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To markiplier

I recently finished 3 years of uni, doing illustration. It’s been full of hard work and determination to get to my last year and this year I really felt the pressure and I thought about giving up. I started watching your channel when FNAF 2 came out and I loved watching your vids. most of them videos contained inspirational messages to your dear, beloved fans and before I knew it I was determined to follow my dreams too. I would do 12 hours drawing each day and each day I would watch your videos because that kept me going and kept me smiling and more determined than ever to finish my 3rd year study. I sill had support of family and friends but they weren’t always here but you was always there in your videos encouraging people to follow their dreams and never give up. I promised myself I would thank you if i finished all of my work, this is in the form of a drawing. I drew fem Wilford Warfstache and tiny box Tim (The Interview short was my favorite video and I would always watch it to make me laugh). 

I love being creative with my drawing and designing characters and one day I wanted to create a fem Warfstache…… because it’s cute.

Anyways, you might not see this but I hope the millions of fans do and can see how much of a amazing person you are and one day I want to see you at a convention and say to you thank you, you helped me achieve my dream and the dreams of many others too.

Lots of Love 


Candice Swanepoel + Ballet

Candice talks with makeup artist Wendy Rowe about her background in ballet as a young girl. 

How often do you practice ballet?
“I don’t practice classical ballet dancing anymore – I now do a combination of boxing, ballet and skipping. It depends on my schedule, but at least twice a week. And when I’m traveling I always pack rake bands so I can work out in the hotel room. It’s important to stay active…”

How did you get into ballet? What effect does ballet have on your body?
“My mum was a dance teacher and she knew how important it is for girls to dance from a young age - you learn so much about your body and discipline at the same time. I started ballet when I was three, and because I started so young my body muscles formed in a different way. It made me extremely flexible and lean, but also built important muscles and gave me great posture. From pointing your feet constantly, you naturally form better (and more feminine) muscles.” (+)

A Broken Marriage

After seeing the James Corden interview I think I finally resolved my own internal conflict about Zayn’s departure and the state of relations between Zayn and the lads.  Since Zayn left I have wanted, in the worst way, to believe the split was amicable and the friendships (though bruised) were still solid.  Now, I’m afraid, relations appear to be quite strained.  Of course, this is based on educated speculation – as such, this is my opinion and subject to change upon the discovery of further evidence (you are free to form your own, differing opinions.)  Discussion is always welcome and my ask box is open.  I have no intention of painting Zayn or any of the lads as the “bad guy or guys” in this.

The lads have an unusual, multi-faceted relationship.  They are very close friends, brothers, a family and in some ways all married to each other.  Looking at 1D as a family, Louis is the dad (sorry Liam.)  Louis is protective of the boys as individuals and 1D as a family, gives them advice and plans for their future.  Nurturing Harry is the mom – he’s very in touch with the boys emotionally.  Harry was the first to befriend Zayn and draw him out of his shell (early on, Harry was Zayn’s rock.)  Liam is the responsible big brother.  Zayn is the middle child (often they feel ignored, or left out compared to the oldest or the baby.)  Niall is the, much adored, baby of the family.  The lads’ family roles could be shuffled a bit – depending on circumstances, but I don’t want to go there now.  I really don’t want to get into romantic love in this post – that would just blur the focus of where this is headed.  The lads all made a shared life commitment (marriage) to one another when they became 1D – it’s not a job you can leave at the office.  For this post I think looking at 1D as a marriage is most helpful.

I don’t think Naughty Boy ever liked the idea of Zayn being in a boy-band.  He thought Zayn was wasting his talent with bubblegum pop and failed to see the band 1D is becoming.  I really believe that NB softly, subtly, began to sow seeds of discontent in Zayn from the moment they met.  Perceptions in life can have a huge impact on happiness and contentment.  If you are looking for signs you are persecuted, underappreciated or left out you will find them.  I think NB was able to (imperceptibly at first) nudge Zayn’s focus from the positive aspects of 1D to the negative.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of negatives to being in 1D and Niall told a HUGE lie when he said the four of them enjoy EVERY part of it.  Zayn has had his share of grief as a result of 1D. He has been the target of really ugly anti-Islam bias - his father and heritage been buried more deeply than Harry and Louis’ love.  Over time Zayn became less and less content with his life in 1D and NB was ready and waiting to offer Zayn an alternative – another place to go.

With regard to FOUR, I think the lads really wanted to include Zayn’s writing.  They have insisted on sharing solos equally, I don’t think they would want to exclude one of their beloved brothers in any way.  It’s possible that Zayn decided to leave shortly before FOUR was finalized – at that point it would make sense to leave his writing off the album.  Another strong possibility is that Sony may have vetoed Zayn’s songs thus becoming the “last straw.”  Whatever the case may be, Zayn was losing faith in his marriage to One Direction and almost looking for a way out by this point.  I’ve been married over 20 years – sometimes it’s as easy as falling out of bed, sometimes you have to resolve to make it work and re-commit daily.

Sometime last fall, I believe Zayn asked his “husbands” for a divorce.  He told them it wasn’t anything personal - that he still loved them very much, but he was no longer happy with all the trappings of the life they had together.  Zayn wanted to build a new life on his own.  This would explain Zayn missing so much of the FOUR promo.  (I’m hardly the first to make that point.)  The lads would have all been in turmoil at that time and I’m sure there were lots of tears and arguments, even begging and pleading.  I’m sure they all considered disbanding.  (Sorry Niall, when Zayn said he wanted out even you wondered if it was worth continuing without him.)   I think they worked out terms for the “divorce” last fall and Zayn agreed to stay until the end of the first leg of the tour.  During this time Louis clung to Zayn – I think he wanted to cherish their bruised friendship and also, just maybe, convince Zayn to change his mind.  Of course, there was tension, but the boys still loved Zayn and he them – they tried to make the best of their remaining time together.  Although, Zayn would naturally be pulling back during this time.  Subconsciously, he would be preparing and insulating himself to soften the shock (to himself) when he left.  The lads did not want Zayn to leave, like Louis; they were all trying to hold on and hoping he would change his mind.  I’m sure the tension caused a lot more rifts, fights and hurt feelings than usual for our boys.

Something snapped in March.  I can’t begin to speculate what happened, but Zayn decided he couldn’t take anymore – he wanted OUT!  The whole “Zayn cheating” scandal was concocted as a way for him to exit – a typically stupid 1DHQ stunt where he had to leave to save his love relationship.  When Niall prompted the boys to share their last OT5 on stage hug – Zayn seemed very withdrawn, he was already gone.  I believe HQ was hoping to get him back for the last few shows of the Asian leg, but Zayn was intractable.  The boys were left really upset and heartbroken.  Even if Zayn had left when planned, it would have been a huge, ugly realization that it was REAL and FINAL their beloved Zayn was gone.  I don’t care how long you have to prepare for something like this, when it finally becomes REAL it’s one hell of a blow.  Zayn probably felt relieved at first, but I think guilt was soon to follow.  He painted himself into a corner and couldn’t get out without completely losing face – Zayn has never been okay with losing face or looking foolish.  If guilt isn’t dealt with it can lead to resentment and eventually bitterness – I think Zayn has a lot of resentment and is feeling very defensive now.  It seems like the lads were too focused on their own pain (and the tour) to reach out to Zayn and assure him he was still very much loved.  I believe they all let their own pride and anger stand in the way of reaching out in love.  To his credit, Zayn did have some nice words for the lads at the Asian awards – I think he had to say something like that, but was also holding out an olive branch.  I would hope the lads talked with him and thanked him for the speech, but I wonder if they did.  If Zayn’s kind words were met with silence, the wedge would have been driven even deeper between them.

Naughty Boy could not have been more pleased when Zayn left.  He stole Zayn away from the most successful band in the world and he felt pretty damn smug about it.  At every opportunity, NB rubbed salt into the open, bleeding wounds of Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall.  He has no interest in an amicable divorce – only his own self-aggrandizement.  I think he looks at Zayn like a trophy, a prize he won while the boys loved him like a brother.  If Zayn had cut ties with NB or convinced him to stop tweeting (about Zayn) friendships might be healing instead of burning right now.  I believe that Zayn did write that “Remember when…” tweet.  I wish his twitter gatekeepers would not have published that one, but they did – they used it for publicity.  Louis did not “play nice” with NB – given circumstances I can understand why.  At this point, I think Louis very much regrets the twitter war with NB, only because it further damaged his friendship with Zayn.  Of course, tweets are not very reliable as we don’t really know who composed them or the true motivation behind their publication.  NB, however, is not really famous – it would be quite unusual for someone in his position to have their social media managed.

It was the Corden interview that convinced me things really are bad between Zayn and the lads.  I wish Louis has said out loud, “I love Zayn like a brother and I am truly sorry for hurting his feelings.”  Maybe he wasn’t allowed to say it – maybe he just isn’t ready to.  Louis did not want to talk about Zayn.  He did talk about holding his tongue – I think he does regret the whole mess (as far as Zayn is concerned not NB.)  His rambling about needing to bite his tongue more was sort of a half apology – unfortunately, I don’t think it will help matters.  Liam was as honest as he dared to be and I think his heart is really aching over Zayn right now.  Niall does not want to discuss the heavy stuff – he only wants to show his light-hearted side publicly.  Harry made sure he mentioned Zayn in the bread truck story - he shared a happy memory and included Zayn.  Harry is holding onto positive feelings for Zayn and hope for reconciliation - I really hope he has spoken to or messaged Zayn.  

If Zayn ever returned to 1D I think it would be many years from now.  My hope is that they will work to repair their friendships and Zayn will take his place with other friends and family who are outside of 1D.  People change careers all the time, but strong friendship should endure – if enough humility and forgiveness is present.  I hope Zayn will soon realize that NB is not a true friend.  I imagine he’s telling Zayn everything he wants to hear, but really he’s just using Z.  Reconciliation will be doubly difficult as long as the “other woman” is between them – crowing over her conquest and spoiling for a fight.  Relationships are hard sometimes – those closest to us have great power to hurt us.  It’s when we harden our hearts toward one another that bonds are not healed.  I’m praying for five soft hearts and Zayn borrowing words from Harry for NB, “You, my friend, are not my kind of pal.”

Adriana’s new Vanity Fair Interview:

Adriana Lima: «on boxing, brazilian side and Quentin Tarantino» -

VF: Walking on the Met Gala red carpet is similar to be on the runway?

AL: Yes, but for the red carpet you have more time. When you’re on the runway you’re always in a hurry. Today I had 2 hours and a half to prepare myself

VF: What you wanted to be when you were a child?

AL: I wanted to be a peditrician, because I love children. But I started modeling and I have never stop working since then.

VF: What’s your most Brazilian side?

AL: Everything is Brazilian on me, the silhouette,the way I walk, dance and talk.

VF: How do you keep such a wonderful body after having 2 kids?

AL: Working very hard boxing at the gym.

VF: There’s something of you that you don’t like?

AL: I don’t like my teeth.

VF: Have you ever thought about retiring from modeling?

AL: I want to be a model for many more yeas. We women get more confident of ourselves getting older. I’d like to be an actress, maybe working with Quentin Tarantino: if he wants me I’m ready!

Interview from:


submitted by justlittlejessica:

This video is me talking about a project that I am working on for my uni dissertation! It’s about creating a design studio with YouTube involved! The goal is to gather enough information about design and YouTube. So for the YouTube side I’d live to interview youtubers! It’s gunnu be a long road but I would really appreciate any kind of support! Even a like on the video or just a view would ran a lot to me! The Markiplier fandom are always so caring and I’m calling on a lot of fan bases to see if they will help me out! THANK YOU TINY BOX TIM YOU cute little biscuit you!

((take a look if you’ve got a moment to help her out with her project!))

fandomanon asked:

1 in the second au it could go either way tbh? but i think it works better w/ patrick bein the famous person, and he doesnt do q&a's often but when he does this one (rly cute) guy always asks interesting questions and so after a while he recognizes his icon + his name and when he does an in person interview type thing and the audience asks questions and when pete shows up and gets to the mic patricks eyes light up and he answers petes question by name and its totally obvious to everyone that

2 patrick knows who pete is and afterwards when patrick’s like, signing things, pete gets to the front of the line and patrick is just smiling at him and they flirt awkwardly until pete’s told to move along and patrick put his number along w/ his signature on what pete wanted signed? so they start texting and pete sends patrick lyrics and theyre crushing on each other so hard and patrick sings some of the lyrics over the phone to pete who’s just like shit he’s so cute? + patrick thinks the same


It’s our first look at Bebop and Rocksteady before they are mutated with a Warthog and Black rhinoceros. Sadly we can’t get a good look at Rocksteady but I do like how Bebop looks. Very cartoonish.
Here’s my thoughts on the sequel:
Not always but sometimes when a squel to a film is on the fast track and directors are changed, it’s sometimes due to the fact that the studio wants a different approach on the film. Last year’s Ninja Turtles was bashed by critics and fans alike, yet it still made over $450,000 million in the box-office. Of course a sequel was green-lit. So a new director was hired, David Green. With that, an announcement was made that Bebop and Rocksteady will be featured in the film. During an interview after the announcement, producer Andrew Form revealed “We can say that Bebop and Rocksteady are in the film, and Casey Jones is a character that we love and we’re trying to fit him in as well.“ Well we all know now that Casey Jones will be featured in the film. With a new director at the helm, could this sequel be any better? Hell I want to see what they do with Casey Jones and both Bebop and Stocksteady. Did you see the first film? I still haven’t seen it but I plan on watching it. But based on Carlos’ Movie review of Ninja Turtles in Episode 91, it was "Poop.”

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thisisablur asked:

I always feel like I bother people when I put something in their ask box, but is there a video that goes with the Buzzfeed interview?:)

Hi there! No worries at all. We love asks! Asks bring us immense joy! So you’re super welcome to ask us whatever, whenever :D. 

Sadly, we’re not certain whether or not there will be a video to go with it, but I’m really hoping there is, coz it looks like a really fab quiz :D! We’ll be keeping a super close look out, so if we’re fortunate enough to come across it, we’ll be sure to post the vid here asap :).

anonymous asked:

Can someone write a Lauren/ You fic, you're 2 years younger then her. You're a professional boxer. (Kick boxing) (you can use Ronda Rousey as an example). Lauren is in Fifth Harmony. You've always been crushing on her. You aren't afraid to admit it in interviews, but when you meet you just try to be her friend because you don't want to be rejected like always. (Lauren/You endgame) you get very jealous and mad easily)

“Someone have to do a one shot based on the song “The hills” by The Weeknd camren pls.”

“L has a dream that she proposed to C and C says no then they break up, L sleepwalks to a bar and gets drunk, C wakes up to a buttdial from drunk L, C brings L home, L tells C not to break up with me, don’t leave me, marry me, C says it was all a dream and L’s eyes are watery & her cheeks are red & rosy, C can’t help but think drunk, sad, clingy L is so cute while reassuring L, L initiates a kiss that turns into a heated make out”

“Someone please do a camren fic based off You Were Mine by the Dixie Chicks!”

“FS: Camren fic based off the song Sleeping With a Friend by Neon Trees. Non AU.”

“I think a camren oneshot based on wet dreams by j cole would be very funny and very smutty, I would love you forever if someone wrote this

[Photo of Kathleen above]

“I will always continue to work hard, to love life and to make jokes about how the government will buy me a shiny new wheelchair, but only allow me enough money to buy lollipops and an accessible cardboard box. These ridiculous policies will not steal my joy. But sometimes in my quiet moments, as I see my able-bodied peers getting jobs and complaining about having too many interviews instead of too few, it is hard not to grow disillusioned.”- read the rest of Kathleen’s story on our blog:

Triple minority

Black,bisexual and female. Luckily I was born into this world to be three of the many things that will cause me further issues as I continue on. I get to face discrimination for my race whether it be inward or blatantly outward criticism for how much melanin I happen to have, for how dark my complexion may be. And the stereotypes I must fight everyday because people assume I am ghetto, I am ratchet and I can’t step outside my invisible box where I am placed inside to watch the world grow and go by because I am always stuck back in time. I will always dress up for my interviews and make sure I speak with articulation and express that I’m not like the others of my race because I don’t want to come off as ghetto. My mother told me yesterday I was mature and thankfully I do not come off as ghetto and in thinking this stereotype will be placed onto me at birth. When I have not begun to create a life for myself and start building new worlds around me, I will be stuck with the label. And with the police shootings and the deaths of my sisters and brothers,I find myself contemplating will I be hunted down as I walk pass the police with a black hoodie on who stare at me with the suspicion one would only gaze at someone if they disliked what they’ve seen or didn’t trust the person was simply not like their peers,because when you first see me you see black. You don’t see me. And being a female,oh in a male dominated world,having to see feminism be put down due to the ignorant feminists who come off as deemed feminazis or as misandrists because they assume equality means rising women to heights unknown and belittling men. When in reality equality is raising every gender whether women , man, bi gender,transgender,non binary and so many more to the heights where we are all one and the same. Where we are all equal. Where we get the same pay,where if someone is raped or abused the person who did such crime faces the same punishment as all the others. And we don’t blame the victims or glorify the issue but face that as humans we do stupid shit and as humans we hurt each other and as humans evil is always there but so is good. So I face fear of walking at night by myself as a young female in NYC. And I face the fear of walking in the day time being hollered at by random guys who exclaim I’m hot,they want to fuck me and being groped and touched and told that as a female this is expected! No. As a female this shouldn’t be expected. No one should be expected to face such abuse and deal with such discrimination through gender no one should have to tell me I’m a girl I have to like pink because blue is for boys. I was at a parade and this grandmother was buying her grand daughter a toy. The girl picked up an action figure,the grandma said no that’s for boys,you don’t play with that. This not only ignited a flame within me but made me want to tell off the lady. The girl shouldn’t be enforced to think one toy is specifically for boys when it should be allowed for anyone to play with regardless of gender. But knowing I live in a world where what genitalia you’re born with and what it says on your birth certificate immediately defines who you are sickens me to my core. Lastly,I’m bisexual. I face the horror of not being welcome anywhere. From the LGBT community where I literally am incorporated into the name to the heterosexual community where all they consider if that oh you’re bisexual,let’s have a three some! No I am monogamous I don’t have sex with multiple partners nor am I interested in multiple partners! The idea that being bi means if I’m with a guy I’m immediately not apart of the community for having a relationship with someone straight meaning I’m straight. Which is not true. I’m bisexual no matter who I date. So don’t you confuse me for a lesbian if I’m dating a girl. And immediately saying I don’t exist and I’m just confused and don’t know what I want. Excuse me,but you’re not me so fuck off because you don’t know what I want. You do not define who I am. I define who I am. And the anger from lesbians and mistrust from the LGBT community,because I’m supposedly a switcheroo . Irritates me ,to face such hatred and disgust from people I thought I’d fit in with. So yeah, I’m a triple minority. Black,bisexual and female. And everyday on this earth I have to build myself up and keep myself going because one day hopefully. I won’t feel so lost. And I will feel like I exist, I matter and I’m accepted. But until then gotta deal with it. And the bullshit that comes along with it.

“I always save my palette papers because for me they represent the thought processes I went through, and I almost always can match a palette to the painting I made while using it. I hope to throw them all in a shadow box one day.” Valerie Garza on her studio environment 

Valerie Garza is an undergraduate Painting major with a minor in Art History.

When asked to detail her creative process, she replied eloquently with an unexpected creative flair. Typically I rearrange ideas from the interview, but I’m just going to leave this bit of perfection in tact.

I take inspiration from everyday objects but deconstruct them down to a certain element I want to explore. High intensity colors, patterns, overlapping images come together all in the same piece. There is a constant flux between atmospheric and graphic, chaotic and quiet forces. Whenever these elements come together I want them to coexist into something much bigger than what they were on their own.

I like to explore the way colors interact against one another, running freely side by side only to be disguised under harsh hard edged lines of black. I work from all sides of the painting, starting on the floor to hanging it on a wall, flipping it to all four sides attacking the paint surface every which way I can.

I always have an idea when I start a piece, one that I feel the need to draw out before laying down any paint, however after the initial drawing it never goes as planned. My paintings become paintings about themselves.

Garza wanted to thank the following professors:

Gael Stack, thank you for being so opinionated and straight to the point when it comes to how you feel about a piece or the process, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Your constructive criticism pushes me to think and get out of my comfort zones. And Aaron Parazette,thanks for always taking the extra time to review something with me or give me words of encouragement, and showing me opportunities I wouldn’t have had without your recommendation. My first semester of experiencing painting block wouldn’t have been the same without their guidance. Bring it on Senior Block.

This post is part of the Center for Arts Leadership Student Board’s series focusing on the artists of the University of Houston.

Follow Garza on instagram @valeriegarzaart or email her directly at


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The Fighting Monkey’s MMA Madness Interview with Megan Anderson

Interview was conducted by The Fighting Monkey’s MMA Madness please visit their Facebook Like Page and Like it, great interviews appear on there quite frequently.

When did you know you wanted to be a fighter ?
I always knew that if I was to train a combat sport such as mixed martial arts that i’d want to eventually compete. I’m very competitive with myself and thrive off competition and a challenge.
Where are you from ?
I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia
How long have you been training ?
I’ve been training for 2 years.
How did you get in to mma ?
I originally always wanted to do boxing instead of mixed martial arts. I used to go to fight nights with a friend and I went and picked up tickets for a MMA fight night for a local promotion who persuaded me to come in for a trial. After the first session, I fell in love with the sport.
What is your current record ?
My current record is 4-1.
What is your favorite strike or submission ?
I don’t really have a favourite strike or submission. I go in there to fight and each hit i’m aiming to knock my opponent out!

Who is your biggest inspiration ?
I don’t have one particular person that is my biggest inspiration. I take inspiration from alot of different people from training partners, to coaches, to friends and family. Each person is unique and inspire me to become a better person each day.
What team do you currently train with ?
My main mma coach is Ricky Budgen from Empire Mixed Martial Arts and I also go down and train with coach Vincent Perry from Potential Unlimited Mixed Martial Arts a few times a week. I also have two striking coaches; my boxing coach is Chris Carden (Matrix Boxing Gym) and my Muay Thai coach is Richard Walsh (Urban Fight Gym). I also have a strength and condition coach Colin Atkinson training out of Snap Fitness Parkwood.
Do you like to stand with your opponent or take the fight to the ground ?
I like to stand and fight! But i’m also fine if it goes to the ground.

What does being a fighter mean to you ?
To me, a fighter should a complete athlete. They’re constantly challenging themselves to improve their game in all aspects, trying to master each field. They need to be fit and they need to look the part. Above all else I believe that a fighter should be a good role model to not only young children and adults, but to the people around them as well. They need to set the standard and be someone worthy to look up to.
What weight do you fight at ?
I fight in the Featherweight division which is 145lbs.
What do you think separates you from other fighters in your division ?
I believe my height, my reach and my aggressive but calculated fighting style is what separates me from other fighters in my division. I fight with bad intentions and I always looking to finish the fight however I can.
If you could have one dream fight who would it be against ?
I don’t have a dream fight. I want to be the Champ so i’m going to have to fight whoever I need to make that happen. Cyborg is the top of the Featherweights at the moment so i’m going to work my way up to that fight.
Who has been your toughest fight to date ?
My first fight has been my toughest fight I believe. My last fight was a rematch with the opponent I fought in my first fight so I was expecting it to be a very tough fight; however, I finished it in 92secs!
What is your mindset going in to a fight ?
I’m always very focused going into a fight. I know what I need to do to and I go out and do it. I look at it like a job and I need to get into that cage and get the job done.
Who are you fighting next ?
I am fighting a local Australian fighter called Helen Malone.

What holes or weaknesses do you see in there game ?
I see weaknesses in every part of her game. I’ve got better striking, better wrestling, better ground game than her. I don’t see any way in this fight that she could possibly beat me.
What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career ?
I want to be remembered as one of the best female fighters of my time.
Who has been most influential to you in your career ?
Not one single person has been been influential to me in my career. Alot of people have helped me get to this point and I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for guiding me and helping me grow as a fighter.
Who do you feel has had the biggest impact on the sport ?
I’m not too sure. There are alot of fighters who have had a big impact on the sport to help it grow and move in a possible direction. For women’s mma, Ronda Rousey is clearly the front runner in the sport and will have the biggest impact on the sport for a very long time.
How would you describe your fighting style ?
I would say my fighting style is very aggressive yet technical.
What drives or motivates you ?
What drives me is the challenge to constantly be learning and growing as a martial artist and to constantly evolve and push myself to be the best.
What is something people might not know about you ?
I used to be in the Australian Defence Force.
What do you think you would be doing if you hadn’t become a fighter ?
I have no idea! I probably would just be working full time in a job I didn’t like.
What gets you hyped up for a fight do you have any pre fight rituals that get you ready to go to battle ?
I don’t have any pre fight rituals. I like to stay calm and joke around out back, maybe listen to a little music. I don’t really have anything that hypes me up for a fight, I already know what I need to do and it’s just a matter of getting out there and doing the job.
Who is your favourite fighter of all time ?
I don’t have one particular fighter that is a favourite, I have a few that I am a big fan of and admire both their skill, personality and athleticsm. These are: Conor McGregor, Luke Rockhold, Ronda Rousey and Joe Schilling.
When your not training what do you like to do with your free time ?
As training takes up a big part of my week, I like to catch up with friends in my spare time. I like to just relax and unwind by going to the movies or going to a nice place to eat.
What advice can you give to young female fighters ?
Just find a good gym that’s supportive, train hard and don’t give up. It’s not always going to be easy and people are going to test you both physically and mentally, but those challenges are what is going to make you a stronger fighter in the end.
Where do you see women’s mma in the next 5-10 years ?
Women’s mma is only very young and it’s going to explode in the next 5-10 years and will rival the popularity of its male counterpart.
Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to ?
Yes. I’d like to thank all my coaches, Ricky Budgen, Chris Carden, Richard Walsh and Vincent Perry for taking the time to invest in me and my goals.My management team, Posterboy Fighters as well as my strength and condition coach, Colin Atkinson and my Sports Psychologist Mark Edmondson a huge thanks goes to you guys. A massive thak you to my amazing sponsors Protein”>, Linebreak Compression Sports Wear, Raven Fight Wear, Magic Hands Leeza Roberts, and Reaqua. All my training partners I can’t thank you for pushing and challenging me on a daily basis and helping me to grow and become a better martial artist. Last but not least a huge thank you goes to my parents for supporting me and enabling me to live my dream. Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.


Moviebox from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

Logo and tv program Package Design for Moviebox.
more info at

Moviebox is a show from Megapix channel dedicated to movie news, which delivers interviews with stars and behind the scenes curiosities.For its new identity, playing with the handmade crafts graphic feel, we have simulated a small studio scenario where tiny narratives develop around good old movies clichés, representing a variety of film genres.The box always takes central place in the scenes, and besides being the channel’s symbol, works as a starting point for the construction of the Moviebox logo as well as the structure for the graphics inside the show.The final outcome is a strong identity that engages the audience in an amusing, playful way.

Cliente/Client: Rede Telecine
Conceito, Direção e Produção / Concept, Direction and Production: BEELD
Audio: BEELD

Eduardo Tosto, Greco Bernardi, Luiz Maggessi, Marcelo Mourão, Papito,
Victor Seabra, Filippo Johansson

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Make an Excel spreadsheet. Seriously. It will save you tons of time and stress.

I made two spreadsheets - one for volunteer/work hours, and one for observation hours.

The volunteer/work spreadsheet looks similar, except I included fewer details.

I recommend starting this as soon as possible, so you won’t forget anything. You can always remove things later, or not include them on the application, but please record everything. The application will specifically ask for start/end dates, total hours, and approximate hours a week.

I included the name of the facility, the hours, date I volunteered, and anything cool that I observed that day. The notes especially help when writing personal statements and preparing for interviews, if you have trouble remembering.

To calculate the total hours: Click on the box where you want the total hours to show, and enter in this formula: =SUM(A1:A5)

This will add all the numbers in the boxes A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. However, you must change the A1 and A5 to include the box column and number that is on your sheet.

Kangana and Madhavan on their latest release

Kangana and Madhavan on their latest release

Actress Kangana Ranaut and actor R Madhavan are very elated on their films performance at the Box Office. The crowd is loving the film which made the entire star cast and crew of the film very happy. Actress Kangana Ranaut recently told in an interview that while doing the film she knows that what to expect from a film. She said that she is always clear about what each film holds for her.
Upon her…

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Slim Jonez Got Next

Featured artist: Slim Jonez - Slim Jonez Got Next

Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist Slim Jonez.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Slim Jonez: Well it was something that I always wanted to do even as a young kid. I use to beat-box and well try to spit a little something ya dig. lol. I did my first song when I was 18 but I had to take time to study my flow,find myself and learn how to make a some beats and learn how to engineer so I would be well rounded overall but really the age of 22 is when I told myself imma do this for real.

The best advice I would give to any artist is to keep your head up and keep pushing no matter what because hard work does pay off. It all comes down to who want it more.
- Slim Jonez

What about concerts? Do you play live?

I have done many live Hip Hop shows hopefully that answers that.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

To be honest I don’t have a favorite and that’s not to sound cocky but I love all my work too much, I just make hits.
- Slim Jonez

What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Well i’m dropping songs left and right and I’m working on so many different mixtapes right now I got a mixtape called Apple Sauce that should be released by early August. This is my first Slim Jonez tape so i’m not counting the other tape I released a while back under a different rap name.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

If the money right I would sign. I will not sign if I can make the same amount of money or more just being Indie. The one thing I would say is cool about an label is that you get more promo but really these days you can do it yourself because of the internet,etc maybe just not on a bigger scale. Overall it’s a risk with a label you got to watch out what’s in the print in the contract,etc.

Any last words?

Shouts to the crew…..Da Cold Front Young Blizz,Indulge Muzik & Sovee Eso. South Carolina stand up, it’s 803 all day.

Where can we contact you?

Slim Jonez:

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves.

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This Newspaper Used A Very Insensitive Headline About A Trans Woman

SMH, @smh. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on Saturday published this interview with a young, Australian transgender woman named Marco who gave this inspiring quote. “Whatever you write about me, please, don’t say, Marco was born a boy and now he’s a girl,” she says in the story’s lead sentence. “I was always a girl, it just took some time to share it with the world”. Facebook: sydneymorningherald The headline on the story? Facebook: sydneymorningherald People were quick to note that the headline choice seemed glaringly wrong. Facebook: sydneymorningherald Like, it was RIGHT underneath that inspiring quote. Facebook: sydneymorningherald View Entire List › Tags: (sports, africa, animals, around, arts, asia, auto, boxing, breaking news, business, cartoon, celebrity, cinema, culture, education, environment, europe, fight club, fights, football, health, humor, lgbt, MMA, moto, music, news, news week, newzwolf, oceania, people, planet, politics, soccer, stories from the world, streetfight, technology, UFC, USA, war, warzone, world, world news Related posts Thursday Halolinks: Looking for the next Somebody? (0) Sisters, Ages 11 And 15, Charged With Killing 16-Year-Old Brother (0) Is legalized sports gambling good or bad for baseball? (0) Roster News: Daniel Norris optioned to Buffalo, Andrew Albers called up, Maicer Iztruis moved to 60-day DL, Marco Estrada to the rotation (0) Match Report: Ipswich Town 0-0 Wigan Athletic (0)

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