Blue and Gansey, sitting in a Camaro, K-I-S…wait. Never mind. Not that. DON’T DO THAT. (But also do it)

Honestly, all of maggie-stiefvater's best scenes happen in the Camaro.


or at least notice that he was gone, which was notable for Persephone.

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Favorite things about the Raven Cycle

Okie dokie, nonnie!

  • The prose is actually really nice at points. Like there are some moments when the text just grabs me aesthetically and that makes me happy.
  • Adam Parrish. Just Adam in general makes me really happy, and by happy I mean conflicted and pained. He’s a character who grabbed me by the heartstrings and got glued there. (I have some issues and grumps with the way characters and the narrative treat him, but overall, Adam in general is great).
  • The dialogue has some glorious moments. Gansey and Ronan’s conversation when we first meet Chainsaw, for example. The line “Wake up, Fuckweasel, it’s your girlfriend!” and “Not your bear, not your fault.” Things like that are pretty rad

I like other things but I have just woken up and this is what my sleepybrain can think of

Some things must be lost for decades in order for us to appreciate their real value later in life. That was the case for Pekka Nummelin, a carpenter born and rasied in Mikkeli, Finland, and his first car that he abandoned in the woods behind his p…

This = Harry Potter + The Raven Boys.


“My mom’s told me, ever since I was born, that if I kiss my true love, he’ll die.”

Gansey laughed.

Don’t laugh, you—” Blue was going to say bastard but it felt too strong and she lost the nerve.

“Well, it’s just a very precautionary-sounding sort of thing, isn’t it? Don’t date or you’ll go blind. Kiss your true love and he bites it.”

“It’s not just her!” Blue protested. “Every psychic or medium I’ve ever met tells me the same thing. Besides, my mom’s not like that. She wouldn’t just play around with something like that. It’s not pretend.”

“Sorry,” Gansey said, realizing she was genuinely annoyed with him. “I was being a dick again. Do you know how he’s supposed to die, this unlucky guy?”

Blue shrugged.

“Ah. Devil’s in the details, I guess. So you just kiss nobody, in a precautionary way?” He watched her nod. “That seems grim, Jane. I won’t lie.”

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Dear maggie, do you mind doing a RBIII character playlist like the previous two playlists for the raven cycle? LOVE YOU.

Do you guys actually want this giant thing? Surely not.

I’ve been asked a bunch of times, but I’ve put it off because I didn’t have time to link to everything. Here it is, no links. Remember, if you like any of these: PLEASE BUY THEM FROM THE ARTIST AND SUPPORT A HAPPY MUSICAL WORLD.


"Eshkemet" - Djivan Gasparyan

"Arcadia" - Ramona Lisa

"Coattails" - Brood

 “ ‘Til Infinity” – IYES

“City of Sin” – Linus Young

"Dance Bear" – Snakadaktal (also Gansey)

“Fire Breather” – Laurel (also Gansey)


“Ya Hey” – Vampire Weekend

“The Wrote & the Writ” – Johnny Flynn

“Lit from Underneath” – Andrew Bird

“Let Me In” – Snowmine (also Blue)

“Muzik” – Knoc-turn’al

“For You” – Wolf Rider

“Round and Round” – Imagine Dragons

“Come Along” – Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green (also Blue)

“Hello Sweet World” – Gangs of Ballet (also Adam)

“Post Script” - (also Adam) - Typhoon

“Open Arms” (also Adam) - Pilot Speed


“Blackout” – Breathe Carolina

“Troublemaker feat. Flo Rida” – Olly Murs

“Overdose (Ghost Loft Remix” – Little Daylight

“Mirror” – Robots Don’t Sleep

“Make it Home” – Ronan (also Gansey)

“Imeacht” - Iarla Ó Lionáird

“Take Me To Church” – Hozier

“You’re the One I Want” – Lo-Fang

“Artifice” – S O H N

“Cups” – Anna Kendrick (also Adam)

“Eden” – Ben Khan (also Adam)

“Pressure” – Until the Ribbon Breaks (also Adam)


“Sick Cycle Carousel” - Lifehouse

“Time of Dark” – Tune-yards

“Deeper Devastation” – Jesca Hoop

“Mirage” – ceo

“Apply” – Glasser

“End of Time” – CocoRosie

“Obedear” – Purity Ring

“Don’t Wake Me” – Robots Don’t Sleep

“New York City” – (also Noah)

“The World You Want” – Switchfoot

“Wherever This Goes” – The Fray (also Blue and Noah)


“Mt. Constitution” – The Lonely Forest

“The Thick and the Thin” – Imaginary Future (also Gansey and Adam)


“Yell it Out!” – the derevolutions

“Gimme Some” – POWERS


“Bound” – Indiana


“Blue Eyes Blind” – ZZ Ward


“To Let Myself Go” – Ane Brun

“Anne Dreams of Her Childhood” – Trevor Morris


“Turn Away” – Beck

“Neon Never Changes” – The Lonely Forest

“Ghost Lights” - Woodkid

“The Gilded Hand” – Radical Face

“Out of the Darkness” – Matthew and the Atlas

“Hero” – Elizaveta

“The Hours” - Farao

“Dark Days” – Hugo

“Leap” – Zoe Keating

 “Dance for me Wallis” – Abel Korzeniowski

“Tokka” – Agnes Obel

“Solomon Vandy” – James Newton Howard & Pete Anthony

“My Own Heart” – Trevor Morris

“Clairvoyant” – Two Steps from Hell

“Mural” – Randy Newman

“Being Patient/ Beifong’s Sacrifice” – Jeremy Zuckerman

“Dragon Age 2” – Inon Zur

“Blue Shoes (Broga Gorma)” – Colm Mac Con Iomaire

“Deliverance” – Brian Tyler

“John’s Walk” – Jamin Winans

“The Rooks” – Rosie May


“It feels the same as when you guys lived here,” Gansey said finally. “It seems like it should be different.”
“Did you come here a lot?” Blue asked.
He exchanged a glance with Ronan. “Often enough.”
He didn’t say what Ronan was thinking, which was that Gansey was far more of a brother to Ronan than Declan had ever been.


Raven boys.
Blue continued. “They think they’re better than us and that we’re all falling all over ourselves for them, and they drink themselves senseless every weekend and spray paint the Henrietta exit sign.”
Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys, because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards.


He said, “I’ve always liked the name Jane.”

Blue’s eyes widened. “Ja — what? Oh! No, no. You can’t just go around naming people other things because you don’t like their real name.”

"I like Blue just fine," Gansey said. He didn’t believe she was really offended; her face didn’t look like it had at Nino’s when they’d first met, and her ears were turning pink. He thought, possibly, he was getting a little better at not offending her, although he couldn’t seem to stop teasing her.