the royal royal


Celestia: “I really want some time off, but with ponies already gearing up for the election next year, I need to be here. Though Twilight and Cadance have witnessed several and have been taught about them, they’ve never ruled during one. And for Luna, elections are completely new to her. So I’m stuck here for the next year and a half… Then longer to help get the new Prime Minister settled.”

Okay, bonus round Old Fashioned Friday because I was feeling like a mad scientist and I fucking nailed it. Here’s the recipe:

1.5 oz of Bulleit Bourbon

1 Teaspoon of Royal Rose 3 Chile Simple Syrup

3 Dashes of Dashfire Brandy Old Fashioned Bitters

Grate whole cinnamon over the top, add ice cubes, stir & garnish with cinnamon stick. Holy hell. It’s so earthy, savory, and has a great kick. I need a name for it, so far I’m stuck on Scorched Earth Old Fashioned, leave your ideas in the comments and if I like yours better than mine, I’ll send you a print of your choice.



one gifset per appearancevisit to grimsby: peaks lane fire station [2/4] (05/03/2013)

The Duchess of Cambridge continued her visit to Grimsby by visiting Peaks Lane Fire Station, which has been involved in helping young people in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust. She met with locals and was given a tour of the station, sharing sandwiches with the fire crews and was shown their fleet of fire engines.