People like to pretend The Doors were an incredibly heavy band, mostly because no singer better embodied the image of the singer as poet than Jim Morrison. He had the look, the affectation, and the leather pants. "The End" contains some of Morrison’s most enigmatic and obscure lyrics, with references seemingly to the Greek tale of Oedipus. Also adding significance was the prominent use of the song over Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.

But as poetic as some might believe Jim to be, it’s also important to remember that he did an awful lot of drugs. And wouldn’t you know it, he was tripping on acid during the recording of “The End.” So sure, there’s a long, ambiguous narrative about death and fucking and killers walking down halls, and you can put it together any way you want to. In fact, go ahead and put it together any way you want to, but just do that for your fun. Don’t be so sure about it, because Morrison, the acid-chomping, free-verse singing lyricist was always vague about the song’s meaning, claiming, “It could be almost anything you want it to be.”

5 Songs People Think Are Deep (Until They Think About Them)

Goodbye FNAF

((Ok, so I was never really able to let go on FNAF. The game and the fandom were just so fabulous to me. Okay no, the fandom was pretty bad and most of you are aware of that. Not all of the fandom just most of it :/ FNAF was a very important thing to me though. Why? Well, without FNAF I wouldn’t have ever found Rebornica’s blog. Yeah so that means I wouldn’t know about Pilot and I wouldn’t have made this blog or met a lot of you. I also wouldn’t have started drawing again. I wouldn’t have known about a lot of youtubers who are very special and make me feel joy. For example: Markiplier, Dlive, Yamimash, etc. FNAF helped me meet friends and people on apps and websites. Also, this might sound weird but FNAF helped me to not have nightmares anymore. You see, most people might get nightmares from FNAF, but for me my nightmares were conquered. I had nightmares about people in my life and bad things and it was just awful, but when FNAF came in my life it changed. I didn’t have those nightmares anymore. It’s kinda weird but it’s really what happened. It still makes me speechless to think about. Another thing is, I wouldn’t have actually liked games and play them. FNAF was an opening to more. I learned a lot and loved a lot and it’s really hard to explain but I owe a lot to that game. FNAF changed me. FNAF is special to me. I have done a lot of research and stuff and I’m sad to say this but, I think I agree with all the people who think that FNAF is ending. The third game was the end. There is no reason to keep going. The souls are free. It’s all over. The end. Just think about it. This game had 2 other games made in the series, it had so much hype, and it changed a lot of people. This series was perfect in every way. I am aware that everything must eventually come to an end. This is the end. I kept denying it for a while. I kept telling myself that FNAF wasn’t over and there would be more games. Today I finally realized and accepted it. It was actually a song that opened up my eyes. It’s a song called Balloons. It is Mandopony’s 4 and final FNAF song. It just explains the end of FNAF. It makes so much sense. Even though this song isn’t canon, it’s a beautiful fan song and it matches FNAF and the story perfectly in my eyes. Please, go listen to it. This song has helped me to accept the end of the game I really loved. I understand why FNAF had to end. I accept this. So, before I leave this fandom and move on I just would like to say thank you to FNAF. Thank you FNAF. You had a crappy fandom on Tumblr. You had a lot of great art and fan songs. The first game was always my favorite of the 3. I liked the second one a lot but I think that the third one kinda beat it out, still though you can’t beat the original. Thank you for helping me find these amazing people. Thank you for making me happy again. It was a great ride. And now in the words of Mandopony, “But now the party’s over. Now the guests are gone. It’s already past our bedtime. It’s already almost dawn. Just like balloons. We soar on our own. Finally free from the pain of our home. And just like balloons. That no one will hold. Free from the truth that no one will know…”))

Imagine Lea having trouble summoning his keyblade unless in an utterly dire situation. Imagine Lea reaching for his other chakram out of habit, even when he has successfully summoned his keyblade. Imagine Lea summoning a second keyblade, with the help of something deep in his heart… Tell me Lea couldn’t dual wield. 

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I’m normally a silent member of the Glee/Klaine fandom, but something just occured to me and it needs to be shared.

Shue DIDN’T save Kurt.

Or, at least, he didn’t do it alone.

Emma was his real saviour. She stopped a student she didn’t know when she saw him looking at her pamphlets. She introduced herself and talked to him, really talked to him. She took the time to notice exactly what that boy was looking at, and she didn’t brush it aside. She let herself get worried. She went out of her way to schedule a parent meeting (for a student she previously didn’t know existed) on the off chance she was right. On the off chance she could help.

Emma Pillsbury looked, and noticed, and cared and saved Kurt’s life before he even walked through the choir room door.

Emma was the true best teacher. While Shue ignored blatant bullying right in front of his eyes (Rachel’s slushie, Karofsky’s advances, Santana’s assaults) Emma stepped up for the students and tried to be someone they could talk to, to trust, all to make their lives better. Maybe it was because she looked at him and saw herself, maybe it was because she was actually a caring adult who understood what it meant to teach, who knows.

Whatever caused it, she was the real hero of this show. And no one will ever convince me otherwise.