alright, i’m late with this and it isn’t even what i promised to write for you (that’s still a wip which i WILL finish OKAY) but happy belated birthday Rachel!!

you are a incredible writer and all round good egg and i am so so happy that mari introduced us because now we’re collabing and this au is in my life and i’m so damn happy

ANYWAY. this fic is a little missing scene from Rachel’s phenomenal Spellbound AU which y’all need to read immediately. when i read part two, this one line really stuck with me and i told rachel that i’ve been dying to expand on it and she gave me permission to (*cough* and has been nagging me to) write it. this is pretty spoilery for the fic so please do read that first if you haven’t already.

NSFW content below xo

“No strings attached.”

It’s something between drunken stupor and denial that carries them back to his flat on those words. Both barely believing that they can be anything of the sort when they have always seemed to be entwined so irrevocably that simply snipping those strings that bind them would do nothing to separate them. They are bound, the two of them.

Percy’s mouth is insistent on hers, but gentle too as he backwalks her into the flat, treading the familiar path to his bed where she falls, dragging him right along with her. His eyes are trained right on her, transfixed and she can feel his gaze like the fingers that trace her skin, drawing clean lines up her thighs to bunch the skirt of her dress. Annabeth lifts her hips slowly and he drags the material up.

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the difference.

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


Thor Week Day 07:

  • Thor as a leader and/or king

reigisa week - day 5: “winter”

i’m only one week late!! at least i did it… sort of….

preorders for my reigisa doujinshi are only open for 2 more days! there will most likely be no reprint in the future, so if you were thinking about purchasing one, this is your last chance <3)


"Why would you risk your life for this?"
—“Because right now, life’s giving us a chance.”


middle-earth meme: {1/4} dwarves

'I wish you all the luck in the world. I really do.'


I know I say that I’m just fine,
But I hope you wonder from time to time.


From Whose Line is it Anyway, episode 5x01, Questions Only game.

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My name is Sylar; king of kings! (x)

you’re seriously telling me steve ‘i was in the army for years and grew up in a poor immigrant section of new york and the first thing i think when i hear a new word is that it’s a euphemism for sex’ rogers is an innocent flower who wouldn’t know what to do with a penis or vagina if he had the opportunity and doesn’t know how to swear