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But in spite of anything, remember: he is watching us and taking people’s edits hahaha

Happy One Tree Hill Day!

Today, we celebrate 11 years of One Tree Hill. I remember waiting anxiously for weeks for the premiere to air and I knew from the second it started that this show was gonna bring a lot of great things into my life. And I was right. Through good times and bad, triumph and despair, love and heartbreaks, this show helped me through it all. In it I found great music, I learned about love, loss, friendships, and growing up.

In the tortured, brilliant, strong, and compassionate heart of Peyton Sawyer I saw myself and I connected to a character more than any other character I had ever known. Her art and the music helped me to learn so much about myself and life. And because of her I got incredibly lucky and I found the love of my life. I found the girl who is everything to me. Who supports me, challenges me, let’s me be happy and sad, strong and vulnerable, childish and mature.

I owe a lot of great things to this show, this cast, and these characters. It’s brought people that I get to have in my life for years to come and I could not be more grateful. 

Thank you, One Tree Hill. Thank you, Mark Schwahn. Thank you, Hilarie, Sophia, Joy, James, Austin, Chad, and the rest of the cast. I will forever be thankful for our little show that could.


In case something happens… We won’t say our goodbyes. It’s better this way.

He kept silent, focusing on the embers of the campfire in front of them. He knew she was right; they had an image to maintain and any sign of attachment had no place here. Even saying this much was a risk. He sighed and continued to stoke the fire.

"I know. We should sleep soon. We need to be ready for the Feast at dawn."

She nodded. With his short acknowledgment, nothing else needed to be said. Except maybe one thing.

"Goodnight, Cato."

"Goodnight, Clove."