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Justice for the People

New clip from Book Four Episode One After All These Years

—Korra returns on October 3rd—

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Book 4 Trailer LIVE FAN REACTION (Compilation Video) + Extras!

If you’re an AVATAR fan, you need to watch this! They’re your kind of people.


Couple of skecthes while waiting for the 4th Book.^^ I’m honestly too pumped about  it to draw anything from it, yet.uwo

But I did get some baby Zuzu (I’ll call her that for now because I don’t want to get any more attached to Honora incase she has a different name) and smiling Korra because I need both badly…

I don’t care whether it’s canon or not, Bumi and Zuko’s daughter so had a little thing at their youth when they were between 10 and 20 in my mind.

And I also freaking love Prince Wu from the promo. That’s what you get for being hot Asami!