I’ve seen this picture going around on Tumblr over the last few days, and what I have noticed is that there was no link back to the article. I had to look it up myself, and I was actually appalled with what I found.

Instead of an argument showing both sides of the GamerGate issue, you are treated to a one-sided backlash against an ideology.

In fact, just for the sake of criticism, I’m gonna make a counter argument. Here I go.

You’ll find the article here. What you’ll find is a gross misrepresentation of the issue at hand. Instead of looking into the issue any further than “Look at these poor poor girls! We should kiss their booboos!”, they decide to turn the entire argument into an issue of sexism.

And now some women who have criticized video games, or those who play them, are being subjected to death threats by men who play those games.

If you’re referring to Brianna Wu, she was criticized for publicly attacking GG supporters on Twitter. Not just because of her games.

Anita Sarkeesian has been called out publicly for receiving 25x her Kickstarter Goal for Tropes vs. Women, and only producing half of the proposed videos within her proposed schedule. People are not attacking her because she is a woman. They are attacking her because she is a con artist. A con artist who has publicly stated that she is no video gamer.

Zoe Quinn on the other hand has not been relevant in GamerGate since her alleged affair with multiple men/journalists. But if you want to open old wounds, how about the fact that she was responsible for sabotaging a competition held by TFYC?

If you’re thinking, “none of this makes any sense! Why would anyone become so mean and vicious simply because someone said something negative about the gaming scene?,” then you’re right.

None of it makes sense.

And yet on Twitter you’ll find some particularly disturbing tweets from men who play games. Here are some:

The tweet provided can be found here, and you will notice something. None of these tweets have anything to do with GamerGate. In fact, the only one relating these tweets back would be Brianna Wu herself.

Now, that does not make it okay. Harassment on any scale is terrible, and should not be tolerated. But the example provided seems more like a personal attack against Mrs. Wu.

I’d make less of a big deal about this, but considering Business Insider decided to use this as their primary example, I figure it’s only fair to criticize their decision.

There is no doubt that video game web sites publish some pretty feeble stories posing as “news.” But that’s the case in any business trade news niche.

Similar to your article? To me, this says that any form of news cannot be taken seriously, as all news stories are inherently bias.

But look at the priorities here. On the one hand, a handful of women have said, “Some of these games are frankly not great, guys!” and been threatened with death for having that opinion. And on the other hand, a huge chunk of the gaming community is now fiercely arguing that the death threats aren’t important. Rather, the technicalities of video game reviewing are the priority.

Again, these women have allied themselves with the Gaming Journalism websites that have posted, all on the same day in fact, that Gamers are Dead. Anita Sarkeesian has been proven to be a con artist while Brianna Wu has, on multiple counts, made fun of GamerGate supports.

But clearly your concern here is priority. The issues of journalistic integrity are automatically moot because of the death threats of a few. Just like all the positive contributions Muslims have made to the world have been rendered null because of the rise of ISIS.

It’s completely insane. It’s insane that you even have to say out loud that sending death threats to people who disagree with your opinion of video games is wrong.

And it is also insane to know that we live in a world where we have to honestly, legitimately, wholeheartedly say that a business should not treat their customers like garbage or that journalism should be as accurate as possible without any personal bias or political spin.

You’ll notice that, well for the most part, GamerGate as a movement would end if some sort of legal action was taken. Meanwhile they have been treated to constant insults and put downs. While liars and scammers are given free rides to the top.

GamerGate also underlines one very sad aspect of the gaming scene. The stereotype of a “gamer” is a lonely young man who has replaced his social life with a set of animated avatars on a screen, and now has difficulty relating to women: The angry male virgin nerd, in other words.

Let’s assume this stereotype is grossly unfair. Gaming is bigger than that.

Well I would hope so, as you failed to even mention the #NotYourShield campaign on Twitter. Filled with a large amount of females, POCs, and people of varying sexualities have voiced their opinions on the matter and have claimed to support the GamerGate movement.

I find it hilarious how they manage to slip in a subtle insult to the GamerGate supporters, just before conveniently skimming over that.

Despite where your stance is on this movement, journalism like this is why GamerGate has reached 1.3 million tweets on Twitter as of this post. Yes, there are irresponsible people on both sides of the argument. But shunning the intentions of one side because of the actions of a few is disgusting.

I’m not expecting this to get more than 5 notes. No where near the amount of notes the previous post is getting. But I needed to get my voice out.

EDIT: It would seem in my first point, I came across as providing excuses for the threats they have received. I apologize if this is how you perceived this, but my intention was to say they had received threats for other things than just being females criticizing things.

Nope. I'm Done. Too Far. Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian

Last time I posted, I said that people should not bully and harrass. I said that we should wait for information on the subject before demanding anyone’s head on a stake. 

Today? I don’t even care anymore. Lines are being crossed and it’s time people took a stand. 

TFYC.. The Fine Young Capitalists. The event developed for WOMEN by WOMEN (with one guy) to get WOMEN into the game development scene.

The idea is nice. They get a bunch of submissions of ideas from women who don’t have the means to make a game. They judged the games on all merits and chose 5 that would eventually be voted on and made by a female production company. Some money would go back to the person that submitted the idea, the production company would be paid for their time, and the profit would go to charity. 



First, they were sank by Zoe’s efforts. They essentially “went down” with no coverage and no remorse. Zoe would have you believe that she only posted “4 tweets” on the subject. Really? FUCKING REALLY? Did you forget that the internet has photographic memory that can’t be tampered with? Maybe they should donate to Zoe’s game jam “Rebel Jam.” I won’t link it because I can’t in good faith. The donations made go directly to her paypal account. There is no information about this “jam” other than “it’s going to happen.” No dates, no organizers, no information. NOTHING. The same paypal account it’s linked to is the one she uses for her personal donations. How does one distinguish which donations being made are for the game jam and which are “tips” linked from her site?


It’s not a new thing for 4chan to be called misogynists and women-haters. They’ve been dragged through the mud every chance someone gets. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed them for the hole in the ozone layer. With the recent hate and smear-campaign against gamers as “misgonyst woman-haters” they had a call to arms to prove them wrong and donated over $5000 in one day. At this point, the latest I’ve heard, it’s over $13,000 $25,000 in donations that these “angry misogynist woman-haters” have donated to a game jam devoted to women. 

They pooled more than enough money to create what is the daughter/waifu of 4chan /v/. Vivian James. They also chose the charity that this money would be going to. It will be donated to Colon Cancer as a show of solidarity for TotalBiscuit, who suffers from colon cancer and was the first public figure to go against the grain and say “We should wait for more information.” He was immediately met with a barrage of hatred and beratement by game-devs and the “Pro-Zoe” camp. 


(Copyright 4chan /v/ 2014) 

Then Sarkeesian denounced the project because they got support from 4chan.. How disgusting, petty, and vile. You’re a terrible person and I don’t care who knows I feel this way. You don’t like that a bunch of ANONYMOUS people are donating to a cause, so you denounce the project? You do realize that after Zoe had other sites remove and censor any discussion of the matter, many people who don’t frequent 4chan flocked there to talk about it because they couldn’t anywhere else without being censored/banned, right?

Their Indiegogo page was hacked and taken down twice after this, with strong implications that it was done by people in the Pro-Zoe camp. This is speculation, but it should go noted. 

Someone wants to post to get the message out about TFYC and what happens? They’re immediately met with controversy and remove it because “it was denounced by Anita and Zoe” 



In case you’re wondering, she took it down. I don’t blame her because I doubt she wants the controversy, but it’s out there. This is a deliberate attempt to cover up and destroy this seemingly great cause, yet again. 

This has me outraged. Real Feminists should be up in arms over this… but no.. not going to happen.. because the faux-feminists of today like Sarkeesian and Quinn rule their news feeds. TFYC? That won’t be discussed in their news. 

Rampant sexism in the gaming industry? Bullshit. Don’t take it from me though.

Amy Henning, who has had a hand in the creation of the Legacy of Kain series, Jak & Daxter, and the Uncharted series. She’s now with Visceral working on Star Wars. She has been cited as one of the most influential women in the video game industry. 


Here for more information. 

Now don’t misinterperet what I’m saying. I’m not saying that there aren’t sexists and misogynists in the field, They are everywhere. I’m just saying that it’s pretty hard to believe it’s as rampant in the industry as some would have you believe. 

Trivializing RAPE by writing articles about “virtual rape” and saying that some bullies on the internet are “essentially raping” Quinn. That’s an insult to real rape victims and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Have some common decency and self-respect. I heard some stuff that reminds me of this “virtual rape” you speak of. It was the terms “consensual rape” and “legitimate rape.” Remember those? Yea.. talk about the hypocrisy of it all. 

As far as the gamers themselves? They come from all races, creeds, sizes, colors, genders, and circumstances. There are just as many people being called “faggots” and “niggers” as there are being called names for being a girl, if not more.. No.. definitely more.

That’s what happens when the internet is brought into your house, whether you’re gaming, chatting on irc, or commenting/posting on youtube. You want to go off on the entire internet? Go for it, but don’t nail gamers to the wall because you can’t handle some 12 year old calling you names on Call of Duty or some shit. 

Don’t even talk to me about the plight of the woman in modern day society. The REAL feminists are probably rolling over in their graves knowing they have the likes of Anita and Zoe representing them. 

Try being an arab post 9/11 living in America and come back to me when you’re done being turned away from positions you’re well over-qualiified for because your name isn’t “traditional” enough. 

Do I want someone to come defend me? No. That’s life. That’s the society we live in. If you want to make a change, go picket the politicians. Go stand up for your beliefs at their doorstep. Don’t bring it to my doorstep. Don’t bring it to my hobby.

I’m as progressive as they come. I’m all for standing up for your beliefs and going against the grain when you see injustice.. But there is a TIME AND PLACE for that. Video Games are not it. Most people just want to play the games.  Direct your discontent with society in the right direction.

I am not a Misogynist. I am not a “Tea Party Member.” I am not a Terrorist.

These are the things I (we) have been called in the last week for simply holding an opinion that is different from someone elses. Not by just some “other twitter people,”  but by journalists, game developers, and people in positions of power. Fuck you Devin Faraci. Fuck you for calling us “terrorists” “worse than ISIS.” You’re a piece of shit. You’re no “son of Brooklyn” you asshole.


As if having an arabic name and being half-arab wasn’t enough of a reason for people to call me a terrorist ALL THE TIME… Now I can add being a gamer to the list. Thanks you self-righteous, lemming-like prick, blindly following your friend Quinn off a cliff with the rest of them.  

Finally… Game developers and legitimate game journalsts who want this industry to be taken seriously.. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO RISE.  It’s your time to come out and defend your fans. You can be a voice of reason in this madness. You can stand up for us and the fans will only love you more for it. 


We bought your games. We read your articles. We bought tickets to your sold-out conventions. We, the fans, got you to where you are today.  You can be against bullying and harrassment while still saying, “THERE IS A PROBLEM.”

We are not all bad. We are not all assholes. Some of us just want to play games. We don’t deserve to be painted with this broad brush of hatred against our community.

Now… I know that only a handful of people will ever read this.. But it must be said.. and when I’m old and grey and none of this matters anymore, at least I can say I tried. At least I know that I had a small voice somewhere that maybe only a few people heard, but it was heard.


The Fine Young Capitalists aren't actually helping women get into the games industry

Note: I get most of my info from here

So, there’s been a lot of back and forth about TFYC. Are they trustworthy? Are they feminist? Will this help women get into the industry?

The way 4chan would talk about it, they donated to a charity to help women get into games. TFYC is not a charity, tho. They’re a for profit. They’ve admitted such themselves.

The money raised doesn’t go to charity. Absolutely none of it. It goes directly to TFYC and to Autobotika who they’re hiring to make the winning game. Even if they get more money than they need to make the game. They still get to keep any excess. This is a very important detail.

Matthew Rappard, the founder, says this is to show that games developed by women can be profitable. But remember, the winner of the contest isn’t making the game. Autobotika is. She is just the “idea person” who hands off her idea to them to make.

EDIT: He now says the winner, Danielle, will be in charge of a team. I source TFYC’s website because whenever they talk about it, they always do so as, “These developers bringing the idea to life,” and talk about the winner and the developers as separate entities. At no point does he seem to clarify what the winner’s role will be in the process besides providing ideas.

If the game is profitable, the message sent is not that women can make profitable games. It is that Autobotika can make profitable games. So, how does this help women get into game development?

Well, then Matthew would say that because the woman gets to have the game in her portfolio, it will help her get a job in the industry. There is a problem with this, too. The point of a portfolio is to show a potential employer work you have done. It is a resume of sorts, to convince them that you have the skills they want for the job. An Autobotika developed game does not show the skills of the woman who came up with the original ideas. It shows the skills of Autobotika.

What game development company is looking for an ideas person who has nothing in their portfolio to show that they can execute those ideas? I’ve seen many job listings at game development companies. “Ideas Person” has never been one of them. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps this very moment Bioware or Platinum Games is looking for someone with “good ideas” and is okay with that person having no experience with the work necessary to make those ideas a reality. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

The other women don’t even get that. They essentially have a way to show off their ideas but no game in their portfolio. “I have good ideas!” they can say, but everyone thinks they have good ideas. At least, most people do.

Well, at least the profit will go to helping women, right? No, it will not. Exactly 8% of the net profit will go to the “ideas person”. I suppose this could be a decent amount of money if the game sells well enough. But will it sell well? Autobotika is not a well-known name when it comes to game development. They don’t have a pre-existing fanbase to buy a bunch of copies and to convince others to do so.

Does TFYC intend to advertise the game when it’s ready for release? What are their marketing strategies? Will those come from money already raised or will they be deducted from the gross profit, thus lowering how much the “idea person” gets?

74% goes to charities. So, assuming it sells well (which is a pretty generous assumption), this will help charities a decent amount. So yay, it can still help women get into game development! Except that’s not what /v/ and 4chan want their chunk of the profits to go to. They want their profits to go towards finding a cure for colon cancer. “To cure butthurt” Very mature of them. 

EDIT: Apparently other considered options were male abuse shelters and prostate cancer. It sounds definitely like 4chan thought it’d be a laugh to give their profits from a feminist game jam contest about getting women into the industry to services specifically targeted towards men. So, just keep that in mind the next time 4chan tries to abuse that goodwill.

So, not only does that not help women get into games, it isn’t even women-focused at all. So much for this allegedly feminist organization.

I don’t know if TFYC is intentionally scamming people or if their complete lack of experience with this sort of thing has resulted in the trainwreck we see today, but it’s clear that the main benefactors of this are Matthew Rappard, TFYC, and Autobotika. Fun Fact: Matthew Rappard is an executive director at Autobotika. Did you know that?

He has an explanation, that he had them list him on the site so he could threaten to sue someone not paying them, something he did out of the pure, loving generosity of his heart. Perhaps you believe his explanation. I do not.

I’m sorry for the folks who donated to TFYC. They’re being taken advantage of in a big way, and they’ve committed themselves so completely to this on an ideological level that I don’t think they can even convince themselves to pull out before it’s too late. I simply hope that after this people will be a little less trusting of TFYC, and of certain websites that helped fund them.

Addendum: This week, Humble Bundle is donating to a charity to give scholarships to women. This would help women get into the industry. Maybe pull your donation from TFYC if you can and give it to Humble Bundle instead?

EDIT: The post originally said 92% went to charities. This is incorrect as apparently 8% goes to TFYC and 10% to Autobotika. So 74% to charities. The net profits are also “after royalties” which I am unsure as to what that would entail. Source

4chan is supporting The Fine Young Capitalists

Luckily, women in gaming are getting some good news as well. The good news comes from The Fine Young Capitalists, who report that 4chan is doing good! Today, for the second day in a row, 4chan is the number one contributor in donating money for the Women in Gaming Project. Which, for some reason, needed verification

  • “The Fine Young Capitalists’ mission is to create media using under represented labour, for unexplored demographics to fund non-profit organizations.

    We took 5 women who had never designed a video game before and gave them professional concept artists to create their ideal game. We created a prototype and now want the internet to vote on the best game so we can make it and give all the proceeds to charity.” - Who Are The FYC, via Indiegogo

If you have any doubt on which charity they’re going to support, and if those charities can be trusted, then don’t be afraid:

  • “That’s the best part! You decide. Anyone who backs this project gets a percentage of the profits to donate to the charity of their choice (This isn’t STOCK or EQUITY), as well as an ability to get a say on how the game will be designed and marketed. The more you’re involved in design the better the game will be; the better the game, the more money it makes for your charity. Plus you get some awesome swag.” - Via their Indiegogo page

I didn’t even know about this yesterday when I wrote that long post on Empowerment, but apparently there is some pretty big empowerment stuff going down right now. Or, at least trying to go down.

If you haven’t been following it, there was a whole bunch of scandal stuff recently in the indie gaming scene. I don’t really care. The important part is: a group called The Fine Young Capitalists - geared toward bringing more female developers into games and black representation in manga - has been under fire, getting slandered and having press coverage denied. And in the midst of it all, 4chan of all places has been banding together to come to their aid.

This is still a pretty fresh issue and essentially involves a fracturing of feminism, so I’d encourage you to look into it and draw your own conclusions before supporting anyone. Personally though, I really agree with the approach The Fine Young Capitalists are taking. It mirrors a lot of my feelings on empowerment - there is a recording where they talk about it at length. The important part:

We tried to explain this to journalists, and everybody just [said] “you need to have a woman who is oppressed, and to discuss it”. And it was very disheartening because we just wanted to do something were I could just point to them and say “This game. I helped this woman make this game. And the only reason I did it was because I really liked the game”. And it’s just… that was apparently the last message I should be giving. 

The Fine Young Capitalists have been having a hard time getting attention. There’s no figure they’re demonizing, no message of oppression they’re forwarding, nothing but this positive idea that women can make awesome games. And yet, they’ve been getting flak for everything from their transgender policy (requesting that entrants in their female-only game contest have self-identified as female for at least six months) to the very fact that their organization is accepting money from 4chan. You know, accepting money to give to female game developers and charities.

They asked 4chan what they could do to gain attention, and at their suggestion TFYC has been doing a video series on significant women in the games industry. Not ranting about how the industry is unfair to women, or all the reasons women can’t become successful, but focusing on the awesome women who helped shape gaming today. 

I guess what I’m asking is: don’t let this group fade away. Gaming news outlets are refusing to cover them - possibly because they were doxxed, slandered, and ddos’d by a relatively popular name in and indie gaming. I’d encourage you to look into this group yourself, and if you like what they’re doing, show some support. 

Guys, this is really important.

This group of game developers are running a campaign to fund the ideas of a few female designers who have never made a game before. Mainstream gaming sites don’t seem to be willing to run their story to help them out.

If we ever want to see an increase in the female population of game developers then we need to fund it. Diversity is something we can all get behind.

Thank you for your time.

(I know we don’t normally post this kind of thing. We try to stay away from stuff that might start some sort of argument because this isn’t meant to be a platform for serious stuff right now. We’re usually more focused on entertaining you and making you happy than we are bringing issues like this to light, but we felt this was important enough to deserve a moment of acknowledgement. Your regularly scheduled content will not be changing to a more serious tone. That is, unless enough people request that we tackle serious issues, at which point we will gladly listen to our fans.)

So, 4chan donates 5000 dollars to TFYC, the same organization that Zoe Quinn tried to shut down, and snowflakes and supporters of her are calling it “dirty money” and accepting bribes from sexist rape apologists.

I’m going to repeat that.

An organization created to help women, accepts a donation to help women, and people scream because the money came from a website they didn’t like.

Christ, this is no different than Christians being outraged over a charity accepting donations from atheists.

Simply pathetic

I’ve been getting some messages surrounding The Fine Young Capitalists. (who Zoe Quinn tried to obstruct.) They’re definitely worth checking out and supporting:

Who Are The Fine Young Capitalists

The Fine Young Capitalists’ mission is to create media using under represented labour, for unexplored demographics to fund non-profit organizations.

We took 5 women who had never designed a video game before and gave them professional concept artists to create their ideal game. We created a prototype and now want the internet to vote on the best game so we can make it and give all the proceeds to charity. 

You can contribute to their Indiegogo here, and vote for projects and read more about them here! The idea behind this is awesome and I definitely support it. Don’t let the current controversy in gaming journalism steal their ability to shine. 


Let’s get that number up!

Today I sat down with the people behind the Fine Young Capitalists to talk about what they stand for

so incase you guys don’t know about what zoe did to the fine young capitalists. this story was completely ignored by gaming journalists for some reason. almost like they only report on stuff that backs the narrative they want to create. people really need to look at the facts and give it up. zoe is not a hero. she is a terrible leader for the cause of feminism.

that moment when 4chan does more for women in gaming that any “game journalist” or “gaming feminist” and people refuse to donate because of it.

"oh no we TOOOTALLY care about women in gaming!111"

>refuses to donate to a cause made to help women in gaming because of a bunch of “sweaty neckbeards” donating

suck my fucking dick