the one eyed ghoul

anonymous asked:

This theory relies on the theory that Aogiri is attempting to recreate the One Eyed King. Many believe that Amon, Seidou or Hide would have to be the one eyed king considering they seem like they were candidates for kidnapping by Aogiri at the end. But what if they failed with them? What if the quinx are candidates? Only Shirazu and Mutsuki have the kakugan on the correct side. Plus their kagune are quite powerful, just limited. Mutsuki also mirrors kuroneki, Eto wanted to create another kaneki

I think they did try to create one-eyed ghouls with ghoul investigators, but it didn’t turn out as planned. I read a theory about Amon being Floppy (explaining why quite accurately), but the wonderful person who published it deleted the post (a friend of mine reblogged it, but it’s incomplete, sorry. EDIT: For some reason I can access the post now :S Weeeeird. Don’t know what happened earlier. Here you go). Still, I’d say that they could’ve made Seidou, Hide and Amon one-eyed ghouls, but only Amon had the kakugan in the right eye; however, Amon’s arm might have not grown back, thus making him a flop. As for they trying to use the Quinx as a plan B, it could be.