Andy Mrotek aka The Butcher from The Academy Is… was recently jumped. His jaw was broken in 5 places, R&L orbitals fractured, and he had to get 25 stitches. According to his twitter, his face was smashed in by a flower pot while he was walking around Humbolt Park in Milwaukee. He will be getting plastic surgery in one week. You can help him pay for his medical bills by purchasing one of his prints here.


Alright guys. We need to help Butcher. He was recently jumped.

According to his Twitter, his jaw is broken in 5 places, his R&L orbitals are fractured, he needed to get 25 stitches, and he’s getting plastic surgery in one week.

He got a vase smashed in his face and he got kicked in the eyes.

We all need to come together and try to help him pay for his medical expenses. How can we do this? He tweeted that we can help him by purchasing one of his prints at theanimalupstairs.com.

Guys, this seriously breaks my heart. I mean, who would hurt Butcher? We really need to help him :(

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S-so you borrow your best friend’s Jeep,
cracked her windshield and lost her keys.
Crashed the rich kids’ parties,
got kicked off of private beaches.

We introduced our friends to yours,
and we would laugh while we were ignored.
And from coast to coast, we’ll soon disperse,
but let’s live tonight like it’s our first.

We’ve got fast food, tattoos, late talks, longer walks,
check ‘em, hold ‘em, lose ‘em, fold ‘em, fireworks and alcohol.