the firebending masters


Firebending Dragons Ran and Shaw from Avatar the Last Airbender episode, “The Firebending Masters”

I’m not sure how interested people are in seeing storyboards from the show, but if so, I’ve got tons of ‘em.

One thing to note: Because Avatar was done before the industry went (almost) entirely digital, I used to break up my boards like so (separating the characters from the background) so it was easier to build animatics.  Nowadays this is much easier to do with programs like Storyboard Pro and Photoshop.


The Avatars walking up the mountain while bringing something valuable. 

The Fiebending Masters:

Sun Warrior Chief: If you’re going to see the masters, you must bring them a piece of the eternal flame. This fire is the very first one. It was given to Man by the dragons. We have kept it going for thousands of years. 


A New Spiritual Age:

Iroh: Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else. This little fellow needs to go home as well. Maybe if you help him find his friends, you will be able to find yours.