Every decision goes into a a bigger plan. I’m always like its part of the movement! This all has to be a movement! We all have to be like an army moving at one time. All of our moves have to be so perfect. Nothing can be off. Everything has to feel new and creative and like pushing the boundaries. Nothing can ever not seem genuine.

"I love God, I hear him in my music."

We’re asked so many times if we’re a Christian band that I’m starting to think we are one. While our music isn’t praise music and I don’t consider it secular, to say that my faith doesn’t influence the way that I write wouldn’t be correct. I am what I am, and music is a reflection of whoever is making it. To explain my worldview would take far, far too long, so I’ll just summarize it in 6 words: “I don’t know, I love everything.”

While writing a few days ago, I found myself writing about a particular way of interpreting Christianity, and I figured it was worth sharing. Mostly, I’m anxious for a discussion. I want to know how people feel about it. I want to know why people live their lives the way that they do. I’m mostly just curious.

I want to make sure, before anyone reads this, that it’s clear this is not an indictment of faith or religion or anything really, just my way of thinking about the troubling notion that life is just a prequel to something else, and that your only goal should be to break as few “rules” as possible while you’re here.

Maybe this will be in a Paradise Fears song someday, maybe not (90% of the things like this that I write end up sitting in pages of old journals in boxes in old houses). Either way, I’ll be on Twitter for a while tonight and I’d love to hear what people think and what they believe.


I’m sure somewhere in heaven there’s a corner booth
where all they do is sit and talk ‘bout what they didn’t do;
all the places they didn’t go and the times they said no,
just to get to where they’re sittin’, lookin’ down on the world,

she said, “Oh god, I know the type.
Always so god damn worried about what’s right.
Always treating life like it’s getting in the way,
been alive a hundred years but didn’t live one day.”

She said, “There’s nothing more than now that’s not illusion.
So I never worry much about what I’m losing.”
She said, “I love God, I hear him in my music.
And when the people dance, I can see him moving.”

I don’t think that I’ll be punished just for living life,
so I won’t try to get it right.
I’ll let it go.

I don’t know what happens if I break a rule tonight,
or where we go when we die,
so I’ll let it go.