For a star to be born,
    there is one thing that must happen:
      a gaseous nebula must

[NEWS] 131207 - "INFINITE, world tour concert in Dubai 'Magnficient finale'"


Right after completing the last concert of the world tour in Dubai, INFINITE sent a message to thank their fans through a video that was made on the spot.

On the 6th, INFINITE held the magnificient finale of their first world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that lasted for 5 months. In this video message, they expressed their regretful and proud feelings to the fans all over the world who were with them during all that time and celebrated the end of their successful first world tour. This video has been released on INFINITE’s Official Youtube channel. L stated “Even if we just completed the last concert, it feels like we’ll have to hold another one somewhere else next week” while Hoya said “Now that I look back at it, all of these moments are precious moments I won’t ever be able to forget”, remembering all the emotions they felt while touring.

Moreover, Sungjong and Sungyeol said that they all improved and missed their Korean fans whereas Dongwoo and Woohyun said that they learned a lot and that they’re really thankful. In th eend, Sunggyu even mentionned the staff members who were with them and ended the world tour’s big run.

INFINITE’s world tour concert ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that started last August lasted for 119 days, took place in 21 countries and 150,000 fans attended it.

The concert in the USA and Europe especially attract people’s attention because it was their first concert in these places. In the latter half of the tour, they held concerts in 4 cities in the USA and 2 in Europe, and thanks to the K-Pop fans’ explosive cheers, the world tour obtained results that went beyond expectation.

INFINITE who successfully completed their world tour is said to be about to return to Korea in order to start the preparation for their new album.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Naver ; take out with full credits

I really liked the scenes with Pres. Snow and Seneca Crane in the first movie, but only a few days ago it occurred to me that this sentence can be seen as foreshadowing for MJ. Peeta symbolizes hope and hijacking is a type of fear conditioning. In the end of MJ we know that Peeta managed to recover from hijacking which means hope managed to be stronger than fear :)

                     Sweet sacrilege how do I even begin? If you are reading this, & it’s because you follow the blog at source then— thank you. Seven months ago, when I finally kicked the butt of this blog into action, after some three months debating pursuing my Cersei muse, I never ever thought I would have a tenth of the success / enjoyment I’ve had here— but you guys have been the most welcoming, supportive bunch of people I have ever encountered, despite my absolute joy in fictionally ruining your lives, & for that I am eternally grateful. I’ve met — & had the honour of befriending — a great deal of wonderful, wonderful people here, & the confidence you’ve brought to me & my writing is something truly precious. So, again, thank you for following me, for giving my writing a chance, & for making this one of the best experiences I’ve had the chance to partake in.

                                                                                           Now, I follow around 700+ blogs, so obviously I cannot list every single one of you here — but, despite whether we speak frequently, or not at all— if I’m following you, I love seeing you there. I wouldn’t keep you on my dashboard if the sentiment was any less.

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kaistal au - fallen

it’s been decided that she’s not normal. not after her last boyfriend’s burst into flames after he kissed her. not when she sees looming, ominous shadows everywhere she goes.
so she enrolls into a reform school and the first thing she sets her eyes on is.. him. there’s something achingly familiar about him, but then he flips her off.
he goes out of his way to show her he’s not interested, except that sometimes he doesn’t appear so, and she just can’t shake off the funny feeling - like she knows him, like she’s seen him.. many, many times before.
because really, what’s the chance of finding your soulmate - your light, your doom, your everything - over and over again.. when you know it will kill you?
and when there are no scientific explanation, would you except you’ve fallen in love with a fallen angel that you’ve been cursed to love for eternity?
would you dare go to the end and break the curse for the one you love?


clarke griffin appreciation week: day 1
↳ favorite scene


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TW fandom problems (part one thousand and sixty-two)

Anti-Stydia fans: Stydia is bad because it reinforces the trope that if a nice guy likes you, you have to return his feelings or you’re a total bitch.

Anti-Stydia fans: Stydia is bad because Lydia is a total bitch who didn’t return Stiles’s feelings.




#i’m not telling you to ship it#but at least be consistent guys#the first point has value#the second one is ridiculous but is one that has been cropping up all day since Holland said Lydia was going to be jealous#'Lydia has had years to return Stiles's feelings why is she only doing it now what a bitch'#because you can’t help who you fall in love with or when you do itbecause she’s been showing growing feelings for him for two seasons#because in the first season he was this awkward kid she barely knew and now he’s her best friend#who she solves crimes with and makes her feel better about her banshee problems and inspires her to be a braver and stronger person#and let’s be real if you were best friends with Stiles you would fall in love with him too

Okay, I think I’m ready to share my feelings on Simon/Kieren.

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