1: “Happy to talk. Happy to listen to the panic in your voice.”

2: “I had them delivered. Though we’d make this a bit of reunion.”

—Crazy Robot Doctor

"One question, Megatron, why are we called ‘Decepticons’?"

"Another craven Autobot scare tactic. The name was meant to demonize us. Instead, we wear it as a badge of honor. For if speaking the truth is deception, then we are gladly guilty."



okay so going off this just imagine though ratchet gets a private comm message every. fragging. morning. from drift at like 15 mins into the on shift and it’s always something sickeningly flaky like ‘morning ratch- hope your aura stays bright all day!’ or ‘so I read the local star fields this morning and today should be a great day for isometric-negatives to work on their interpersonal relationships [swerve’s later?]’ and he fills them with cybertronian emojis that ratchet never fails to use ironically in his routine ‘frag off [only if I don’t have to work overtime]’ greeting/response

but then one cycle he doesn’t get a message and ratchet tries to tell himself he doesn’t care and is glad drift hasn’t bothered him. but after a while he caves and pings drift to make sure he’s okay [because who knows what trouble that stupid aft’s gotten himself into now] and yeah he’s fine- he just got distracted by rodimus bursting into his room before shift to tell him about some new lead to the knights- [careful ratchet I’ll start to think you care]. ratchet grumbles about routine and tells him he doesn’t care whether drift messages him or not just make it consistent 

drift never misses another morning message [and ratchet’s responses are a lot less rude than they used to be]

Plot Twist:
  • Carly Goes Home
  • Fifth Harmony is actually a British / Irish boy band formed two years ago
  • Tate is the sixth member of One Direction
  • Emblem3 are all amazing singers who sound amazing
  • LA is a good mentor
  • Simon cares for his groups equally
  • Demi still has all four acts
  • Brittany can make complete intelligent sentences
  • Carly is human
  • Fifth Harmony isn't actually real and they are just a figment of our imagination
  • Tate is a metal rocker
  • Emblem3 sings with emotion
  • Playback Wins

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Lmao here have one for each: prowl demands ratchet finger him when he’s stressed because ONLY RATCHET’S MAGIC FINGERING SKILLS CAN RELAX HIM

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And Jazz - jazz ties ratchet down whenever ratchet starts working too much so ratchet wakes up all restrained to Jazz sitting on him like ‘let me relax u. With my mouth. All day long.’


Big Brother Hotshots Already Getting Crazy: Horny Namibian Housemate Massages Nigerian Housemate's Derriere

Big Brother Hotshots Already Getting Crazy: Horny Namibian Housemate Massages Nigerian Housemate’s Derriere

It was bound to happen sooner or later but I never figured it would happen this fast. This cycle of Big Brother Africa has become ratchet much too soon. The thirst is real but I figured the lads and lasses would be able to atleast tuck in their thirst for a little long. Looks like Uncle Chim Tuna was wrong. (more…)

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anonymous said:

start with one direction, then five seconds of summer (with opinions)

God, someone's a little greedy. But fine, might as well just start with One Direction.

Niall: Who even are you anymore? Hello, time for you to broaden your horizons. Are you even apart of One Direction anymore?
Louis: Frankly, I’m honestly just waiting for him to bring out the sass game to anyone who’s coming anywhere near Harry. Cause let’s be honest, he’s tapping that.
Liam: Where the hell is Liam? Twitter spree aside, can Daddy Direction be paged to interesting ville again?
Harry: One word opinion only - cupcake. Good luck batting all those ladies away from you, Styles, cause you’re going to need it.
Zayn: Someone get this boy out of bed and out into the real world - someone who doesn’t look like a ratchet rat with too much botox, thanks.