the fiveish doctors

Petition for Peter, COLIN, and Sylvester to have their own mini series where they fuddle around as themselves in their Doctor costumes doing chores round the house, inadvertently saving the world from stuff, and irritating their relatives, friends, and Classic Who costars. With recurring guest stars John Barrowman and Paul McGann as themselves, and Tom Baker’s infamous wax figure as Tom. Russell T. Davies needs to call at the end of every episode wanting to be in their club too.

  • Colin:Sugar?
  • Sylvester:Ahh, decisions. Will it make a difference?
  • Colin:What?
  • Sylvester:Every great decision creates ripples.
  • Colin:In your tea?
  • Sylvester:Like a big boulder dropping into a lake.
  • Colin:Oh, Sylvester, if you don't stop quoting yourself, I'll put you back on the plane myself.
  • Sylvester:I got it a bit wrong, actually.
  • Colin:Ohh, what's the use of a good quote if you can't change it?