anonymous said:

I also saw that thing with the Pisces and I gaped because of personal experience. I've known a Pisces for a while and our first year together felt like perfection. Then suddenly she goes "Nope!" one me, not directly, more so in a subtle evil kind of way, and now I'm legitimately scared by the fish-kin. ~Anonymous Being With a Jar

They literally terrify me. They are truly the masters at being subtly evil. Their ability to drop people like hot rocks and never think twice about it is so disturbing to me. I could not even fathom doing that to someone. I mean I can if I’m not that close to them no problem, but if I am attached to you on an intimate level then I am attached to you for. ever. I once had a Pisces tell me that I seemed like a nice girl, but that she didn’t think I was capable of ever loving anyone as deeply or strongly as she can, and I literally just snorted because it was the MOST ridiculous thing anyone has ever said to me ever in my life (which is only mayyyybe an exaggeration).

But yeah no I’m wary of them for sure like the guard is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up…