Master builders from the VirtuaLUG online LEGO User Group (previously featured here) teamed again to create another awesome collaborative build. This time they’ve turned their attention from Ancient Greece to 1980s American cinema with a phenomenal diorama depicting all of the locations and unforgettable scenes from The Goonies.

Builders contributing to this project include Tyler Halliwell, Davey Sterling, Stacy Sterling, Dennis Price, Betsy Sandberg, Heath Flor, Lee Jones,Chris Phipson, Hans Dendauw, and matt rowntRee. They constructed Mikey’s and Data’s houses, the wishing well park, One-Eyed Willie’s ship, and so much more.

Trying to take in all of the details they worked into this massive build is like going on your own treasure hunt. It’s a LEGO masterpiece and a wonderfully geeky love letter to an awesome movie. The VirtuaLUG team just displayed this diorama at the 2014 BrickCon in Seattle, where it was awarded the prize for Best In Town.

Click here for additional images.

[via Nerdist]

The signs as 80's movies
  • Aquarius:E.T.
  • Aries:Back to the Future
  • Cancer:Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back
  • Capricorn:Flashdance
  • Gemini:The Breakfast Club
  • Leo:The NeverEnding Story
  • Libra:When Harry Met Sally
  • Pisces:The Goonies
  • Sagittarius:The Outsiders
  • Scorpio:The Dead Poet's Society
  • Taurus:Labyrinth
  • Virgo:Raiders of the Lost Ark