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I decided to make a video of moments of Neymar Jr and Marcelo Vieira together. They have the cutest bromance.

He is fiercely intelligent. He is endlessly curious about himself and the world around him. He is really compassionate. He is really reliable. Authentic. Loyal. Enormously talented. I have been very lucky to work with people by and large whom I would love to spend time with outside of work. The cast of Star Trek—and Chris in particular—really rank at the top of that list, because we all experienced something so profound and transformed as a result of that together. And to watch what Chris has done with that has really inspired me. I’m grateful to be his friend.
—  Zachary Quinto, in answer to the question “What kind of a friend is Chris? What does he mean to you?” (x)
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Justin and Jimmy Fallon making a toast | The 20/20 Experience World Tour | Brooklyn - 11/6/13