The country where:

you can burn 43 students in a ditch


49 kids in a daycare


and 40 adults in a casino


without a single gram of justice being served.

but god forbid you burn a door down because that is outrageous and unethical



Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[3/7] Palaces/Castles - Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is a rococo style palace in Vienna, Austria, that was home to the Hapsburg Dynasty for over 300 years. The area initially served as a hunting ground and recreational area after its’ purchase by Maximilian II in 1569. Eleonora Gonzaga had the palace added to the mansion already built on the grounds after being given the area for her widow’s residence after her husband’s death. The palace took on its’ current form when it was rebuilt in the 1740s and 50s, during the reign of Maria Theresa. Her grandson, Leopold II, had the exterior redecorated in the neoclassical style as it appears today. After the fall of the Habsburg Monarchy, the palace became the property of the Austrian government and has been preserved as a museum. It was declared a World Heritage site in 1996, and is visited by millions of tourists every year.