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What do you think about the relationship of alcohol and writing? Does it boost creativity (by experience or chemical)? If not, what do you think it does do (if anything)?

Alcohol isn’t called liquid courage for nothing. One of its side effects is that it lowers your inhibitions. That’s why people who’ve had a few sometimes do things they normally wouldn’t. While this can have a happy ending, more often than not it leads to regret at best and death at worst. 

There’s this persistent myth that in order to be great, you have to be some sort of damaged soul, who drowns their sorrows in handles of whiskey and lines of cocaine. Only then, can you produce works of ephemeral beauty that escape the surly bonds of time.


I cannot tell you how perverse and dangerous this myth is. While many great artists have struggled with addiction (largely fueled by undiagnosed depression or mental illness, I might add), it ultimately ends their life. 

Alcohol buys a temporary reprieve from that evil voice in your head that spews hate at all your ideas. That’s it. Rely on it too much and a vicious cycle will be born. You will believe that you need it in order to be creative, when the simple truth is this:

Everything you need is inside of you.

All you need is practice, patience, and some belief in yourself. It’s not easy. I still struggle with worrying if my ideas are good or if people like my story, but at the end of the day I remind myself of that simple truth and keep pressing on. 

Don’t get me wrong. I like to have a drink or two, but I’m not under the illusion I need it to be creative.

Make sense?



Drawing faces of Liam’s workers

The majority of them are going to be asian men

These guys have done some bad things in their life time and instead of making them prisoners, they put them to work. 

This is probably only half of them fuckmylife

April 18, 1952
On Opening Day in Brooklyn, Willie Mays is knocked unconscious when he smashes into the Ebbets Field wall after chasing pinch hitter Bob Morgan’s seventh-inning, two-out bases-loaded line drive into the gap in left field. All three Dodgers base runners cross the plate, but do not score when the motionless Giants center fielder comes to his feet and jogs into the dugout, apparently unhurt, having held onto the ball after making an amazing catch for the third out to end the inning.

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Do you guys have any advice about how to get noticed as an upcoming band?

Put your entire life on the line and play as if it were the end of the world.

- Eric

Arrow Season 3 Beginning of the End....

Happy Saturday everyone! Olicity fans are you still breathing? Lots of glorious teasers and spoilers have been released since Wednesday’s airing of Arrow’s episode 3.19 Broken Arrow….Lots of Olicity…Yeah! 

So lets break down what we have learned regarding 3.20 The Fallen the beginning of the end run to Arrow’s Finale



Let me start by saying this season has definitely had its ups and downs. But the last 2 episodes have been getting back on track for what we have come to know and love in our show. The focus on Roy Harper’s character Arsenal was explained with his goodbye. The writers were on a clock with his contract ending and needed to wrap up that story line. Love that they did it in a way that mirrors him saving Oliver Queen’s life (metaphorically) the same way his was saved. We had the cluster f&%k that was the Black Canary arc. Once again due to contract obligations I am sure. Oliver “dying”, Diggle being sidelined and the complete disaster that was Raylicity. The good news, all that with one exception is almost behind us. So what will happen with Arrow pushing forward into the finale run, LOTS!

First we see OG3 Team Arrow working in that flawless and lovable way again in last weeks episode going into next weeks episode 3.20 The Fallen.

We’ll begin here–so we know Ra’s critically injures Thea at the end of 3.19 which means 3.20 will begin with no significant time jump.We know from spoilers released in teaser trailers (US, NZ, Asia and Canada) and after yesterdays press screening of this episode this leaves Oliver very emotionally taxed and ready to do ANYTHING to save his sister. We know that Team Arrow buckles up to accompany Oliver on his trip to Nanda Parbat with Thea.

Oliver is going to at least allow Ra’s to believe he will accept his offer in exchange for saving Thea. We also know Merlyn will be along for this adventure as well. And has some interesting thoughts regarding the Lazarus Pit…

“The water changes you, in your soul” Merlyn

- The Lazarus Pit finally arises, but Malcolm has a very surprising stand about the death-defying “magic hot tub” (as Felicity dubs it) and for good reason.-

 Source–Spoiler Guide April 2015

Which tells us that Thea will come back different, how different is the question? Enough to don the mask teased earlier this year and take up the mantle of Speedy? I believe so. I also think there may be a little more harshness to her than we have seen before. Which, with the foreshadowing of Ra’s prayer at the end of 3.19 she may be out for blood!

Now moving on to the Felicity goodness….

There is also a Felicity and Ra’s scene, which I am super stoked for here is what has been said….

And thanks to Tiffany we know there is also a Merlyn/Felicity scene!!

Now on to all the Olicity goodness I have heard about– Before I get into this let me say, I will not be dabbling in the Wedding Theory of it all–I will leave that up to our dear jbuffyangel and @callistawolf visit their pages if you want detailed theories on the why and how of that! I know they are keeping it updated!

 First  the jet scene that Stephen Amell teased at Paley Fest as his favorite scene and favorite Olicity Scene is a good one!

- A jet scene that Amell declared his favorite of the season involves the hero sharing a story with Felicity about the five years he was away.

- Someone says, “I love you all the more for it.”

Source-SpoilerGuide April 2015

My thought is that these 2 are related. We know Felicity tells Oliver that she loves him once in NP (per Canadian Promo) so I predict when Felicity does her support of Oliver thing after his story the second line comes into play. See below…

Raylicity will definitely end my guess is at the beginning of the episode since there is no real time jump.This needed to blow up long before now but our dear writers love their parallels, Sara ended things with Oliver in 2.20 and Ray will more than likely be the one to bring it up in 3.20. Besides after the end of 3.19 it would appear by his face that he knows where Felicity’s heart lies. At this point pull the trigger and move on. 

Let’s move on to what all of the Olicity Fandom has been waiting for….All the Olicity goodness. I will start with this since Trollenheim sent the fandom abuzz after the Future episodes trailer was released.

We have confirmation that the sex scene and all its goodness is real, no dream or hallucination. 

We also got the following–there is a morning after and it is awesome!  We get a goodbye scene. The goodbye is more beautiful than sad. Seems like a beginning! SO it would appear that while our couple may be separating it has the feel of them believing they will be together again. Score! The couple ends up with a somewhat happy ending. At least in season 3, which would  make SA statement that Oliver might actually get to smile at the end of season 3 and into Season 4!

One more for good measure! This is from SpoilerGuide April 2015

- A surprise relating to that Olicity sex scene seen in the promos.

So let’s sum this up shall we–

We get Raylicity breakup

We get an amazing Felicity and Ra’s scene… 

which to my understanding we may owe him a thank you, I knew he shipped Olicity!

We get a really cool Felicity/Merlyn Scene…

We get lots of Olicity both romantic and just them, being them.

So our time has arrived guys! Olicity will be let out of the bottle and there is no turning back from here. So excited for The Fallen which airs Wednesday April 22.  Which is BEFORE May Sweeps begin so look forward to more goodness in the final run of the season!

If you want to check out all of Tiffany Vogt’s Tweets you can on Twitter @TVWatchtower. There is lots of good stuff there regarding Diggle, Thea, etc.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Try to breath between now and Wednesday!

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Hello there! I have always been interested in bronzers, but I can't find a bronzer that is light enough for my skin. Most bronzers make my face look muddy, but others don't have a shade for my light/fair skin. Do you have any recommendations for both drugstore and high-end bronzers?

Hello :)

Don’t worry you can still bronze up your skin with summer right around the corner!

Check out bronzers like

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers. These are new bronzers in the Ambient Lighting Powder line which is a line of super silky, flawless powders made to perfect and blur the skin. So these will blend into your skin like butter and won’t look muddy or patchy. They also make a lighter shade for more fair skin!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light. This particular shade, Sun Light, is the lightest of the shades and has a golden hue in it to add some color to more fair skin without looking like dark brown makeup!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 01. Also a more golden, light bronzer!

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium. Light brown shade, not too warm or cool. 

DiorSkin Nude Tan Healthy Glow in 002 Sunlight. This bronzer is made to give your skin a natural, glowing bronze look not so much a chiseled contour look so this will look a more soft on the skin, nothing too dark or obvious. 

I first met Iieha when I visited Lansquenet’s playhouse. She seemed shy and withdrawn. It seems now that she has had a tremendously difficult upbringing, and I admire her resiliency.

I am deeply concerned about her caretaker, and why he would have led her to believe that she holds a terrible secret. …I suppose I cannot discount the possibility out of hand that there may be truth in it, but everything she told me is well in line with a perfectly normal young woman who has been abused and possibly manipulated. But to what end? To my relief, she does not seem deeply invested in the alternate identity–I hesitate to call it a fantasy or a delusion, since it does not appear to have originated from her. Perhaps she can feel safe letting it go.

She suggested that her caretaker might benefit from therapy. If he does come forward, I must attempt to approach him with empathy and without bias. He may be in more severe need of help than the young lady.

Claudia stepped into town, her shoes in hand, looking tired and a bit disheveled from her walk from the bus station.  She had a sour look on her face from the rudeness of the bus driver.  End of the line her ass.  She was the last person on the damn bus.  A couple of miles wouldn’t kill him, but they might kill her and they completely murdered her louboutins.  She stopped, looking around, pushing her hair back.  “You there, is there a motel in town?”  She was on her last dollar.  Soon she’d have to start selling her clothes.  Shame about those louboutins.

MCAT2015: Check.

i’m home, i’m wearing the super short comfortable shorts i love, and most importantly, i’m DONE with the mcat (at least for now) (pls God i don’t want to repeat this experience). and i’m going out to uchiko’s happy hour with future–cat–lady later this evening. being done has never felt so good. 

obviously, i want to keep in lines with aamc rules so for all you premeds out there who will also be taking the mcat soon, i’m not going to disclose topics, questions, areas you should “focus” on (from what i heard, everybody’s test had slightly different topics and passages anyways). but here’s what i will say:

- if you’re going to drink coffee, either don’t drink too much or drink it as early as possible before you have to take the test. bio is the first section, and by the end of that first section i was afraid my bladder would burst. 

- pacing yourself is so important. i ended up running out of time on the bio section because i wanted to be extra careful at first. so don’t psych yourself out thinking that because you’re taking “the” MCAT. think of it as just another passage (i never really had problems with pacing, but when you’re doing something big like the MCAT, you really do need to watch how you pace yourself). 

- some of the snacks i brought to the test (i brought a lot just in case): tangerines, light popcorn, 3 bottles of water, a PBJ sandwich, green apples + individual packets of justine’s nut butters (i like the peanut butter + honey ones), granola bars, dark chocolate (just a small piece before each section). yeah, i know. it’s a lot. but i’d rather have more options than i need than fewer. 

- for breakfast, i had a cup of cold brew coffee with almond milk, a hardboiled egg, and these oatmeal bites i found at central market. 

- when you’re done with the test, don’t talk to other people about it. not because you’re technically not supposed to, but because a) it’s out of your hands, so there’s no point in worrying about it now and you have no idea how your score’s going to be adjusted [neither do i] so you may do better than you think you did and b) you just spent 7.5 hours thinking about the damn test, don’t let it steal any more of your happiness once it is out of your hands!

of course, this is coming from someone who literally got done 45 minutes ago, and i won’t know how i did until approximate percentile rankings come out on may 8, but this test was in God’s hands all along anyways, at least according to my belief system. so i encourage you all who are studying for the new mcat, and i wish you the best of luck. if you have any questions about study schedules or studying tips, feel free to ask me! oh, and:

so i did 6 full-length practice tests in the span of 12 days (i did 2 in one day at one point), but please don’t make the mistake i did. definitely space the practice tests out and really thoroughly review them, making note of concepts you need to review, etc. 

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Do you have sth about calvin harris being sexist i mean i heard from someone that he is really sexist

Hi there! I actually never heard of him until now, but here is some info for you. It seems that he falls under the “objectification of women” category of sexist.

Calvin Harris and Robin Thicke Provide Anthems for Rape and Racism, say Activists

“Women’s rights organisations have demanded music industry leaders take heed of criticisms involving “sexist and racist” content in music videos.

The End Violence Against Women Coalition, Imkaan and Object have published a report, called Pornographic Performances, condemning the portrayal of women in pop videos as hyper-sexualised and “endlessly sexually available” objects.

Those who view such videos have been found to have an associated tolerance of racist, sexist and even rape-tolerant attitudes, the research states.

Calvin Harris’ Summer, Never Say Never by Basement Jaxx and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines are cited in the report, which is being sent to leading figures in the music industry, as well as media regulators and politicians, with recommendations of change.”

Computer Music Magazine: Calvin Harris Is A Pervert

“Remember Calvin Harris’s Humanthesizer video?

It’s predictably going viral, moving towards 100,000 views since it was released yesterday.

And, just as predictably, Harris is getting criticized for being sexist for his use of bikini-clad models.

Computer Music magazine goes further, though, calling Harris a “synth pervert”:

We’re all for experimentation here at CM, but we can’t help feel that synth geek Calvin Harris had something more that technological innovation on his mind when he performed this suspiciously tight-sounding version of his latest single using what can most accurately be described as a workstation keyboard made out of young model types.

We’ve criticized companies in the past for advertisements that are blatantly sexist. For example, when Image Line introduced Deckadance with a shot of a woman’s butt in a thong, we asked if it was the most offensive gear ad ever.

Calling Harris a “synth pervert”, though, is over the top, to the point of being potentially libelous.

I’m not really a fan of Harris’s music, but his video is going to do more to expose Max/MSP, Arduinos, conductive ink & the idea of incorporating the human body into electronic music instruments than anything more “serious” artists have come up with.”

Okay so i had a bit too much time last night
and kinda ended up over-imagining about my characters. Result?


This guy

and this gal

Snezz being a total dork trying to hit on her and failing epically every time, Liamu being completely oblivious that she’s being hit on, Asha giving her lil bro flirting tips that always end up getting him in horribly embarassing situations.

Snezz getting lost in thought looking at Liamu, thus smacking his face on a low hanging bar

Snezz asking Liamu about her hobbies and she just info-dumps for thirty minutes while smiling in joy like “HOOO BOY IM GLAD YOU ASKED”

Snezz getting creeped out by her minions while she insists that “Bobby just wants to play”

Liamu being unintentionally creepy in general, like coming out of her lab, having built a new minion and says something along the lines of “Oh don’t worry, that’s not my blood” or “Oh yes, nothing better than hot tea after hacking up a corpse.”

Asha asking Snezz about his day and he ends up babbling about how cute Liamu is for hours.

Liamu befriending Snezz’ Moa who will then casually start picking stuff out of her hair when she’s talking to Snezz

Snezz visibly fighting an internal battle, trying to bring up the courage to take Liamu’s hand

Snezz lenghtily confessing his undying love and it turns out Liamu was spacing out and just responds “Sorry, what did you say?”

Mean people picking on either one and the other one stands up for them with burning passion, but still kinda insecure. [AGGRESSIVELY STUTTERS]

Snezz giving her a stack of old books he stole for her birthday and Liamu is OVERJOYED.

Asha actually allowing Snezz to take Liamu for a joyride on the ship and it’s the best day of his life

Asha intensely shipping them and doing everything to set them up like “Why are there candles and rose petals” - “That’s just, uh-… nevermind”

Whoops, shit. I ship it a lot already.

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What was the main plot of he second half of season 6? I've never understood that season

The end of that season had problems. It’s very likely that they had originally planned out an Eve story-line for all of the last half but Eve was pretty unpopular and they were losing ratings during her episodes so it wouldn’t have been a good idea to base the finale on her. They killed her off in episode 19. (btw, there was some senseless anti-female hate toward Eve but her unpopularity was due mostly to fans thinking the character was boring. This is not a female who got killed off because of hate, she just wasn’t a good character and fans honestly didn’t like her on her merits). They probably had to scramble at the last minute and come up with a completely knew endgame, which is why it feels so disjointed and forced. The plot of the second half of season 6 was originally hunting Eve and Crowley’s search for Purgatory. In the last 3 episodes it changed to being Crowley’s search for Purgatory and Cas having a secret alliance with him. 

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Quieen, 16 :)

things you said with no space between us

“That’s my peanut butter,” Happy says accusingly.

She knows she should let it go, that’s it’s just a cheap tub of generic peanut butter and Paige probably isn’t even double dipping her apple slices, but she can’t. Between her sexist pig Statics professor, and Toby’s out of line comments about being head over heels for her roommate, Happy’s on edge.

Still, she knows well enough that she should take a few steps not have this conversation with her lips inches away from the object of her affection.

Except she can’t quite convince herself to move out of Paige’s orbit.

This will end poorly.

“Sorry,” Paige apologizes. “I’m all out of food and I was so busy with that stupid World Civ paper that I couldn’t go out and buy more and I thought I’d have time to get to the store before you noticed. But I’m going tonight, I’ll pick you up a new jar.”

Paige fidgets a little, but doesn’t back out of Happy’s space. Happy wants it to mean something, but considering the fact that Paige is two weeks out of a pregnancy scare-induced breakup, that’s probably not a good idea.

She hates admitting that Toby’s right in any situation, but this one is particularly aggravating. But she can’t deny.

She totally wants to jump her roommate’s bones. And then take her out for brunch.

Jerking backwards, Happy grabs her backpack off her desk and stomps to the door.

“It had better be the smooth kind,” she calls over her should as she heads for the labs. Hopefully someone will have something she can smash with a hammer.

send me a pairing and a prompt from this list and i’ll write you a fic

It’s a careful touch at first. Slow, agonising. Two fingertips reaching up and brushing her cheek, a gesture that’s lighter than the breath sighed out against her mouth.
Close. She’s so close, her nerve-endings are on fire, her entire body straining forwards.
“I don’t want to mess this up,” she whispers.
The fingers turn into a palm, sliding back up the line of her jaw to cup her face. A thumb traces the burning path they left. “What’s to mess up?”
It’s hard to make her tongue move, force her lips to work properly. Every word risks bringing her into contact with that soft, smiling mouth. She’s never wanted or feared anything more. “Where do I even begin in answering that?”
“You don’t. Whatever answer you have, it’s not worth passing this up.” That mouth brushes up against the corner of her lips, trapping a whimper behind her teeth. “It’s not worth passing us up.”
There has to be more to it than that. She had objections, she’s sure. A bullet point list – or had it been numbered? Something real, concrete, down on paper to make sure she stuck to it. But there’s no paper attached to her face, and when her mouth opens it’s to let loose that quiet sound of need. No objections are forthcoming.
The hand slides back into her hair. The lips move to her ear. “You want this.”
“You’re cheating,” she breathes back, but she’s already moving, fingers on hips, tugging them closer. If her body is on fire, this one is ablaze, burning her from the inside out with her proximity.

something i wrote like a million years ago. it stands up pretty okay, with some minor edits.

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Now that we know the name of LM new single, the next weeks and month are going to be busy. I'm sure Zayn already knows what is coming but at least he really seems to know how to put a line like he went to France and all that show but he could go to the Asian Awards without her.

I’m still waiting for something official with a date we can look toward. Like can we please get on with it? But yeah, hopefully May is it. 

I have no idea where else management could take this stunt. They’ve already pulled everything outta their ass over the years. Maybe they can stage Perrie “moving out” looking all angry and over it. LOL I dunno. Just end this shit already. 

The media blitz has actually turned out better for Zayn than Perrie so far. She’s getting nothing but an occasional mention in the American press since the cheating stories died down. And the sex tape thing fizzled since it was done “supply and deny” style. But overall the media has been sympathetic about him leaving, really liked “I Won’t Mind” and gave him a lot of praise after the Asian Awards. I predicted he’d come out of this mess ok and so far, so good. 


“Platinum” is an anthem and a lifestyle and a state of mind. It’s also a song with an opening verse so great I want to write the words on my walls in permanent marker until they make me a better version of myself.

my disposition permeates
the room when I walk in a place, I’m sorry
by calculation, I’m way too much
pretentiously, i bitch a bunch, but you bought it

I still can’t believe quite there’s a country song that got the words, “permeates” “pretentiously” and “bitch” into the first four lines, let alone in such a wonderfully complicated, cartwheeling string of words, but, hey, if nothing else, do let “Platinum” teach you that it pays to be the queen.

I will state so we all know it that I am weird about blonde hair. I have a thing about blonde hair. I always type it like that with the E on the end because it looks prettier even in contexts when it is not grammatically correct and, like I said, I have a thing about blonde hair. I don’t know what it was that swirled up my brain when I was too young to realize what was happening and too pliable for the changes not to stick, though I tend to imagine it was mostly Cher Horowitz, but I’m weird about blonde girls, I’m weird about their hair. I have never had blonde hair, neither “genetically or chemically as long as it contains some bleach I want it.” My hair is thick and dark and curly and when I was a little girl I pined over, and agonized about, and imagined myself cutting off my best friend’s fine cornsilk ponytails, but that’s not what the song is about. I so happen to have a predisposition that is unfortunate and speaks poorly of my character and personal grit, but “Platinum” works even if you’re, I mean, a normal person. “Platinum” is barely about hair. It’s about being a little extra. “Looks as good on records as it does on me.” It’s about being the kind of person who would name their album Platinum. If you bleach your hair a screaming white-blonde so that everybody looks at you and ties to the ends of your waves a mile of cultural baggage, that’s one way to live “Platinum,” but diamonds and airstream trailers Bud Light Platinum and being the undisputed superstar of your every moment are all “Platinum,” too. and “Platinum” ends up being exactly the self-aware-but-feeling-myself, cult of personality-like statement of intentions that a successful artist’s fifth album probably ought to have. “I can’t exceed my reputation / a small town girl with compensation / exploitin’ all my possibilities / well don’t you know I blaze a trail / but hell, you can come with me.”

“Platinum” is a song that will warm and thrill and call forth to battle the hot girl with goals kicking ass and taking names part of your brain, the area stimulated, by, girl geniuses who also are really good at jump rope, and Elle Woods’ scented resumé and how she helped her friend get her dog back from her loser ex-husband, or, Brandi Chastain pulling her jersey off to celebrate the US Women’s World Cup victory in just her sports bra, and, like, Erin Brochovich brassy power –who wasn’t blonde in the Julia Roberts movie that is obviously what I am actually talking about, but wore brassiere tops around Albert Finney and did important work– everything about Beyoncé that we, all us lesser creatures, are only attempting to emulate, your best friend at the head of the table at her birthday dinner with her faces all lit up with candles and gin, you know? It isn’t cheesy and we don’t have to hold hands but this is a song about girls and I’m never having another party without it. It’s also really great if you’d just like to listen to somebody have a lot of fun with the word “irrefutably.” So there’s that.

anonymous asked:

Salam sis. So recently I met a guy, he's 22 and I'm 18. I've never been in a relationship or kissed a guy but I have spoken to many guys (which I do regret). All I want is for someone to be serious about marriage and we met once and he was really respectful. The problem is, is that there's never anything to speak about apart from him always saying stuff about the physical body rather than intellectual aspects. He does really like me and I want him to be the one. It's difficult though 😩

Walakium as salam. Honestly it just sounds like you want him to be the one only because he seems to be serious But if you can’t have a conversation that is stimulating, then what’s the point? Take some serious thought with this because you don’t want to end up 6 months down the line in the marriage process then realize that you have nothing in common, and you’re conversations are pointless babbling but you’re in too deep to end things without hurting someone, trust me it’s not fun. How often does he talk about islam?


Not far from the little diner are the row houses that line the street adjacent to the town major. Shirley and her husband, George, live in the first house. Meadow occupies the second while the third is currently being renovated. 

Nora lifts her hand up and waves, in the distance Shirley waves back as she gets inside her red pickup. Nora leans over and whispers conspiratorially to Alfie, “You know she and George are expecting as well. Isn’t that awesome? I’m going to have two babies to play with!

Alfie gets a glassy look to his eyes, “BOTH your friends are pregnant?! Oh man, I am never going to hear the end of this from Coilin. Two new babies while he and Rufus are in the middle of the adoption process. You know what he’s going to say?

Nora grins, “I know he’s going to say.” Alf shakes his head and sighs, “He’s gonna say it’s our turn.” Alf cuts his eyes at Nora, narrowing them slightly, “The question is: what are WE going to say?” Nora laughs, springing up from the table then leaning over to kiss Alfie full on the lips. “Let’s go drop me off, eh?

Both Ends, Middle, Hell: throw the whole damn thing in the fire

I started this day
from the things I’ll have to get done
in the next six weeks, and
about the things
from doing.

Before noon,
I’d asked myself
when it was I’d decided that
sitting out
was better than
standing tall,
more me.

This evening, I’ve recovered the determination
to do everything I have to and want to,
and do it well.

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Hey Dessie! I'm not the anon you were talking to, but since you're discussing the books I have a question: What predictions do you have for the 3rd book? It's ok if you don't want to answer this because spoilers, but I was just curious because the ending of twcrime seems to bring Kestrel away from everything Marie has been building up to. I can't get a sense for what Marie intends, but I am intrigued because a new line of character development can result from Kestrel's punishment.

so sorry for the delay in answering, i wrote a huge reply for about half an hour but something happened and it didn’t save. )): anyways, i’ll try and write it out again.

spoilers under the cut

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