the gifs are rushed and not that good because I just want to talk about this


I just want to talk about this moment for a quick second. They sneaked back into the mystery shack and they’re standing there listening to Gideon saying he’s turning it into basically a theme park . The shack is Stan’s home. I’m guessing that it’s the only thing Stan had for a while before the twins came to stay with him. But anyway, He stands there and does nothing.

But When he sees that Gideon is using Waddles as a mascot in part of his plan, he immediately takes action. Even though he’s not waddles’ biggest fan because he knows how much Waddles means to Mabel. He doesn’t even hesitate because he cares about Mabel(and Dipper) so much that he’s more concerned about her(their) happiness. Like I just feel that this moment was so important because it shows just how much Stan has grown from being around these kids and just how much he loves them because he immediately puts their needs first. Not just at this moment but through the whole episode because they’re a family and this is basically one of the best shows ever.