the spy who loved me


HOLIDAY MEDLEY - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

These were my xmas eve nails! I wanted to do something festive, but if taken away from the holiday context would be somewhat seasonally neutral. :)

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + jade is the new black
  • Color Club - Wicker park + fig sprouts
  • Sally Hansen - golden-i + white on
  • Cover Girl - natural blush
  • gold nail art beads
  • star sequin
  • blue zircon Swarovski Crystals

Stay tuned for the remaining three designs featuring this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more!

As no studio was big enough for the interior of Stromberg’s supertanker, and set designer Ken Adam did not want to repeat what he had done with SPECTRE’s volcano base in You Only Live Twice — “a workable but ultimately wasteful set” — construction began in March 1976 of a new sound stage at Pinewood, the 007 Stage, at a cost of $1.8 million. (x)

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


NEW YEARS / NEW MOONS - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - the spy who loved me

  • O.P.I. - the spy who loved me + my boyfriend scales walls
  • Revlon - espresso
  • Ginger + Liz - icing on the cake
  • 14k gold foil
  • gold star sequins

This is the third look using O.P.I. - the spy who loved me. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.

  1. New York, New York | dir. Martin Scorsese
  2. Star Wars | dir. George Lucas
  3. Cet Obscure Objet Du Désir | dir. Luis Buñuel
  4. Suspiria | dir. Dario Argento
  5. The Spy Who Loved Me | dir. Lewis Gilbert
  6. Providence | dir. Alan Resnais
  7. Stroszek | dir. Werner Herzog
  8. Der amerikanische Freund | Dir. Wim Wenders
  9. The Rescuers | dir. John Lounsbery, Wolfgang Reitherman, Art Stevens
  10. Alice ou la dernière fugue | dir. Claude Chabrol

Here are a bunch of final images from films released in 1977. Can you match each one of them with its title?