the last dance

anonymous asked:

I noticed you haven't uploaded anything the last few days... Are you working on a new drawing? :-D I really like your art, thanx for showing it to us!

Oh, my pleasure darling! And, yes, I am working on a new drawing! c; 

I’ve been working on the line art for two days now, that’s why I haven’t been uploading anything… I thought I’d try and see if I could draw this on the computer since it would be super hard to draw traditionally. Thank you so much for asking! c:

Ladies and gentlemen, he does it again! Coleman Hell delivers yet another massive single from his upcoming debut album “Srry Bout Last Night”. If this and “2 Heads” are any indicator of what’s to come, Coleman may be sitting on one of the most interesting pop albums this year. Once again produced by fellow sideways member La+ch, “Take Me Up” takes a departure from their previous EDM influence into something a bit more gospel sounding. Regardless, of the genre you want to put this in, we’re excited for this project! Give it a spin up top.


Has anyone done this?? I’d be really surprised if no one has done this. Prince Zuko doing the Dancing Dragon with Jake Long seemed like such a good idea to me. Since, as most of you probably already know, they’re both voiced by the same guy, Dante Basco. So I did it. I didn’t realize until about halfway through this project though that both of these shows recently celebrated their 10th anniversaries!

 So….. Here’s my coincidental contribution to the celebrations of two great shows and a great actor!