The thing that hits me the hardest about Louis getting that dagger tattoo is that the fandom has been discussing this for a year, ever since Harry got the rose. There have been manips of Louis with a dagger tattoo on his arm; there have been playful disputes about whether maybe Louis already had a dagger tattoo in a spot we couldn’t see. And we know the boys are well aware of what happens in the fandom.

And now, now, out of the thousands of motives Louis could ink into his skin, he chooses the fucking dagger. Puts it proudly on display. Which is like the sixth (seventh?) set of matching tattoos that they have, and many of them can be found on that one sailor tattoo website — a website that dates back to 2011 and which the fandom discovered, what, two years ago? Before the rose, before the rope and the anchor. 

At the very least, this should tell you that they don’t care about Larry rumours, and that their friendship is certainly not destroyed. Or they just have the very worst luck in the world because, right, it’s all just such a coincidence. A coincidence that’s been in the making for a year. A bloody year

Ugh. Sappy bastards.


Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[7/7] Palaces/Castles - The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a royal palace built in the city of Versailles in France. It is one of the most famous palaces in the world and has inspired the construction of hundreds of other structures worldwide. The original building on the site was a hunting lodge created for Louis XIII in 1624, which would eventually form the core of the current palace. His son, Louis XIV, expanded the hunting lodge into a massive palace, constructed in four separate building campaigns.  He would officially move the court there in May of 1682, and Versailles remained the center of power for the French Monarchy until the Royal Family was forced to return to Paris at the beginning of the French Revolution. Both Louis XV and Louis XVI would continue building projects on the palace, but the majority of the construction was done by Louis XIV. Versailles was designated a World Heritage site in 1979, and millions of tourists visit it every year.