the lighting is weird

tyleroakley & joesugg at Universal studios ❤️💛💚💙💜


Sim-sons 1.4k followers gift - Paintings by Xhxix for TS4

Thank you so much for following!! I never thought I’d have so many followers! The last time I made the Xhxix paintings for TS3, there were 980+ of you and now I have 1434 followers (ノ≧∀≦)ノ I love every one of you xxxx Thank you!!

I know many of you have moved on to ts4 and I noticed many people like the Xhxix painting set so I made this gift. They are not perfect and my previews not looking good (i know T.T I’m still not used to TS4. The lighting in my previews look so weird) but I hope you still like this gift.

The set consists of three painting types: 

  • vertical version with 6 prints 
  • square version with 8 prints 
  • horizontal version with 7 prints 

similar to the set for ts3 but the meshes are different. I tried to find similar meshes but..idk…

Vertical and square painting meshes are from the game. The horizontal one is edited by me. *please do not recolor the horizontal version because it is my first mesh edit it doesn’t look good*

Separate downloads:

vertical version: download (Mediafire)

square version: download (Mediafire) *please use bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat to unlock this painting because the mesh is from a career award

horizontal version: download (Mediafire)

Thank you again and enjoy~

Hi. Liz Feldman got a haircut, created ONE BIG HAPPY (premiering on NBC, March 17th), wrote some jokes for The Oscars, and brought back THIS JUST OUT WITH LIZ FELDMAN.

WE GET IT, you’re wonderful. Stahhhhp.

Top 5 reasons to watch her first episode:

  1. Sara Quin (I wanted to say “hubba hubba” but that feels weird)
  3. She refers to her wife, Rachael, as a “Lizbian” and this is my favorite joke that anyone has ever made about anything.
  4. Does her blazer have a LEATHER LAPEL!?
  5. Two of the gayest quotes of all time (no given context included):

    “Eating a plate of salmon while staring at Scar-Jo, pretending she was that salmon” – Liz Feldman

    “The Lil Pussies” – Sara Quin

San Miguel Town Square

Well, I started the shell of the gov’t building! Obviously, it’s not finished, but I think it’s coming along nicely! I realized I didn’t show the “town square” in the previous photoset, so I figured I’d show some of it. That open area in the middle is the park/festival ground (possibly festival…haven’t decided) and then the far side will be the shops and school…and maybe a church that’s actually a graveyard…I don’t know if I’ll have room. And then where those lots are in the foreground, those are going to be little “apartments.” Little being an understatement. I believe the lots are…6x10…but I most definitely plan on building those, so you guys won’t have to worry about building on a lot that small.

Oh! And I really want to use that cobblestone pattern on the sidewalk for the community lots, but I don’t know how to get in game? Would I use Create-a-Pattern? Any help on that would be much appreciated! Anyways, if you guys have any suggestions feel free to let me know! :D I love any/all feedback!


[Description: multiethnic woman with curly off-black hair in a Lara Croft braid and coppery-brown eyes.  In the first image, she wears a sepia shirt and a cowrie-shell necklace; in the second, she wears a purple shirt with a higher neckline and is being photobombed by a cat.]

Not tagging because pale as frick and the weird lighting just exaggerates it.  But we know what day it is.

And I only bothered with the second because my cat photobombed and cat photobombs should be acknowledged.


futureofgirl Ok alright. My unseen selfies are actually selfies that I took just now. Cuz all my selfies are unseen. Cuz I never take any. Cuz usually I hate pictures of myself period, even if I take them probably because of my fears that people will perceive “incorrectly” or in a way I feel I have no control over etc, I’m oversharing now, BUT the moral of the story is you caught me on a day where I feel like I look pretty good, so I thought I’d show these off to celebrate the occasion. 

Here you see artist at their desk, cool kid too cool for school literally sitting backwards in a chair, and the artist making soulful eyebrows in the mirror. All feat. Weird lighting and my messy room.

I was over my best friend’s house the other night and I wanted to share with you the great MFMM collage her brother made her for Christmas.  I got her hooked on Miss Fisher, and she converted her mom and her brother, so I’m very proud of the whole situation.  Her mom asked him how he collected all the images, and apparently he opened a Pinterest account just for this project, which I think is adorable.  Sorry for the poor photo quality and my weird arm shadow.  It was nighttime and the lighting was terrible.