The whole schism between Dean/Seth/Roman fans getting so bad they’re being told to stay away from each other makes me sad, especially when we had no problem co-existing before.
It was sort of what I liked about being a fan of The Shield, admittedly ie. I like Roman! You like Dean/Seth? Oh man, he’s awesome too!—-and I wouldn’t be asked to write a veritable dissertation on why I like him and vice versa.ย 

One of the things I definitely miss about the boys being together.ย 


Ah well.ย 

Wrestling Rant

Okay so I was just in the Roman Reigns tag and I just read something I didn’t like. And I’m just tired of sitting and not saying anything. I’m usually very quiet and let people think what they want, because everyone has a right to their opinion.

But I’m sick and tired of people saying they hate that Roman is getting a push. And I’m tired of people saying he sucks, they hate him or that he doesn’t deserve it. I’ve been a wrestling fan for 17 years(since 6)… And honestly Seth, Dean and Roman are some of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in the past few years.

They’re some of my favorites to be honest and I support all three of them equally. But seriously, ladies and gents, I don’t think there is any reason to hate Roman. He’s a great wrestler. He may not have been in it as long as Seth or Dean. But he’s still great. Sure his promos could be better, but please stop bashing him.

All three of them deserve a push. All three are amazing in the ring. I love them equally. And you know what? All three of them will be champion one day. So please just stop the hate. If you’re not a fan of Roman, that’s fine. But it doesn’t give you an excuse to go off and bash him just because WWE decided to give him a push. All three Shield members will succeed. Just be patient.

Okay I am done here.