the french fry


There is a food kiosk in our mall called French Fry Heaven. It’s like Beach Citywalk Fries in SU where they only specialize in French fries.

Sadly this is the only location I know of, but I hope they spread! They’re so good. My favorites are the cheeseburger fries.

The 2015 Premier League is a glossy, global brand with a carefully polished veneer. In the last 25 years, British football grounds have become massive adverts for the world’s most powerful companies: Samsung, Chevy, Emirates. Few locally-owned businesses have the money, or gall, to compete with behemoths for a slice of Premier League pie.  

But tucked into England’s Northwest corner is a city, club and man that embody the provincial spirit that’s rare in modern professional sports. Yesterday, we had the privilege of interviewing minibus tycoon turned banker Dave Fishwick. When his career began, he didn’t have enough for a chip butty (french fry sandwich). Now his name adorns the stands of one of our favorite English footballing cathedrals, Burnley Football Club’s Turf Moor. His warmth, sense of humor and passion for his team make it easy to see why he’s quickly becoming a cult hero among American football fans. #BankOfDave

Listen to our podcast with Dave, HERE.

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“Levi can’t believe what he’s seeing right now. “Eren. What the fuck?”…”

"you soggy french fry" FAN.

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“Levi can’t believe what he’s seeing right now. “Eren. What the fuck?”…”


I feel as if each of the puppets reperesent different parts of the media.

French fry child/Manny represents the more childish and innocnent part of the media. The people who still hang onto their childhoods/parents wanting things for their children. They’re easily swayed by the media. “Buy this app! It will help you 6 month old learn how to play mozart!!” Even though that sounds stupid, they still believe it. Like how Manny believes Shrignold/Pesky B, Listens to Notebook intensly and is the least to question any of the teachers.

Birbman/Robin/Duckman is the biggest part of the media, Teens and young adults. He will question things on ocasion “maybe time is a construct of human perception?” but sometimes he falls into the trap “Digital style!” like most teenagers/20 somethings. He does question the teachers, more than Manny at least.

And then there’s Harry/Red guy/Drake, he reperestents older people/adults in the media. The ones who never grew up with Computers or phones. He never really speaks because Robin would probably get after him. That is why he is almost unaffected in DHMIS 1. And, in DHMIS 2, rather than rotting like the others he becomes terribly old and gray. He also almost acts fatherly in DHMIS 3 but we can’t really use that one because he’s only in the video for a short amount of time. And you notice the way he questions the teachers is in a rational and realistic way. No, he doesn’t overanalyze things like Robin does. But that just adds to him as well. He’s also probably the smartest of the whole group because he figured everything out at the end of DHMIS4. Idk tho.


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THE ELUSIVE FRENCHFRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this may be my official first time seein ur face altho Im sure u have posted it before…. GOOD FACE GOOD TIMES

AW THANK U yes it is i the elusive french fry

i post pictures of myself pretty rarely cause im a scaredybaby but the shirt im wearing gives me confidence