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Sunday Six.

I am exhausted and also very hungry. But I can’t deny you lovely folks the sixes of Sunday.

Harmless Error, Chapter 2: “October”

When she’s done cackling at his expense, she offers him a hand up. “What about you?” she asks.

“You mean besides your attempt to murder me right now?” Jasper returns. She rolls her eyes, still smiling, and he ignores her to wipe moss off his ass. “Don’t pretend I didn’t notice that. Prelude to you cutting me up and dumping me in the lake.”

“Like I’d actually use that lake,” she replies. He glares at her, and she shrugs. “What? The cops patrol around that lake pretty often thanks to all the pot-smoking, heavy-drinking college kids and their polluted beach parties. I’d pick somewhere else.”

Harmless Error, Chapter 3: “November”

"And,” Phil adds with a tiny, shit-eating smile, “I held out for someone a good five years younger than me.”

Maria rolls her lips together because it’s that or laughing aloud. Pepper covers her mouth to keep from snorting her wine. Peggy’s fingers twitch like she just might fling her pint glass at him. And Jane—

Jane Foster leans forward, her arms on the table, and smiles sweetly. “Darcy has a taser I would be more than happy to introduce you to,” she tells him, and all of them, Phil included, erupt into laughter.

180 Days and Counting, Year 2: “Stop, Children, What’s That Sound?”

“It doesn’t matter if John told you the moon’s made of cheese and that I’m the guy in the William Tell story,” Clint broke in again, “he’s not here to defend himself.” The kids frowned at him, and he sighed. “William Tell? Apple on his head? How have you not heard this story?”

“We’re not old?” Louie suggested.

His friends snickered at the joke—and at the way Clint narrowed his eyes like he planned on threatening the kid. At least, until Finn looked up from the game pieces. “We still saw the fight. We know how it happened.”

“No, you know what you saw, and that’s different from the whole story.”

In Which Jennie gets kissed by Wade Wilson because YOLO and there are woefully few Adults

You’re not sure what you’re expecting when you knock on the door to the Rogers-Barnes household, but it is certainly not this.

There’s a sort of frantic energy in the house, as adults are running this way and that, asking each other “Did you grab the keys?” “Yes, Darcy, of course I did, have you seen Ethan?” “I think Loki’s holding him-” “Dot, no, you cannot have ice cream for dinner, I know what Uncle Tony said-” “Bruce, Brucy, please.” “Absolutely not, Tony-”

In front of you is an annoyed, skinny presumably-a-lawyer (because almost all of Steve’s friends are lawyers), holding a very energetic, chubby baby.  He raises an eyebrow at you. “I have never seen you at the DA’s office,” he states, “But I suppose I don’t have everyone who works there memorized.”

You blink at him. “I, uh. Don’t work there. Is Steve or Bucky here…?”

The man’s face suddenly fills with understanding. “Ah. You must be the friend they have obviously forgotten to call.”

Steve is suddenly filling the doorway next to the man, and sometimes you forget how the scrawny kid you met first year of college turned into this dreamboat. “Hey, Jennie. Sorry, meant to call, Loki here volunteered to babysit Ethan here and then Dot and Miles, and in the rush I forgot.”

You smile at him. “Its fine, I understand. I guess I’ll go then-”

“Wait,” the man, Loki, interrupts, “She’s already here, and as I am unexpectedly also watching a little girl on top of a baby, I could use the help.” Loki shoots a glare at one of the other adults, who you doubt even notices.

The house is still in chaos.

Steve looks at you and you nod. “Yeah, sure. I can stay.” She smiles and steps into the house when Steve steps inside.  That’s when you find out you were wrong.

That was not chaos.

This is chaos.

There’s suddenly two – full grown – men trying to hide behind you, one of them yelling something about boring ties and holding onto your left leg while the other holds your shoulders and is trying to duck… something, hopefully nothing that’s being physically thrown at you.  There’s a young girl clinging to your leg and giggling as Bucky – thank god there’s more than one person you know in this room, really – is trying to pry her off and apologizing. The little girl, who you have now guessed is Dot (and by guessed you mean she’s the girl in all of the photos that have ended up flooding your facebook), is asking who your favourite pony is and doing a good job of impersonating an octopus.

You don’t get any warning other than the rushed end of a conversation - “Look, I’ll buy you four weeks of strong coffee if you won’t do it, Wade, please.” “No deal.” – before you’re swept up into a kiss. You push hard against the guy as one of the men behind you calls out:

“Hey, Wade, don’t scare her!”

The man pulls away and holds out his hand for you to shake.

“Hey, I’m Wade, I’d feel sorry about kissing you, but you know, yolo.”

“Wade, you can’t go around kissing random women.”

“Yolo! And you are my yolo brolo, you should totally-”

“No, Wade. Stop.”

By this point, Bucky has managed to pull Dot off your leg and finish dressing his husband.

“Alright, everyone, we need to go! We’ll be late to the fundraiser.”

Soon all of the adults are filing out the door and into cars. The three kids are showered in kisses and hugs, and there are mentions of Fairy Godfathers and “Don’t listen to a word Loki says, okay?” “Tony-“ more ponies before, finally, Steve and Bucky give their daughter a tight hug and leave, closing the door behind them.

Loki lets out a soft sigh, still holding the tiny baby, who is very interested in Loki’s hair and chewing on the ends of it. Dot is now sitting with the eldest kid, a quiet boy named Miles, watching My Little Pony on a tablet.

“We’ll have about half an hour before she gets bored,” Loki states, moving the baby so he’s drooling on the Michigan U sweater. “Then it’ll be worse than it was when they were all here.”


Oh God I just had the cutest thought just now

I know in the MPU, Loki can be a real dick(like in any universe it seems) but I just thought that whenever the Thorling is born, Loki going to spoil that kid rotten.

Like, I can just see him showing up almost every weekend after Jane and Thor take the little Thorling home(because IDK if Loki lives near or far from Thor) and just showing up with new toys, clothes and diapers every time he comes over, just to help out Thor and Jane.

Which, Jane tells Darcy and Peggy how helpful Loki has been around the house and helping her take care of the baby with Thor and Darcy doesn’t believe it and demands some sort of proof of Loki doing anything not slimy.

(Okay, she REALLY just wants to know if Loki wears anything besides a suit outside of court and his office because he’s one of those people she can’t see in jeans and T-shirt.

Coulson, Maria and Fury? Yes that’s somewhat believable. But Loki? NO.)

anonymous asked:

I honestly am bad at sending asks to people I follow but as we get closer to Harmless Error, I had to let you know that I'm super pumped for this story! Maria and Jasper is a pairing I rarely find quality fics to enjoy. Can't wait!

I am so glad to hear this! I really hope Harmless Error lives up to expectations. It’s a little off my usual beaten path in terms of story-telling, but I really am enjoying it so far. I’m actually forcing myself to not dive back into it today because although I want to, I leave for my parents’ on Tuesday and I have so much to do around the house before I go. But I am excited to write it, and it fuels me knowing that you guys are excited to read it. 

And seriously, I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun. As I told Jen not long ago, it features things like happily married lesbians, constant banter, and some small harm eventually befalling Grant Ward. What’s not to love?

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Avengers (2012), Marvel (Comics), Spider-Man (Comicverse)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
Characters: Miles Morales, Matt Murdock, Jessica Drew, Jessica Jones, Dani Cage, Ganke Lee, Steve Rogers, Dot Barnes
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Legal Drama, motion practice universe, child welfare, Adoption, Feelings, also tax law
Series: Part 13 of Motion Practice

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The road to adoption is paved with paperwork.

(Of course, Tony knows he shouldn’t just worry about the paperwork, but somehow, that’s easier than worrying about how he’s about to be a dad.)

Why read: There is too much adorability to count in this, between Miles being so lovely and the Bruce/Tony relationship being gorgeous, and I don’t know what more to say. If you loved Permanency and wanted to see how the adoption of Miles finally took place, this is the fic. It’s beautiful.

In Which Loki and Jen do not really get along and Tony knows that that picture will go well on the wall


Also, not a lawyer. Don’t even /know/ any lawyers. So. >.> I’mprettysurewhatLokisaysisokaybecausehesaysthathe’sonlyaccusednotactuallyguiltybutidkandLokimayormaynotbetryingtoshowoffsoyeah))

Dot obviously adored Miles. And Ponies.

And drawing pictures.

Miles and Ponies and drawing pictures.

Also, tantrums.

Big, big tantrums.

Especially come bedtime.


It was about three in the morning when Bruce Banner and Tony Stark returned to pick up Miles.

You, Ethan, and Dot, however, were much too asleep to notice.

Someone, probably Bruce, had covered you all with a throw blanket, Dot snuggled close to your side and Ethan comfortably settled in your arms.  A Repunzel story book had been placed on the arm rest of the couch you were all dozing on.

It was this picture that graced wall next to that very couch and had a place in Thor’s office, a week later.

Around three thirty, Ethan woke and started to fuss, and that’s what eventually woke you. You yawned and gently rocked Ethan before picking up the sleepy Dot and getting her into her proper bed.

And that was when Ethan started to full out cry.

Loki was by your side in an instant, throwing you a dirty look - and excuse you, it wasn’t your fault that A BABY was crying - and taking the baby. Ethan kept crying, but was soon given a bottle, and ate hungrily.

"You can return to your place on the couch," Loki comments, "I’ll stay with Ethan; I was working on a case anyway."

It’s then that you notice the bags under his eyes. He obviously hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Maybe that’s why he was so grouchy.

"I’m awake now, I can hold him, if you’re busy."

Loki frowns, but holds out the baby. You take him, and rock him gently. He’s already falling asleep again.  Loki returns to the table, where papers are scattered everywhere.  They’re colour-coded and look official and important.

You sit down at the table, holding the now-sleeping baby. “So… How do you know everyone?”

"Through the annoying, blonde one."

"… The one who was clinging to my shoulders?"

"No, the one with too many muscles and long hair; the father of the baby you’re holding."

"Oh. Are you guys college buddies, or…?"

Loki gives you a withering look.

"If you insist on being near me, the least you could do is be quiet so I can work on my job."

You raise an eyebrow at that. “Ah, because making sure that petty thieves get their thirty days in jail requires so much prep time.”

"Actually, my client has been accused of murder. So it does require a lot of ‘prep time’." Loki glares at you again. "So please, shut up."

It’s two hours of silence before Thor and Jane come back to pick up Ethan, and Loki leaves.


Si kucing pun ketiduran di atas PS3. Tiap magrib selalu duduk di sebelah aq , dengerin aku ngaji. Pas nyalain tv pun langsung naik ke meja tv nntn dari deket. Nah ini gegara dicuekin , di tinggal ngerajut , malahan ketiduran… gemesin banget deh kamu mpu

Sara told me to post this, so:

Every so often, I am met with the urge to write a story I will never actually write in which MPU Tony is somehow sucked into the MCU for a brief period of time. It’s always some sort of multiverse hiccup or trickery, but the point is that Tony wakes up on the ground, disoriented and dressed in a giant metal suit, and something is roaring while Steve barks commands and— Why the fuck is Steve dressed like the bastard love-child of a cape-less Batman and the American flag? He didn’t even drink last night, and seriously, it’s nowhere near to Halloween, where did he get this outfit?

And someone shouts at him to act—Romanoff’s in skin-tight leather, oh man, he’s so going to die for the way he’s staring at her—but then he realizes why she’s shouting: everything’s on fire, all around him, just smoldering as these robot things blow up small portions of the block, and he’s not even sure what city he’s in but where the fuck are Bruce and Miles, that is important right now.

And Steve’s yelling at him to get back in the sky (how do you propose he does that, Rogers? No, he cannot fly, why did you tell him to fly?) and there’s some guy with metal wings coasting around in the air, and is that Thor with a giant hammer? 

"I don’t know who Miles is," Romanoff says, "but you know where Bruce is and we need you to focus.”

And she nods to where this big green thing is smashing robots together and—

Look, Tony’s not proud of passing out, but that is a thing that happens.

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In Which Wade Wilson and Clint Barton like awful bars and Loki is actually a 5 year old

((Loki loveeeeeeeeeeeeees his little nephew.))

You were sitting in a booth.

The pizza looked way too greasy and disgusting.

Wade Wilson was talking about how he no longer wanted Natasha Romanoff’s red headed babies. Or maybe he did, but not exclusively.

Clint Barton was informing him that he was not about to take pictures of anyone in the bathroom, let alone Natasha.

You had no idea what you were doing here.

Tony had suggested to Clint that he take her with him on his ‘weekly Wade Wilson is insane dates’, and so here you were.

You poked at the cheese pizza dubiously.


The knock on your door surprised you, but not as much as the person standing there.

"I have a taser," you threaten Loki, even though it’s all the way back in your bedroom.

Loki just raises an eyebrow. “Or you could just punch me again.”

You glare, and he holds his hands up. “I did not come here to argue,” he continues, and a nasty look passes over his face, “Just to inform you that I will not be pushing charges.”

You stare at him, confused. “… You won’t be?”

Loki shakes his head and sighs. “No. I have been told that ‘Pressing charges against a woman as innocent as Jen would be a stain upon everyone’s honor.’” He does air-quotes.

"And that actually convinced you?" you ask, suspicious.

Loki chuckles. “Of course not. Thor’s wife threatened to stop letting me babysit.”

A surprised laugh forces it’s way out of you. “Oh. Well. God forbid you aren’t forced to babysit.”

Loki gives a wry smile. “Indeed.”


Happy birthday, Kate Bishop!

And did I mention that Monday (December 15) was Kate Bishop’s MPU birthday? No, I did not, because I am the literal worst at everything. But it was, and as is tradition, I must commemorate this day with a (belated) ficlet!


Tommy tosses her one of the leftover sodas from the snack table (but only after his guard-slash-babysitter confiscates it right out of his pocket). “Happy birthday,” he says. “Next year, I’ll buy you flowers.”

“He won’t buy you flowers,” the guard assures her.

“You don’t know that,” Tommy returns, and the guard rolls his eyes.

It’s only after she cracks open the Pepsi and helps herself to a swig that she realizes the rest of the group is staring at her. “What?” she asks, wiping her mouth.

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Steven Universe xx Sailor Moon inspired concept song

#Anime #manga #sailormoon #crystal #stevenuniverse #toei #cartoonnetwork

In Which Jen is a caterer and Tony bribes Bruce with Cacti

You have a nice, comfortable job working for a nice, comfortable catering business. You bring the food to the customers and make sure that they’re happy. You enjoy it your job; it makes a decent wage and while some people are assholes, you’re used to it and it assholes don’t bother you anymore.

That is, until Loki Laufeyson won a rather large case, and there was a party thrown.

"Do you intend to follow me around like a lost puppy?"

Your eyebrows go up, and you turn, crossing your arms. “Excuse me?”

"You followed me to my work," Loki points out, "I could get a restraining order."

You stand up straighter. “I did not follow you anywhere. I work for the catering company that /you/ hired. If anything, you’re following me.”

Loki raises an eyebrow. “You’re a caterer? I assumed you were a lawyer.” He tilts his head. “My mistake. You’re obviously in a job that corresponds with your intelligence level.”

You bite the inside of your cheek to keep from punching him. Fucking ass.

Things might have gone a lot smoother if you hadn’t opened your mouth in reply.

Steve had told you a few things about Loki, such that the big blonde was his brother.

"At least my brother still loves me," You lash out.

Loki grabs your wrist and makes to smack you.

That’s when you punch him squarely in the nose.


Clint - the blonde who had been hiding behind you and was apparently a “yolo brolo” - was in tears. “You punched,” laugh, “Loki!” laugh, “IN THE FACE.”

Loki had had you placed in jail, where Steve, upon hearing about this, had been quick to bail you out.

What seemed to be his entire office was now trying to listen in on the story.

"He was going to smack me," You defend, crossing your arms and not caring if it comes across as petulant.

Thor looks gravely concerned. “Loki was going to hit an innocent woman? Maybe I should talk to him in length.”

You flush a little. “Well… I did provoke him.” You admit, giving a little half shrug.

Tony Stark’s face lights up like Dot getting a My Little Pony toy. “I like her.” He turns to Bruce. “I like her, can we keep her? We totally need a personal chef.”

"Tony, we are not hiring a personal chef because they punched Loki."

"I can’t cook anyway," You interrupt, "I only deliver food and deal with customers."

Tony pouts and Bruce rolls his eyes, but with a fond smile on his face.

"I’ll buy you another cactus."

"No, Tony."

Darcy interrupts them. “Dude, high five, someone needed to punch him.”

You smile a little and high five the young girl.

Steve’s frowning, though. “Despite whether or not he deserved it, we all know that he’s going to press charges against Jen,” He cuts in, curtailing the joyful mood.

Tony grins. “So? I’ll totally go toe-to-toe with Laufeyson for her. She fucking punched him!”

'Maybe this will turn out alright…' You think.

"Language," Someone chides from behind Tony, who turns and sticks his tongue out.

'Or maybe not.'




the-wordbutler replied to your post: The good news is is that I’ve been FIN…



Granted, I’m only on Chapter 9 atm right now since I’ve been reading on and off all afternoon trying to get some things done so seven more chapters left and then I can catch up with the rest of the MPU finally! :D

(Though Blake is a dick so I hope he gets SOME kind of punishment. Like, Dot talking to him by accident or something. I don’t know. Maybe Clint will think of something haha)

In Which Loki is less of a Douchenozzle and Someone has to be a caterer

It’s months before you see any of them again.

You find it almost funny, how of course it’s Loki that you run across, at a park of all places. He’s holding a bundled up Ethan, watching a young Dot spin on playground equipment.

You hesitate before approaching him, tapping him on the shoulder. “Got roped into babysitting again?” You ask.

Loki turns, and gives you a half-smile. His nose has not healed horribly, you notice. Good.

"Unfortunately, Thor believes that because I’m so willing to watch Ethan, I will automatically be willing to watch all of his friends’ offspring as well."

You smile a little, “He did seem very enthusiastic.”

Loki chuckles. “You did not know him growing up.”

An instant later, Dot was glued onto Loki’s leg. “I want candy. And sprinkles.” She announces, and Loki lets out a long-suffering sigh. You chuckle.

"I should get going," you tell him, "Good luck!"

Later that week, you find a vase full of tulips on your doorstep, with a simple card placed in them. ‘I suppose someone has to be a caterer.’ it states.

You know it’s the best apology you’re going to get out of him.

You smile a little. Maybe next time he’s an ass, you can refrain from punching him.

Unless it gets you more flowers.

((Aaaaaaaaaaaand that’s how I’m going to end this little piece. *throws confetti* The end!))


(Also, I totally agree with Dot. I could go for candy and sprinkles right now too.)

the-wordbutler replied to your post: the-wordbutler replied to you…

BOTH. BOTH IS GOOD. Yeah, Clint has so been the big brother/dad from hell, and it’s pretty much the greatest of all delights. I love writing the kids in that world, though. Dot. And Miles. And Ganke, when he shows up. And preggo!Jane. And and and.

It is pretty awesome that Clint is being such a big bro/dad from Hell to Darcy and Phil’s just on the sidelines thinking,”Don’t drag me into this unless you have to” and I love it.I love it so much because that’s how I tend to write Clint and Phil as the kind of endearing yet threatening and protective dads who try REALLY hard not to be like that but it just happens at times and can’t be helped.

And I love how you write the kids in the MPU too.They act and talk like what real kids and teenagers sound like so it’s more believable when I’m reading it. Plus it makes me fall in love with those kids even more and preggo!Jane too, even if she is driving Darcy crazy and Frigga’s driving Jane a bit crazy too but it’s so much fun.