thallen week
      >> day 3: villains au

barry and eddie are partners in crime–and in life. masquerading as ‘the flash’, barry terrorizes central city from the outside, while eddie, the corrupt cop within a mostly-clean precinct, takes things apart from the inside. but then, there’s a miscalculation–eddie is shot and killed on a job. barry subsequently goes mad and decides to take revenge on the city that wronged him so.


Holla! ok so fran and I decided to make this network to support and share love and positivty  to the ladies who, sadly, have been receiving a lot of hate.


  • Must be following natalia and francesca
  • Reblog this post.
  • Must be a flash/arrow/flarrow blog (multi fandom are more than ok as long as you belong to one of these fandoms)

We’re looking for:

  • friendly, respectful and active bloggers
  • organized blogs (a navigation page)
  • people who love arrow/the flash/flarrow ladies 

If you get in:

  • meet awesome and respectful people who love and support these awesome female characters
  • possible new followers and friends
  • a spot the network pagemore notes on your edits/gifs/selfies/etc.
  • Track tag : #flarrowladiesnet
  • You can express your opinion while you don’t offend one of the ladies or members. We don’t want fights.


  • This post much reach at least 30 notes or let’s pretend this never happened.
  • Applications will close 25th of june

Ok I think that’s it, any doubt you can ask me or ask francesca and we’ll answer you without problem