fight to the death to try to prove you’re not, if you post content on your blog which promotes anorexia, you are pro-ana


You can’t argue with that; it’s a fact. If I comment on any of your reblogged pro-ana posts, I literally do not want to hear you whining at me that although your blog might look that way, you’re actually not pro-ana. No. You may tell yourself that to sleep better at night, but once again if you do not want to be labeled as pro ana, then do not post content which promotes anorexia on your blog.

Thank you.

I once had an idea. An Idea to find out what love was. What is love you ask? Well no ones definition of love shall be exactly the same my dear friend. I see love as two soul mates, who can lay for hours upon hours gazing at the ceiling not saying a single word, but listening to eachothers hearts race. Love to me is when they know when you’re upset, angry, hurt or just in a bad mood. It’s when the person will put you before them-self. They will love and cherish the ground you walk on. But then I had realised…my idea had one flaw…and that was heartbreak. When he stops caring, stops doing the things I have listed that’s when you should be afraid. That’s when your heart will start to break.
—  C.B
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College Humor was never so real

The only thing stopping me from taking you back, is knowing that had it been the other way around… I know you wouldn’t do the same for me.
—  Why I’m not your’s anymore erica-s-diary