penheart said:

Well thank you! Is it possible you could ... Educate me, or show me some links about the whole series? I feel like its mis-represented, along with a few others. I'm just trying to show everything love!

I’d be glad to tell you all you want to know about the games!

I also feel like these series is heavily underrated; just because it hasn’t been released outside Japan (at least two of the games) doesn’t mean people shouldn’t know about these games. They may look like hey are light.hearted games, but if you do look inside them, you will find that they teach harder life lessons than any other common RPG. 

Unfortunately, outside common sources and usually referred sites, I don’t have much information I can share with you. Still, I can give you a brief opinion/vision of the games for me.

I think one of the most impressive things about the series is the subtlety it has when explaining things or when touching certain themes. The games don’t jut shove everything into your face; they, in fact, make you read between the lines and make you pay attention to each and every word spoken so you may reach your own conclusions (this is more implied on Mother 3 compared to the rest of the games). Other games tend to give it all to you done and ready for you to swallow, while the Mother series will make you chew a lot on the same piece before you realize what it meant exactly when x NPC said y thing. This mean that, the more you research about the games and look into their contents, the more you will enjoy them.

The characters are a bit different too. They have a closer feeling to the player, as they feel more human, more vulnerable in some way due to their personalities and characteristics (this can be seen by certain conditions affecting the main characters ans their parties, such as Ness’s homesickness and Ninten’s asthma, or Lucas at the beginning and his reaction to the incident involving Hinawa). You can relate to them in various things, either by physical conditions they may suffer (asthma attacks, heatstroke…) or by how they’re feeling (homesickness, grief). These emotions are known by every one of us, so it makes it easier for us to connect to the characters in a stronger way. 

Character development is also something extremely important in the games. In the Mother series, growing up is one of the main themes explored.. Touched in various ways, you can see the kids gradually growing stronger, both physically and emotionally. They go through hardships. They are almost torn apart by terror and difficult situations various times, yet they still stand strong and continue on their journeys till the very end. They gather all the courage they have somehow, and continue. I think that’s a great way of showing players that, no matter how bad things get, you can always go through whatever may get in your way, because you are stronger than you think. Also friends make difficult situations easier to confront.

Behind the bright, colourful world of the Mother series lies a twisted tale of being strong against the evilest forces of life. May they be the loss of someone you love, confronting yoursekf and your own thoughts, loneliness, the bitter memory of a past, better time… Eventually, we ourselves have to face these things too. But if a bunch of kids with baseball bats and pure, hardcore concentration skills can save the world and everything in existence, why can’t you do so too? 

Mother is a great series; there is so much to talk about… It’s a wonderful masterpiece.

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