Yo darling followers! I recently joined fitocracy and need more friends on there, any of you use it? It’s easier to challenge myself when I see other people doing the same thing. It makes it harder to slack off.
So yeah y’all should add me (jabberwocki - I know, original) (:


Quite simply the best Stitch of the bunch.

Perfectly in character - a loveable rouge. He threw my Mickey hat on the floor, freaked out over my bag (and INSISTED it be in the photo) dragged me into a cuddle, licked my cheek, kissed me, burped, rubbed our noses together, gave me a high five, and got all shy and happy when I told him he was “the absolute best”.

Yeah this is totally MY Stitch.

I nearly cried from happiness.


Here, have some old photos of me from 2011. I was going to post this on my bird blog, but I don’t think it’s quite relevant enough. lol What is my face in the first one. One day my hair will be red again when I have a job and places to go. I r birb.


Soooo… I basically had the greatest and most perfect morning EVER. <3

Best Friend’s Breakfast at Ohana’s with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto!

The Polynesian is an absolutely gorgeous resort, even with all of the building works they’ve got going on at the moment. I would give anything to be able to stay the night there!! 

The breakfast itself consisted of: scrambled eggs (which I did not eat!!), bacon, sausages, scones/biscuits, Mickey waffles, “island style” potatoes, fresh fruit, cinnamon and raisin bread, and my new all-time favourite… PINEAPPLE BREAD! It was all SO delicious and I ate until I was absolutely BURSTING.

Of course, as good as the food was, it wasn’t the main reason I was there… I JUST HAD TO MEET *STITCH*!!!

He was the best EVER. So cute and funny and full of life and personality. He tugged at my onesie ears, “licked” my cheek, and even pretended to wipe his gross snot on me. ;P We had some really really lovely hugs and I was basically grinning from ear-to-ear the entire time.

Wearing my onesie got a lot of positive reactions from the other characters - Pluto seemed very scared and hid his eyes, Lilo did a bit of a dance with me, and Mickey was like ????? *points up and down* - AND from the cast members! I was even handed a maraca and allowed to participate in the “Aloha Parade”, dancing around the room with Stitch and all of the little kids. It was amazing. I don’t even care that I’m 21 - I was a kid all over again. 

In short: best best BEST thing ever and definitely the highlight of my trip so far. I already want to go back!!!!!!

Photos by ivyowls