the smeezingtons


"We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We used to always say in the studio, ‘Yo, this is going to be a smash!’ And then it turned into, ‘This is a smeeze!’ Then, ‘This is a Smeezington.’ We were just like, ‘We should just base our whole situation upon this word. How great would it be if record labels were like, ‘We have to get The Smeezingtons involved?’" — Bruno Mars

I couldnt understand what he was doing, but very sweet.

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Answer Ya Phone
  • Answer Ya Phone
  • Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence

Answer Ya Phone - a masterpiece production by The Smeezingtons 

What are you doin’, answer ya phone
What are you doin’, don’t leave me alone
What are you doin’, you better call back
What are you doin’, don’t treat me like I’m black
What are you doin’, I’m a free slave now
What are you doin’, I love you so
What are you doin’, you little bitch hoe
What are you doin’, come sit on my lap

"Dep-dep-dep-dep" (Locked Out Of Heaven)
  • "Dep-dep-dep-dep" (Locked Out Of Heaven)
  • The Smeezingtons

Sometimes, they're not even instruments. "On ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ Bruno was like ‘we need a dep-dep-dep-dep’ sound,'" Ari Levine recalls. "I said, ‘Sing it into the microphone’ and then I chopped it up. It sounds like it’s a instrument, but it’s really his voice. We do that a lot."