1: “Happy to talk. Happy to listen to the panic in your voice.”

2: “I had them delivered. Though we’d make this a bit of reunion.”

—Crazy Robot Doctor

"One question, Megatron, why are we called ‘Decepticons’?"

"Another craven Autobot scare tactic. The name was meant to demonize us. Instead, we wear it as a badge of honor. For if speaking the truth is deception, then we are gladly guilty."



okay so going off this just imagine though ratchet gets a private comm message every. fragging. morning. from drift at like 15 mins into the on shift and it’s always something sickeningly flaky like ‘morning ratch- hope your aura stays bright all day!’ or ‘so I read the local star fields this morning and today should be a great day for isometric-negatives to work on their interpersonal relationships [swerve’s later?]’ and he fills them with cybertronian emojis that ratchet never fails to use ironically in his routine ‘frag off [only if I don’t have to work overtime]’ greeting/response

but then one cycle he doesn’t get a message and ratchet tries to tell himself he doesn’t care and is glad drift hasn’t bothered him. but after a while he caves and pings drift to make sure he’s okay [because who knows what trouble that stupid aft’s gotten himself into now] and yeah he’s fine- he just got distracted by rodimus bursting into his room before shift to tell him about some new lead to the knights- [careful ratchet I’ll start to think you care]. ratchet grumbles about routine and tells him he doesn’t care whether drift messages him or not just make it consistent 

drift never misses another morning message [and ratchet’s responses are a lot less rude than they used to be]

Plot Twist:
  • Carly Goes Home
  • Fifth Harmony is actually a British / Irish boy band formed two years ago
  • Tate is the sixth member of One Direction
  • Emblem3 are all amazing singers who sound amazing
  • LA is a good mentor
  • Simon cares for his groups equally
  • Demi still has all four acts
  • Brittany can make complete intelligent sentences
  • Carly is human
  • Fifth Harmony isn't actually real and they are just a figment of our imagination
  • Tate is a metal rocker
  • Emblem3 sings with emotion
  • Playback Wins

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Lmao here have one for each: prowl demands ratchet finger him when he’s stressed because ONLY RATCHET’S MAGIC FINGERING SKILLS CAN RELAX HIM

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And Jazz - jazz ties ratchet down whenever ratchet starts working too much so ratchet wakes up all restrained to Jazz sitting on him like ‘let me relax u. With my mouth. All day long.’



 spoopynenohi heeft gezegd:

Miko is the best Wrecker~ Her relationship with Jackie and Bulkhead is so precious omg

Oh my gosh I love!! Miko she’s super cute and she’s a really likable human character and her design is really rad imo > w < She’s so adorable and she gets the best episodes I swear and I get so emotional just thinking about her being really worried about Bulkhead and actually saving Wheeljack’s life and!! Wheeljack considering her a Wrecker and Bulkhead practically being unable to say no to her and oh my gosh I was so so happy when she got the Apex Armor and totally kicked your trash husband Starscream’s ass and Jackie and Bluk and even Ultra Freakin’ Magnus were impressed IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME I LOVE MIKO SO SO MUCH and oh my god I just want to ship her and Wheeljack so so hard I’m gross haha (/)///7///(\)

These new-age ratchet shows are too much. Every person on this VH1 show happens to be a person of color and every single one manages to make EVERY person of color look bad

I’d rather watch an over the top and flashy circa-2000s Diddy produced show than this crap. And FYI I hated all of Diddy’s shows because he made them too extra with effects and colors and sound bits. The only thing I thank Diddy for is that classic moment when he sent everyone in Making the Band across Manhattan to get him some cheesecake, then when they got back this motherfucker didn’t even want it anymore lmaoooo


Diddy produced shows > Mona Scott