today’s comic inspired by:

(i wasn’t thinking of “hands up, don’t shoot,” when i was drawing this comic, but maybe in the back of my mind, i might have been thinking about the protests in ferguson. i’m not sure what the message of this comic is. when i draw comics, i just draw them, usually without thinking about what sort of statement i’m trying to make. that happens unconsciously. my interpretation of this comic is that i was probably wrestling with ideas of “masculinity” and “femininity” as it relates to “white” people and “black” people. in our patriarchal society, people with penises are told they have to be strong and tough, and people with vaginas are told they should be weak and submissive. and yet, if you have dark skin, you can’t be strong and tough because you’ll be perceived as a menace and a threat to society. so, basically, “black men” are not allowed to act like “men”. it’s a big problem in our society. part of the solution is that we have to get rid of notions of “masculine” and “feminine” and “black” and “white”. abolish binary thinking.)

i am laughing because i just started imagining a gordon ramsay-like feminist writer who, rather than helping to keep restaurants in business, goes to writers of television shows and films and chastises them for the sexism, racism, and general lack of diversity in their scripts


yet another controversial bbrae gifset i have to stop making these that transpires during the season 4 finale

guys i can go on and on about bb being jealous of robin okay bring it on

for robins and batgirls, for young avengers, for teen titans, for runaways and gifted youngsters



i. teenagers||my chemical romance
ii. we are young||fun(ft.janelle monae)
iii. white teeth teens||lorde
iv. young volcanoes||fall out boy
v. a better son/daughter||rilo kiley
vi. glory and gore||lorde
vii. wake me up||avicii
viii. young legends||sleigh bells
ix. carry on||fun
x. the phoenix||fall out boy
xi. the fighter||gym class heroes(ft.ryan tedder)


i. kill your heroes - awolnation | ii. feel good inc. - gorillaz | iii. just one yesterday - fall out boy | iv. black sheep - metric | v. run boy run - woodkid | vi. mercenary - panic at the disco | vii. snakes on a plane - cobra starship | viii. battle born - the killers | ix. monster - kanye west | x. clint eastwood - gorillaz | xi. die young in the cave - kesha + mumford and sons | xii. biting down - lorde | xiii. planetary (GO!) - my chemical romance | xiv. problem - natalia kills | xv. kick ass - mika | xvi. feeling good - michael buble | xvii. it’s time - imagine dragons | xviii. seven nation army - white stripes |  xix. some nights - fun. 


My Tigers Jaw Collection. Still need a lot of records if I wanted to complete this. Right Now I just want to have One copy of each press of each release. Spirit Desire is my favorite release so I might try and complete that first. My girlfriend got me a few of the rarer ones for Christmas last year!

  • S/T 3rd RFC Press on 180g Black/600, “Cream”/400, and Orange/300
  • Spirit Desire 2nd Press on Pink Marble/350, 3rd Press on Gold/225, Clear Purple/150, Clear Pink/125, Purple Marble/100, and Cassette Tape on Yellow #35/75
  • Split with Tiny Empire on Blue/400, Blue/White Split/200, and Screened Cover/100
  • Split with The Sidekicks 2nd Press on Black/500 and Cassette/250
  • 2008 Tour ep on Black/1000
  • Acoustic #2 on Black/400
  • Gypsy on Pink/100
  • Chemicals Flexi on Clear/500
  • Belongs To The Dead on Black/1000
  • Split with Balance and Composure 2nd Press on Clear/500
  • Two Worlds 2nd Press on Green/200

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