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Queerness, Tropes & Proof of Love: Why Destiel is Canon

Warning: all the spoilers for Supernatural.



Seen from the outside, love is always a matter of interpretation. Not just the question of its presence, but its nature and depth, its reciprocity and point (or points) of origin. There are, I would argue, as many kinds of love as there are people. Love isn’t static; it grows and changes, waxes and wanes and flourishes in unexpected hearts. To quote my favourite e.e. cummings poem:

and being here imprisoned,tortured here
love everywhere exploding maims and blinds
(but surely does not forget,perish, sleep
cannot be photographed,measured;disdains
the trivial labelling of punctual brains…

Human beings lie about love almost as frequently as we feel it. We lie about being in love – to ourselves, to others – for any number of reasons: because we’re malicious or ignorant; because we’re in denial; because we’re trying to survive or protect ourselves; because we can’t find better words for what we’re feeling; because we want it to be true; because we don’t.

As such, our stories reflect that fact. The observation that the course of true love never did run smooth was true before Shakespeare wrote it and will remain true long after we’ve forgotten he ever did, because when it comes to love, we’re all unreliable narrators. You can challenge the idea of love as presented in any story, because love means something different to everyone. As children,we learn that the fairytale princess always loves the prince, but as adults, we wonder if maybe Snow White simply traded one death for another; if the prince’s actual happily ever after didn’t have a beard and a barony.

Love is no less real for being unconsummated, unreturned, unexpressed, nor is it defined by the purity or rightness of its subjects. Loving someone no more precludes their abuse than excuses it; love can be toxic, suffocating, violent, insensible. Love’s best impulses don’t act as justifications for its worst, and yet we can feel both – do both, even – all at once, and never flinch from the contradiction, assuming we even recognise its presence.

In high school, my favourite history teacher once taught us about a Roman emperor who serially cheated on the wife he famously loved. A girl protested; how could he love her and cheat? Surely the two propositions were mutually exclusive. My teacher shook his head; it was more complex than that. The girl disagreed, as did several other students: being in love meant you didn’t do bad things. No, I said, he’s right. You can love someone and still hurt them. My classmates looked at me like I was a geek for agreeing with the teacher; the teacher looked at me sadly, like he knew how I knew, and wished I didn’t.

(I looked away.)

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When people say Ian doesn’t love Mickey anymore or doesn’t love him as much as Mickey does did they just miss every episode before season 5??

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that made Mickey brave enough to come out to his abusive father?

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that allowed Mickey to finally accept and be comfortable with who he is? 

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that meant Mickey could reciprocate that love out in the open regardless of what anybody else thought?

Ian loves Mickey with every fibre in his body but right now he needs the time and space to learn to love himself again and I don’t think people understand that.

“Grown-ups love figures… When you tell them you’ve made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you “What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies? ” Instead they demand “How old is he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make? ” Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Since today is Transgender Day of Visibility, I figured I might as well add my face to the beautiful faces I’ve been seeing all day. As someone who has been questioning their gender for years, no matter how I identify, I will always be proud to be myself, and proud to be part of the trans community. Stay weird everyone ✌️ {Jace, he/him pronouns}

If you see this post, stop what you’re doing and try to do at least one of these things! 

Insight: Letter to the Captains

To the Captains of Crimsondusk trading company and Silvermoon city transfers an traders. I write you this evening to notify you; that I am once more back within the office as requested by you. I shall be dealing with the hauls you bring in. I will also be sending out mission statements to Captain’s that I know hold the proper credentials for said task. Tomorrows payroll will go out on time after I punch some time in the books and handle small matters. Nothing to worry about, Captains. Meetings, questions and deals can be brought forth to my attention once more. 

However, I must add that his Lordship Treyon Sunfield and I do work together; and I understand how…difficult the man can be at times and his methods raw. Nonetheless, he is the owner and I am merely the seller and feel honored you all picked me to deal with your goods. I will try my best for you all and leave the ‘woman in the purple’ dress at bay. 

Fair winds, Purveryor/Captain Kelliann Morningshield. 

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Jayce and Orianna as friends

Jayce is quizzing the automaton about her while repairing her because she’s asked him to have a look at a faulty gear that she can locate but not remove. While in conversation, Orianna answers one of his questions in her matter-of-fact way and causes the Defender to solve a niggling problem that has plagued Jayce on a project of his own.


linnyxue asked:

for the mini-mirai in sleepless cinderella party, it requires any ending in any route or any ending in mirai route?

Hi linnyxue!

Thanks for the question and sorry for the confusion! The ending doesn’t matter — you’ll get a Mini-Mirai by finishing any endings for Mirai’s Main Story by 4/6 8am (UTC). We’ll make it more clear on our app too. Thanks!

temptrcss asked:

+ "Would you sleep with a demon?" (IM SORRY SHE HAS TO ASK LMAO)

Anonymously send me ‘+’ and a question and my muse has to answer honestly no matter how uncomfortable it makes them

An immortal being has no purpose in a
place of mortal pleasure… Kael’thas held
more purpose there than I. It resembles
him far more than it resembles myself.

    — I hunted your pathetic kind for many years before
     I became the lord above you. Your tempting nature
     and dastardly face are but distractions that draw me
     away from my throne.

             A demon of your stature could never sate ᴍᴇ in the first place.❞

His expression seemed stolid, perhaps
one of discontent of questions that came
at him he felt compelled to answer. They
did not even deserve a response from his
lordship, not even a look of interest.

But I ∂ιgяєѕѕ…

           Your alluring nature is perfect for the weak minded…❞

As a former student of business law, I need to share this information. This was pounded into our heads throughout the year: self defence is incredibly hard to claim unless contradictory evidence proves otherwise.

There are four things you need to prove in order to claim self defence:

1. You must use force to protect yourself when in danger of serious injury or death.
2. Unless you are in your own house, you must retreat if possible before resorting to force.
3. You must show that you did not start the altercation.
4. Finally, you can’t use more force than necessary to stop an unprovoked attack.

Darren Wilson was not in danger of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH.

Darren Wilson DID NOT RETREAT.



There is NO VALID ARGUMENT IN EXISTENCE that can justify how Darren Wilson used self defense; and even if one point on this list may be true in his favor, ALL POINTS MUST BE PROVEN IN ORDER TO PLEAD IT.

Get off of your soapbox, and stop saying that Darren Wilson used self defense.


I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?

Things Not to Do to People with Service Dogs, Please, I’m Begging You
  • Immediately assume they are pets without looking
  • Pet them, ESPECIALLY without asking
  • Ask their owners to leave without checking to see if the dog is a service animal
  • Roll your eyes when the dog is a service animal
  • Ask whether the dog is a service animal when they are clearly wearing a service coat
  • stop????????????? questioning my wife’s fucking service dog
  • It doesn’t matter if “other people have tried to bring pets inside,” that doesn’t give you the right to ask illegal questions??
  • That’s like saying, “Someone hit me with a stick once, so no one can use a walking cane in my establishment because they might hit me with it.”
  • if you see a dog wearing all of these:

Helpful Facts About Service Dogs

  • They can be any breed.
  • They may even be other species, such as miniature horses.
  • They are allowed anywhere the human public is allowed, such as restaurants, stores, markets, hotels, bathrooms, etc.
  • You do not need to ask if a dog is a service dog, as long as the dog is wearing a clearly-visible jacket.
  • As an owner/employee of an establishment that someone brings a dog to, you are only entitled to ask two questions. You don’t NEED to ask any. You are allowed to ask two.
  • The first question: “Is the animal required because of a disability?” NOTE: If it is obvious what the dog does and why it is required, you ARE NOT allowed to ask this question (for example, if the handler is in a wheelchair or also using a red-tipped white cane).
  • The second question: “What task does this animal perform?” ALSO not required if it’s obvious.
  • That’s it.
  • Any more and you are violating the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), opening yourself and your business up for a hefty lawsuit.
  • There are two times you are allowed to ask a service animal to leave. You are NEVER allowed to ask the dog’s handler to leave, no matter what the animal is doing.
  • The first time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is not housebroken, and poses a sanitary risk.
  • The second time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is acting aggressive towards or endangering other patrons.
  • That’s it.
  • You are only allowed to charge a cleaning fee if you would normally charge a human for the same fee. In other words, if the dog leaves hair on the floor and you wouldn’t charge a human for shedding on the floor, you can’t charge. If it’s a hotel and you wouldn’t charge a human for peeing in the tub, you cannot legally charge the dog for the same.
  • You are never allowed to ask for documentation that an animal is a legitimate service animal. This is in part to protect many people who don’t have access to medically-provided dogs, who have trained their own service dogs (perfectly legal and fine), or who can’t carry papers around with them at all times.
  • You may not ask that the animal perform their task for you. What the fuck, don’t do this. Think of allergy alert dogs—are you really going to wave an allergen in front of someone that might have a deadly allergy just to prove that the dog is “real?” congratulations, your ass is sued.

If you want more helpful facts please hit me up, I’m just really sick and tired of going places with my wife and her service dog only to get the message loud and clear that everyone is nervous and we’re unwelcome, when her dog is the most polite, well-trained, well-MARKED animal you’ve ever seen.

A typical conversation entering 2/3 businesses we went into today:

Person: Ma’am, you can’t have a pet in here. You have to leave.
Wife: She’s a service dog. She’s wearing her coat.
Person: Oh, sorry. We have to ask. People bring their pets in here sometimes, and we have to ask them to leave, because they’re not allowed.
Wife: She’s not a pet, she’s a service animal.

Please spread this. Some people just don’t know. Others think that if they can’t see a disability, it doesn’t exist or need treatment.


Hello friends!

Look at all these PSA’s I just made.

These topics are really important to me, so I wanted to make something to educate others about them.

Feel free to use any of these to post around your school campus or office!


I had a frightening dream. Within a pitch black night, you and I were chased out of Hiryuu Castle. Both of us continued to flee in the darkness, and when I lifted my head, your whole body was covered in blood. No matter how I tried to call out to you, you gave no response.

I woke up, but you weren’t by my side. I wanted to say your name, but my body wouldn’t listen to me at all. It was so scary. I don’t want to experience that ever again. So, tonight, even if it’s just your pinky, let me hold onto it.