the precursor legacy

This gif shows the progression from the continent that held Sandover Village to the creation of Haven City.
After the crew from Sandover opened the Rift and released the metalheads into the world, there were many problems for the humanoid inhabitants. The villages became more reinforced as they leveled the landscape around them. Precursor buildings slowly sunk into the ground. The metalheads eventually found Gol and Maia’s citadel, and tapped into the dark eco silos. After feeding on the dark eco and expanding their populations exponentially, the entirety of the citadel barely resembled its former self, becoming nothing but a nest for the metalheads. When Mar appeared, he initiated great change. Using the entrance to the lost precursor city, he provided a refuge for those under seige by the metalheads while they regrouped. Eventually, he drove the metalheads from the empty eco silos and what had once been the Spider Caves, and began construction of the Haven City Wall. The empty eco silos soon filled with water, which was turned into the Port and connected to the ocean. After Mar’s death, his followers used the entrance to the lost precursor city to build a tomb fit for the greatest King. When they were finished, they sealed it off.

On the far right is the beginning of the wastelands. A larger map showing the relevant parts of the world will be available soon. There are no cardinal directions present on this map because “North” and “South” change during the time lapse. As technology in this world relies on eco, compasses are drawn not toward a magnetic field, but toward the greatest source of eco available. The greatest source of eco prior to the metalheads was the eco silos, making the eco silos the northern pole. After the metalheads, the greatest source of eco is in the catacombs, putting the northern pole toward the bottom right of this map section. 

Please note that this is a headcanon pertaining to jakwagon fic. As Jakwagon fic attempts to expand on the world of Jak TPL, II and 3 canon, all headcanons are extrapolated from extensive world research, but in the end, they are just headcanons. Enjoy!

Jak and Daxter belong to Naughty Dog entertainment. Canon map pieces shown are compiled from game art maps and belong to Naughty Dog. Jakwagonfic belongs to griffinswings (me), and drowningcomic.