Harry and Louis and Stuff and Things and Fun Facts and Coincidences

So… It just so happens that I had a number of conversations with RL friends about Harry & Louis recently. About the mass of eyebrow-raising — and frankly fascinating — coincidences surroundings their relationship. And, y’know, since I already put this stuff together, I figured: why not share it? 


Disclaimer 1: No one knows anything ever. There is no way to be 100% certain about what is going on in the lives of people who are, essentially, strangers to us. But I also don’t believe in censoring speculation about a potential gay couple when people speculate about straight couples all the damn time. Shunning discussion because it’s two guys rather than a het couple? Hell no. That would imply that gay is an insult.

Disclaimer 2: I included a number of links (without overloading it with too much stuff) to back up the different points. I was careful in assembling this, but should a mistake have crept in there, let me know. 

Warning 1: I don’t think it’s in any way okay to approach the boys about “Larry”, or their families or whatever. It’s an invasion of privacy, and not okay. Ever. If they’re in a relationship, it is theirs. Not ours. (See here and here.)

Warning 2: Please do not post this on Twitter, thanks.

Warning 3: If you are absolutely and completely opposed to the possibility of H&L being anything but straight and / or more than dude bro pals, you might want to give this a miss. If, however, you are at least willing to consider the possibility, you might find this interesting. (I started out highly skeptical. So did two of my friends — one of them, just a few months ago, even told me that he hated “those Larry shippers”. And yet we all got to a point when the word ‘coincidence’ felt remarkably overused and inadequate.)

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A Small Way To Combat Depression:

Surround yourself with things that you love.

When everything seems horrible, surround yourself with things that are dear to you. If you’ve already done this, clean it. change everything up. Dust it, rearrange it, and create a space just for yourself.

Re-arrange everything in your room, or all that you can.

A fresh, friendly space can mean everything for a sad, lonely heart.


Royalty Meme ♛ [1/10] Historical Monarchs
↳ Ramses II (also spelled Rameses or Ramesses; Greek: Ozymandias)

Ramses II was the son of Seti I and was Seti’s co-ruler from 1279 B.C.E., ultimately becoming the third pharaoh of Egypt’s Nineteenth Dynasty. During his long and extraordinary reign, Ramses initiated huge restoration and construction projects throughout Egypt and Nubia. He established a new capital, Pi-Ramesses, and built, among others, two famous temple complexes at Abu Simbel and another in Thebes, called the “Ramesseum” by Egyptologists. He also had a magnificent tomb constructed for his favorite wife, Nefertari.

Ramses also led a number of military campaigns, namely against the Hittite Empire in Canaan and Syria. The most famous of these ended in the nearly-disastrous Battle of Kadesh, which Ramses turned from a certain defeat into a stalemate. He returned to Egypt as a war hero. Eventually, the Egyptians and Hittites drew up the world’s first surviving peace treaty. No further campaigns in Canaan were recorded during Ramses’ reign.

Ramses had over two hundred consorts and concubines; with them, he had some ninety-six sons and sixty daughters. He lived for over ninety years, making him virtually immortal in the eyes of many of his subjects who had never known another pharaoh and outliving at least thirteen of his heirs. His reign lasted for an unprecedented sixty-six years. When he died in 1213 B.C.E., he left the Egyptian Empire wealthy and powerful. He was remembered by his successors as their “Great Ancestor.” 

His mummy was discovered in the Valley of the Kings and is today displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.