Fresh Take on Meatless Meals: 15 Vegetarian Recipes

Fresh Take on Meatless Meals: 15 Vegetarian Recipes

I love eating vegetarian a few times a week. As Michael Pollan famously said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Eating vegetarian is also cheaper than buying meat for most meals. I love buying packs of veggie burgers as a way to make sure that I’m getting enough protein since I’m terrible at cooking tofu and seitan. I just can’t cook meat alternatives and never feel like I’m getting enough…

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Foodie Friday: Faux Pho

I spontaneously bought these crazy purple rice ramen noodles without really thinking about what I would make them with.  So last weekend I decided to get ambitious and try making “homemade” pho.  

Calling this homemade is a bit of a stretch because I found a great pho broth at Whole Foods that simplified the whole process.  


Crazy ramen + pho starter

The end result was pretty good, although I would recommend just using plain rice noodles instead of the rice ramen that I used.  The ramen turned the broth purple, so that was an interesting development.  


Yes, the pho pairs nicely with a glass of Malbec.

Lazy Vegetarian Pho Ingredients:

32 oz. of vegetarian pho starter

Ramen or rice noodles

1 small package of portobella mushrooms (or shitake if you feel like splurging on them)

2 jalapenos

1 bunch of cilantro

1 small package of bean sprouts

2 limes

Margarine or butter

1/2 lemon

To Make:

Wash all the produce and chop the mushrooms.  In a small pan, melt two or three tablespoons of margarine and then add the mushrooms and lemon juice.  Saute the mushrooms for 5 minutes or until done.   

In a medium sized pot, bring the soup starter/broth to a boil.  Add the cooked mushrooms and ramen/noodles.  My ramen took about 7 minutes to fully cook.

While the pho is cooking, prep jalapenos, cilntrao, bean sprouts, and lime on separate dish for garnishing.  You can add basil too, but our store was all out and I accidentally killed the basil we were growing in the backyard (gardening fail).

Once the noodles are done cooking, plate it up and enjoy!

One of the biggest things I see with people trying to live a healthy lifestyle and having problems with it is they make it way more complicated than it needs to be. STICK TO THE BASICS WHEN YOURE OVERWHELMED!

Pictured is my easy go to: chicken breast or chicken thighs
Season with your favorites: salt, pepper, garlic
Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on it and stuff with sliced lemon and a sprig of your favorite fresh herb like basil, Rosemary, tarragon, etc.
Throw a little olive oil in a baking pan, throw your chicken on top and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes or until juices run clear.
Cheap. Simple. Fast. Great for meal prep. And most importantly, healthy!