Here is a very rough cover of The Judge by Twenty One pilots. 

lol Tyler has a much larger vocal range than I do (because he’s talented as frick) therefore, I changed the melody a bit. Also, I kept looking at the words on my computer screen, because there are a lot of them and I haven’t memorized them yet.  That being said, watch my attempt if you want to, and I hope you enjoy it.

Blurryface Summary
  • heavydirtysoul:Speed beat street poetry
  • Stressed Out:Funky existential crisis
  • Ride:Bouncy electronica
  • Fairly Local:Electro-Operatic call to arms
  • Tear In My Heart:Cute and happy love song
  • Lane Boy:Drum and Bass fuck you to the music industry
  • The Judge:Ukulele fuelled power folk
  • Doubt:Everybody in the club get down (as low as these lyrics)
  • Polarize:Schizophrenic RnB
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV:So that's where 2009 Mumford & Sons went
  • Message Man:Imagine Twenty One Dragon Pilots
  • Hometown:Foster The People
  • Not Today:Killer bassline, deathly lyrics
  • Goner:Awwh just like the origina-NO WAIT BLURRYFACE LINES AND SCREAMING

I added audio from ‘The Judge’ to this vine josh posted back in January and the song matches up to what Tyler’s saying!!!