I like how they are giving other characters a storyline this season, and I hope it stays that way. I love seeing Matt, Alaric, Bonnie, Tyler, Enzo, and Jeremy. It’s nice to NOT see Delena. I actually like Damon better when he is NOT around Elena. I actually kinda like Damon so far this season…

The real beauty of The Flash though, is how effortlessly fun it is and how willing the show is to let the characters go there. Opposed to the dark, edgy superhero preferences of modern TV and film, The Flash embraces the comic book whimsy of superheroes of yore. It’s a rare, modern superhero story where the hero actually looks like he’s really enjoying himself. The Flash does have some of its roots in common with the traditional superhero mythos — Allen, like Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, lost his parents at a young age. Unlike those heroes though, neither Allen nor The Flash are tortured by the past. They’re just informed by it. The vibe is less Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and more Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.