ohmyohpioneer said:

Totally just imagined Grumpy as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. "Yeesh, talk about the ride from Hell. Let me tell you, sister."

the four horsemen of the apocalypse:






(they can’t get anything done because whenever they roll into the place ready to be evil, Grumpy’s yelling at the top of his lungs, “TERRIBLE NEWS EVERYONE, THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE!!!”)

(plus his six dumbass friends come with him everywhere and want to be horsemen of the apocalypse too)

(then they get bored and go drink some beer)

(the three horsemen of the apocalypse and the idiot dwarf just does not sound right)

(what are they going to do)



The closer you look, the less you’ll see.

Hiccup as Danny, Rapunzel as Henley, Merida as Merritt and Jack as… Jack.


War would be an irish setter,elegant and big,long red furr coat

Famine would be a doberman pinscher,they are very elegant skinny things

Pollution would be a (albino) pittbull,something about their different muzzle and strong muscles just reminds me of this particular horseman

As something as old,wild and primitive as Death i think a wolf it´s fitting


i hope you guys like it~

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Steel Cage Match: Ric Flair, Ole Anderson, and Arn Anderson Vs. Dusty Rhodes and The Rock and Roll Express
NWA Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling - October 28th, 1986

The amount of love that The Rock And Roll Express had is incredible. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are literally escorted to ringside by a human barrage. Unreal.

This match is one of the greatest gatherings of professional wrestling superstars in history. The match took place in Rock Hill, South Carolina, but this video is from a Japanese wrestling video, hence the odd commercials and the subtitles. At the time, The Four Horseman were the most hated stable (no pun intended) in professional wrestling and were going strong. Dusty Rhodes, at this point, was already a veteran, making his name on the bruises of Ric Flair and furthering his efforts by the side of the Rock And Roll Express, who were monstrously big names in the sport.

To hear a crowd reacting like this is an amazing thing. I wish, by some insane, crazy means, I could go back in time and be a part of Southern professional wrestling glory. Watch this match for the great action, as well as the showboating of Rhodes and Flair, who almost seem like this match is par for the course. Especially when Flair is keeping Gibson from getting the tag. You want so badly for Flair to just have his ass handed to him. Beautiful work by 6 incredible superstars.