the pokemon hall of fame

I’m so close to getting my first level 100 pokemon thanks to the blissey bases~ Speaking of which it’s my Delcatty. Omega Ruby is actually one of the only pokemon games where I kept using pokemon i got earlier in the game such as Kangashroom (my breloom), Mittens (my delcatty), and Mischief (cosplay pikachu). All 3 of these pokemon are in my hall of fame. Also, Omega Ruby is the pokemon game where I got my first shiny pokemon (a shiny audino named Shimmer). I also have so many legends in Omega Ruby too. So far, Omega Ruby is my favorite pokemon game. I even have a therian form Tornadus which I have a figurine of. I love Omega Ruby so much~

The Strong Museum and The Video Game Hall of Fame

Written By: Brandon

With summer just around the corner, I assume that many of you have already planned your vacations and have chosen fun things you will do. Your suitcases are probably packed, tickets purchased, and you can’t wait to lie on the beach and soak up the golden rays of the summer sun. While there are lots of activities to do this summer, many of you may want to take a stroll to…

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edit jan 9th 2015

if youre reading this its probably because you rolled your eyes at that leg hair thing and was wondering what piece of shit person typed it up and though it was a good idea to throw into the endless void. or maybe not ! 

but heres the thing

i made it about a year ago, and while i dont exactly REGRET it, i definitely am ashamed about the implication that the only sort of body hair that should be deemed acceptable on women is just limited to leg hair, when really it needs to be extended to ALL types of body hair growing on feminine presenting persons

and while its likely no one will actually ever see this i just wanted to . sort of apologize to anyone who has ever had to shave their faces or arms or other “traditionally masculine” places for having hair in fear of being mocked or ridiculed, because once again it seems like youve been excluded from a body hair positivity message, and even though this whole thing spawned from a comment someone directed at my legs personally that doesnt excuse me contributing to something that makes anybody feel alienated for having hair naturally growin in one place and not another

im sorry