The other Disney Princesses

Who’s to say who is an official Disney princess and who’s not? Show these ladies some love! They fought for what they believed in and got us to fall in love with their stories and them.

Animes summed up in one sentence.
  • one piece:sad back stories for everyone
  • kuroko no basket:gay basketball players
  • fairy tail:i have friends and you dont so fuck off
  • black butler:im one HELL of a butler, my lord
  • dangan ronpa:lol lets murder each other
  • blue exorcist:rin chill
  • attack on titan:eren no stop
  • karenval:hella gay secret government agents
  • date a live:kiss every girl even your sister
  • future diary:if you touch yuki you will die
  • kagerou project:eveyones dead
  • soul eater:ill take this person to beat the shit out of this person
  • death note:i want to kill everyone but im the good guy dude swear
  • code geass:giant game of dramatic chess with mechas
  • blast of tempest:everyone likes yoshino
  • k project:gay kings and gay subordinates
  • highschool of the dead:giant boobs and zombies
  • no game no life:blank dont lose bitch
  • free!:i want to swim with you! *GASPS DRAMATICALLY*