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‘The Way Back Up’, the debut album featuring 'Messiah’ is available on 10th July 2015. This is a brand new video for Messiah check the original one here.

customizing the blog page, that’s when it hit me that the admins of the blog perfectly fits the original Messiah 4 :D

masayume85 perfectly fit Shuusuke’s character that guides the four us

rz-jocelyn smh fit Souma’s character, the calm and composed neutral Messiah

and maoaya being the nagging sniper Eiri and dekidekdek as the candy-hoarding giant Haku XD

I’m sorry I’ll carry on customizing the page

G-BT03 Messiah Link Joker

リンクジョーカー「呪縛輪舞」 / Link Joker “Lock Rondo”
The reborn Link Jokers, with the Messiahs of the various Grades at the center, fight with the complete mastery of “Lock” and “Unlock”!
When a G Unit Strides your Grade 3 “Alter Ego Messiah”, you Lock one of your Rearguards and one of the opponent’s. Also a turn before you Stride, Call “Dark Metal Chameleon”. Also, the two different G Unit “Messiahs” are powerful. When an attack from Judgement Messiah (from the Trial Deck “Fateful Star Messiah”) hits, you can Lock an opponent’s back row card and Unlock a Locked card. Meanwhile with “Amnesty Messiah” (from the Booster Pack “Sovereign Star Dragon”) lets you Unlock any number of Locked Units, gaining Power for each Unlocked Unit, and if three or more Units are Unlocked, it gains a Critical. Also, this Deck includes a lot of cards that Lock and Unlock. By Unlocking only your Rearguards and constantly Locking your opponent’s Rearguards, victory will be close at hand!

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Welcome to The Messiah Project

Hello and welcome to this blog where we will post anything and everything about the Messiah Project.

The blog itself is still under construction but rest assured that we will post everything that there is to need about Messiah :3


a fanfiction based from the series “Messiah”
Pairing: HakuxEiri
Originally by: Takadono Madoka
No copyright infringement intended.
The characters belong to the original author and to the Messiah Project team.

A/N: this is the first part of a two part haku/eiri fic, first part being in Haku’s POV and the second part in Eiri’s. This is the VERY first time that I’ll be writing a fanfic based on Messiah and to be brutally honest I am not 100% familiar with the characters, so if you feel that I somehow butchered them please PLEASE, my ask box is open for any criticism you find fit. >< Also, this is my first time writing again after…2 or 3 years? I’ve been writing Anime Reviews and Articles recently that I somehow forgotten my mental vocabolary (since the magazine I write for demands me to use easy to understand terms ><)

*this is actually a fic that I’ve written while my messiah maoaya was away on a trip ><;;

[Haku’s POV]

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anonymous asked:

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Anon, you can send me all the commands and insults you like, you aren’t going to break me down because the strength of Christ is within me. You are battling someone you’re never going to win against: the King of Kings, the giver of grace, the Messiah. Jesus loves you my dear so very much, He is calling you right now. The Kingdom wants you to be a part of it, they want the prodigal child to return home. Now is the chance to turn from sin and repent. Mercy awaits. 

I forgive you for sending this message and I ask you don’t send one to anyone else. Love others and your life will be so much more fulfilling. I believe in you and I love you. I would love to one day hug in you heaven. 

God bless 

anonymous asked:

who was crucified instead of jesus in islam?

As’salaamu Alaikum,

Please kindly note: I’m not a scholar or one with extensive Islamic knowledge so I can only advise you based on the research I’ve found and personal experience. I highly encourage you to further research the matter and seek advice from others  with more reliable Islamic knowledge (i.e. a scholar or imam, etc) than myself. c:

Sadly, I’m not sure of the answer to this and I encourage you to ask an Islamic scholar or imam insha’Allah.

As per The Noble Qur’an:

And  [for]  their  saying,   “Indeed,  we  have  killed  the  Messiah,  Jesus,  the  son  of  Mary,   the messenger  of Allah .”  And  they  did  not  kill  him,  nor  did   they  crucify  him;  but  [another] was  made  to  resemble  him  to   them.  And  indeed,  those  who  differ  over  it  are  in  doubt about it.  They  have  no  knowledge  of  it  except  the  following  of   assumption.  And  they did  not  kill  him,  for  certain.

Rather, Allah raised  him  to  Himself.  And  ever  is Allah Exalted  in  Might  and  Wise.

– Surah An-Nisa’ [4:157-158]

May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family, Ameen!

A few months back, I was scrolling through Facebook, as usual, when I scrolled upon a status asking who prayed today. With gratitude and high pride, I commented that I have indeed prayed to the ogrelord and that he is always with us. This, however, disturbed a young lad named Gus, who went on to send me a 3 page essay about Jesus Christ and the Messiah. I reminded him that Shrek is the only way, and I continue to pray for his unholy soul every day of my humble life. Please pray for Gus, he needs the Ogrelord in his heart.

I’m not quite sure how but I got the most extreme surge in followers after last night and I’m a little stunned honestly. Hi. How is everyone? 

Not sure if this is just related to Hakuouki Shinkai or Messiah or what but welcome! I hope you enjoy my little obsessive corner of tumblr. I should probably give a word of warning though that I’m just a nerd with a blog and a translation/musical/ikemen obsession so you’re gonna see a lot of that here (with other very random fandoms mixed in). Especially right now with a Messiah stage play and a Hakuouki musical going on there’s some bursts of spam related to those things.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more Shinkai updates and if there’s anything major going on there I’ll do my best to post about it :) I’m pretty excited for this new game the more info we get on it. A release date would be nice though.

For those of you interested in the Hakuouki musicals I would like to suggest checking out the hakumyu blog. It’s something I help run with two very wonderful friendsand it’s where most of my translations for anything HakuMyu related go if I forget to reblog them here. 

Messiah related info that I work on will be kept here mainly because no one has decided to make a blog for it yet but soon I’m sure.

But um… yeah. So, hi, please enjoy your stay.  ヾ(。・ω・。)

Overly Attached Messiah~

hahahaha not gonna lie, I feel like my role as Shuusuke was a total mess, I’m really sorry, I thought RP-ing as Shuusuke would be easy as he’s the “go by the book” character, I guess carrying Haku is a LOT easier since the both of us tends not to think most of the time.

I’m sorry if you think that tonight’s RP wasn’t our best, my messiah maoaya and I did try our best, but maybe it’s because she just got back from an out of town trip and I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the past 6 days that’s why we’re kinda off a little… we promise to bring better (and maybe comedic, if not heart wrecking) RP’s the next time… I hope you still enjoyed tonight’s show ><