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Delightful Things in Howl’s Moving Castle (the book)

HMC was my favourite book of all time as a kid, and it remains one of my top ten because it is just so delightful. A random sampling of things that just make me smile about this book:

- Howl only offered Calcifer a contract (and gave up his heart) because he felt sorry for him. Sweetest thing in the book for me

- Sophie kept the curse on herself even after Howl & Calcifer got it off, basically out of sheer stubbornness

- Howl’s solution to the Waste was to make a big beautiful garden

- Fanny doing her very best to look after and provide for three headstrong girls and be a good stepmother, and in the end getting a big mansion and nice rich husband

- Howl being Welsh, and speaking Welsh, and fussing over his niece in Welsh (I love the part in Wales, can you tell)

- Martha & Lettie conspiring brilliantly to make their own lives for themselves

- Calcifer singing a Welsh rugby song all the time, which he presumably picked up from Howl in their early years of living together

- Everything about Michael, but especially the fact that he slept on their doorstep and cried on Calcifer and both Howl and Calcifer evidently gave in to their big softie natures and basically adopted him 

- Sophie discovering that being an old lady meant she had free reign to do whatever she wanted, and taking full advantage of that

- Sophie’s brilliantly nosy and relentless cleaning terror campaign

- Ben and Prince Justin being BFFs, to the extent that Prince Justin just ditched his kingdom responsibilities to go rescue his best bro from the Witch

- Sophie being such a big sister to Martha & Lettie

- Everyone’s lives ending up happy and adorable at the end, and all the characters basically becoming a big delightful extended family 

- Everyone being wonderfully, blatantly flawed