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So, I’ve been drowning in sea of klaine, chris colfer, and darren criss (which has been lovely. I wan’t more of this but also more of my other things, so if you post/reblog (by channel):

  • ABC: blackish, LOST, Desperate Housewives, Greys, Scandal
  • ABC Family: The Fosters
  • BBC: Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Torchwood
  • CBS: Madam Secretary, Big Brother, Scorpion
  • CW/WB: Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls
  • Fox: GLEE, Empire, Fringe, Firefly
  • HBO: GoT, Veep, Last Week Tonight, Newsroom
  • Lifetime: Dance Moms
  • NBC: Parenthood, SVU, The West Wing
  • Netflix: House of Cards, OITNB, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Showtime: The Tudors
  • USA: Chrisley Knows Best, Graceland, Suits, Covert Affairs
  • And also Harry Potter, and anything Chris Colfer or Darren Criss and Broadway stuff

sorry i’m so obnoxious!

Update on A&B

If anyone is interested or cares at all, country music has completely taken over my life. I have loved country music since I was born, but I appreciate it and love it more now than I ever have. brih473 and I are going to see Garth Brooks and Shania Twain this summer (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK) so there’s that. Also, we are obsessed with The Walking Dead and Chrisley Knows Best.

Talk to me about it.


This is dedicated to caked up edits and bad posture band because their edits make me smile and laugh (ac: Alx James )

A quem quero enganar? Estou cansada! Cansada em vários níveis, cansada de andar em círculos viciosos, cansada de me doar, cansada de ir atrás, cansada de me jogar do abismo. Parei, chega! Vou ficar aqui, parada, sem mover uma palha, vamos ver quantos darão um passo na minha direção.
—  Taynan Chrisley

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8, 27?

*Show, religion, orientation, URL*
(I’m not sure which post you wanted me to do so I’ll do both- the last one I reblogged is first)

8: teen wolf or Chrisley knows best •that I am currently able to watch; Disney throwbacks tho•

27: Lutheran

8: Straight

27: Umm idk I just really liked the sound of it

Thanks anon xx :)

A noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn

thar’s a noo artikle ha dunben wrote uhn calt

Todd Chrisley Talks John Travolta, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez & More–Get His Take on the Red Carpet Looks at the Oscars!


He’s baaaaack! Todd Chrisley has oncet agin gif’ us his'n ruleeun’ o’t’ mos talkt about looks frum t'2015 Oscars ret carpet! And p'r usual, he did nairy disappoint. T’ Chrisley Knows Bes leedyun’ mun shares his'n opinion un everyone frum Reese Witherspoon an’ Rosamund Pike ta John T…

has anyone seen the show chrisley knows best that shows funny as hell imo i like that shit better than keeping up with the Kardashians

Alumni Story · Debbie Chrisley

I am currently 58 years old. For 42 years of my life, Idrank and used drugs. My addiction has hurt everyone in my life who has ever cared about me: family, friends, employers, husband, and men who loved me. From the age of 16, my using caused problems. I began an endless cycle of psychiatric wards, jails, treatment centers, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and halfway houses. My life was a hell I couldn’t escape from. I tried many times to kill myself and figured that I was destined to go on until the bitter end. It was not that I didn’t want sobriety – I wanted it more than life itself. I would go to AA and pick up chips even though I was taking drugs. I would go to NA and pick up chips even though I was drinking. There would be brief periods of abstinence, but no lasting sobriety. Every time I attended a speaker meeting, I would fantasize about being able to share my experience, strength, and hope (of which I had none). Every time I went to an AA birthday, I would cry because I would put myself in the birthday person’s place and think about my family being there and being PROUD of me.

When I came to The Healing Place, it was after having been unable to stay sober following surgery. Five weeks before I came into detox, my father had congestive heart failure. My sisters and I kneeled and prayed that he would survive. All I could think was God please let him live long enough to see me sober and know we’ll be able to take care of my mom. Three weeks later, I was in detox. After eight days, I left The Healing Place and went back to the halfway house I was living in at the time. A week later, I was back in detox. Thank God the women who ran the house were alumni of The Healing Place. I still wasn’t going to stay. I was going to leave in my car, go to a shelter, and as soon as I got my disability check I was going to get an apartment. My car was wrecked in detox. I got one check and that was after I had been in the program for more than a month. By that time, I wanted to stay. God did for me what no one in this whole world could do for me.

My God is no longer an external deity looking down from afar; he lives within me and within everyone. I can now look the world in the eye. When I first came to The Healing Place, I was filled with shame, regret, fear, and self-loathing and I walked with my head down. No longer. I hold my head high. The program taught me the Big Book and, through it and the program of action it entails, how to stay sober. I had a Big Book that was four years old from another treatment center and all I had in it was a painting that someone had painted in it. My book is now highlighted, written in, doodled in, and has become an extension of my right arm. The program requires that we get a sponsor and my sponsor is the one person in my life I can trust above all others. Before coming to The Healing Place, I didn’t trust anyone. How could I tell anyone all the things I had done, experienced, and thought. Wouldn’t she hate me? Be disgusted to be around me? My sponsor loves me unconditionally and I love her in the same way. Through her, I have learned to love others in the same way. I now go to AA/NA meetings and enjoy what is going on in the moment. No longer do I fantasize about my birthday or what I am going to say. If this program has taught me anything, it is that if I do what I have been taught and have faith that God has me no matter what, I will stay sober one day at a time. Should I stumble and fall, I know The Healing Place has its hands open to catch me and heal me back to life.

My love and prayers go out to all still suffering from this terrible disease. Please know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

– Debbie Chrisley, Peer Mentor

USA Orders 6 Additional Episodes of 'Chrisley Knows Best'

February 5, 2015 By Sara Bibel


USA Network Orders Six Additional Episodes For Third Season of Hit Comedic Reality Series, “CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST”

Season Three Slated to Premiere in Summer 2015

NEW YORK – February 5, 2015 – The royal family may have some stiff competition as the Chrisleys jump the pond and pay London a visit! USA Network announced today an additional six-episode pickup to extend the third season of the buzzy, breakout hit reality series CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST. This brings the third season order to 18 episodes, which will air in two-parts. The real-life family comedy follows the entertaining lives of Atlanta-based “Patriarch of Perfection,” Todd Chrisley, and his colorful clan - including his wife, five children and two grandchildren.

“We’re excited to follow the Chrisley family on this great adventure" said Jackie de Crinis, executive vice president, original programming for USA Network. “Todd is a creature of habit and prefers to be king of his own Castle, so there is no telling what will happen when he travels outside of the USA for the first time ever.”

Trading sweet tea and southern biscuits for English tea and crumpets, Patriarch Todd and his southern brood

will be making their way to London for a family vacation that is sure to bring a lot of laugh-out-loud moments during the second half of season three. CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST, currently in production, is slated to premiere this summer on USA.

From day one, CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST captured critical buzz and a passionate loyal following. The series was amongst the Top 10 new unscripted shows on cable for 2014 in all key demos and total viewers P2+. Season two hit series highs and averaged 1.24MM P18-49 (+31 % over S1), 1.24MM P25-54 (+41% over S1), 613,000 P18-34 (+11% over S1), and 2.32MM total viewers P2+ (+37% over S1) week-to-week per episode.

The series recently took home the NATPE Reality Breakthrough Award in the best “Docusoap” category.

The first two seasons of CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST are currently available on video on demand and on Fans can also access “Chrisley’s Corner” on, a one-stop destination to gain access to exclusive un-aired scenes from season one, games, GIF galleries and more Todd-tastic surprises.

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST is produced by Maverick TV and All3Media America, with Adam Greener, Stephanie Bloch Chambers, Jen Perry Leamy, Jim Sayer, Eli Holzman and Stephen Lambert serving as executive producers. Annie Kate Pons serves as supervising producer.