the height difference

A list of things for you to consider:

•Bilbo only being able to hang onto three of Thorin’s fingers when they’re holding hands

•Thorin making a habit of hugging Bilbo tightly and simultaneously wrapping him snugly in his large coat when winter comes to Erebor

•Thorin spooning Bilbo and smiling as the hobbit fits snugly against his chest

•Bilbo SPOONING THORIN as well as he can by clinging tightly to the dwarf’s chest and tucking his feet neatly in behind Thorin’s knees

•Thorin kissing Bilbo’s curls at any given opportunity

•Bilbo kissing Thorin’s scruffy chin

•Thorin leaning down obligingly and Bilbo standing on his tip-toes in order to kiss his husband properly

•Bilbo curling into Thorin’s chest at night when he’s cold or when he wakes up from a nightmare, and Thorin happily obliging the need for a snuggle, tucking the hobbit’s face lightly into his shoulder immediately


A Bog Panic Appreciation Post

What the-

!@#$!@#!@#@#$ THE-

N-nobody saw that, right?

Fools in-






But when OTHERS flee for their lives, all of a sudden it’s great fun.

And a height comparison:

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Wait do you live in the Cincinnati area?!? I do, what is this Destielcon?

i don’t, i live in iowa! i just travel a TON. you can read more about DC here! i’ll be attending as a guest!

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When will your etsy shop be back up?

i’m hoping around the end of next month actually! the end of june-july will probably have a good couple of stocked-up times if all goes according to plan. charms and books will probably be rotating again!

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We all know about Destiel, but do you like Sabriel?

you know, i tried to??? but there’s really nothing else that i super passionately ship. i mean, i tried fics and stuff, but i just never really got a romantic connection from it so i was like [shrug]

that being said, i’m cool with it! to each their own!

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Well then I have a request for you to draw! Do you think you can some NaruHina? Specifically their height difference and some kissing? If you can't or not in the mood for that, theeen draw me one of your favorite characters! I don't mind. Please enjoy and stay awesome!

Well, there’s a story behind this. Naruto and Hinata are on one of their many dates, and good ol’ Kibakins finds them and decides to check up on ‘em. “Keepin’ it PG, right kiddos?” 

A little bit of flailing


The book was mocking her from its perch on the highest shelf.

Whoever rearranged the scifi and fantasy section had set it up beautifully except for the fact that the one book she needed to finish the series she had been reading was considerably above her head. She tried stretching again., jumping slightly and ended up flailing uncontrollably in the general direction of her goal.

Yes, the book was definitely mocking her.

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beca not wearing heels or shoes and having to stand on her tiptoe to be able to kiss chloe properly.

i find it so funny because the height difference really isn’t all that big between anna and brittany. anna is 5′2″ and britt is 5′4″, yet we all make out like beca is like a foot shorter than chloe and i love it. i love this little headcanon going on where beca is too tiny to even reach chloe’s mouth to kiss her i love it i love it i love it

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They announced his height on one show and said he was 5 foot 11 and he even admitted in another interview that he might be 6 foot with heels, yet people still don't want to believe that he is shorter than 6 feet tall for some reason. I truly think there is only a two inch height difference between him and Louis, at the absolute most 3 inches and that is pushing it.

Yeah the height difference is definitely not as big as people think it is. He and Louis probably have 2-3 inches between them and it just looks like a lot more because Louis often wears flat shoes whereas Harry wears rather high heels (2-3 1.5-2 inch often) which increases it a lot.

why was cullen racegated??? i don’t get it. dwarves are literally a humanoid race there’s nothing but a goddamn height difference between elves, humans and dwarves and y’all gonna tell me he isn’t going to date a dwarf bc they’re too short? bye

When drawing smut

- what feels good and what looks good do not mutually overlap, so something I know is a lot of fun is just boring to look at.

- I believe that an important (personal) distinction between porn and erotica is emotional connection. Yes, we are watching these people have sex, but are they doing it for our benefit (porn) or theirs (erotica)? And how do I illustrate the difference?


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Heroes height comparison?

My headcanon for heroes’ height is
Aran - 174(F) / 191(M) cm
Evan - 157cm
Freud - 178cm
Mercedes - 169cm
Phantom - 186cm
Luminous - 181cm
Eunwol - 188cm

I really want to draw this, but I am terrible at drawing height difference… I might draw it later tho ;-).

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* Senpai notice me! I'll leave you more voicemails if you don't! * Bae application: I am IRL Annie so you know what that means ayyyy Beruani up in here dat height difference tho ;) but in addition I come equipped with a Reiner so we can Titan Trio it up nawmean *wink wonk* I'm tiny, cute, and hella flexible.... Oops maybe I should have posted to your OTHER account huehuehue I'LL BE WAITING SCRIBBLES SENPAI ~airhorn noises~ dESU NE

Looks like Sophie is drunk again