the lighting is weird

Someone posted a theory that 5.09 is going to be a time jump and that the group is not actually burying Beth but instead they are burying Tyreese. That got me thinking again about the placement of Emily and Chad’s names in the opening credits (how they’re both in that tunnel) and what Gimple was saying about how things are going to get very dark but then there’s a weird light at the end of the tunnel. I was thinking that Tyreese dying would be like the beginning of this long dark tunnel that the group has to go through but then when they reach Alexandria and find out Beth’s alive, that will give them hope (Beth is the light at the end of this long dark tunnel that they all had to endure).

The Hovering Light

rebecculous submitted:

When I was around 16 my friend and I were sitting at her house in Weyers Cave, Virginia(the same one from the footsteps on the balcony story I submitted recently), when I received a phone call from the guy I was dating at the time. He said he was sitting out front of his house and saw this weird light hovering several hundred feet above the lake across the street, and it zoomed away. Then upon further inspection he realized that there wasn’t a single plane in the sky (which is odd, since we’re next to an airport.

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Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark
  • Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark
  • Fall Out Boy; Panic! at the Disco

"Light ‘Em Up!" "Are You Nasty?"

Mash up of Miss Jackson by Panic! at the Disco and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy.

Probably my best mash up to date. I strongly recommend the use of headphones.


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