the kardashian family

I honestly have so much respect for Bruce Jenner right now. Like it must be so scary and difficult do do all the things that he did and tell the world about his story and the way he feels. Much love to him and all the Kardashian/Jenner Family💗💗👑

i suppose it’s time i stop putting off introducing myself so here it is.

i’m kylie jenner; socialite, model, writer, fashion designer, social media and television personality, high school student, business owner, youngest in the kardashian/jenner family, and i’m sure the list could go on. i’ve spent 17 years of life in the spotlight and it makes it really difficult for me to describe myself here because no matter what i say people are going to automatically think that the things they see on television or read in magazines define who i am and no matter how hard i try to argue that there’s an entire world of kylie that the cameras don’t see, people will believe what they want to. 

my aim is yungkylie if anyone wants to talk about something other than my lips or my relationship with tyga.