For a long time now I’ve been defined as fat. It always really upset me but I’ve used that hurt and realised that there are worse things I could be called. Yes I’m overweight. Does that make me a better or worse person? No. My personality and traits are what define me.

No one can hurt you without your permission.

Self titled fat girl here hoping to give you a funny yet helpful look on the world and how to survive in it. So come with me as I stumble through the real world one heavy foot at a time.

xoxo - J


Title: The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life

Author: Wendy Shanker

Genre: Non fiction, Humour, Autobiography, Self help, Health

Pages: 266 pages

Read on: November 15 - December 18, 2013

What I think: Question first. Can I really write a review of a book that I technically never finished? I shouldn’t, right? But I need to have some closure before I can move on to another book, so I won’t be reviewing this book, so much as I am going to share what I feel when I read this book.

I decided to stop reading this book on page 167. I know, I know, I was so close to actually finishing the book. But a thought hit me, should I really just finish reading the book just for the heck of it? When I actually am so not interested anymore? I decided that there was no use of me for finishing a book if all those words was just going to be a pile of rubbish in my head.

Don’t get me wrong. This was not a bad book. It was actually a quite nice read, but I just don’t think this book was for me. First of all, I have never read nor have I ever like a self help book (except for Chicken Soup for the Animal’s Soul, oh my guilty pleasure). Second of all, I will never be caught alive reading a book about health or anything like that. I knew it from the very beginning that this was not my book and I would never will finish this book, but I want to have faith in myself so I gave it a shot. Too bad, I was, once again, right. This book was not for me and I could never bring myself to finish it or to like it. But, I will never discourage anyone who wants to pick this book and read it. I really wont.

Favourite quotes: I don’t expect to meet the man of my dream today, but if I do, then I guess if he’s really the man of my dreams he won’t reject me when he sees the pudge around my knees.

Rating: 2/5