the best doctor who character ever

Best Idea Ever

A tiny, exasperated, genderfluid witch’s assistant who solves paranormal crimes and investigates paranormal mysteries with her witch boss. They also run a magical shop and get in silly fights about things. They’re both diverse, unique, developed, interesting characters. They’re also queer as hell. They battle mermaids, demons, evil clones – and occasionally – each other.

So, in summary: queer witch baes always going to save the day.

Oh, wait, this exists already. Read it right here please.


What can I say about Blink that hasn’t already been said a million times? It’s a masterpiece, with fantastic characters, an amazing script, beautiful cinematography and of course, the scariest monsters ever. Another Moffat Masterpiece.

But imagine is Sally Sparrow and Ten traveled together for a bit, how cool would that have been!

I know there were some who were happy to see Danny go(but I do think he can easily be brought back and knowing Moffat, he probably will be), but that doesn’t mean you can deny that Danny was a good character.

He may not have been as shallow as Clara…or dare I say Amy and Rory (love the ponds but still), so he was the best character Moffat has ever put out in Doctor Who. Danny, whether you want to admit it or not, did A LOT for Clara’s character and I think he’s got an interesting story to tell… Something amazing to bring to Doctor Who in general, but that’s not the issue I want to address. Some - HIGHLY STRESSING THE SOME- whouffaldi(not sure if that’s correct or what your damn ship name is) shippers get out of line and take things too far. They’re fictional characters and if I’m honest, sometimes we need to step back and remember that.

Here we have Moffat thinking that character development is a pointless, non-existent thing again.

I was looking back at the old Jon Pertwee/Roger Delgado ones and what’s fascinating about that is that they only ever play it as friends. They never, ever play it as enemies at all. They’re just two gentlemen having fun with each other. The Doctor’s best friend is a murdering psychopath, that’s actually quite fun.

That was 40 fucking years ago, Moffat.

What happened forty years ago and what has happened since then are different things.

Yeah, maybe they used to be chummy, but now they are not.

It’s very different now.

The Master is his enemy now.

Not his best friend.

Please don’t make Twissy canon.

Hah, who am I kidding? Of course he’s going to make it canon if he thinks that while the two of them were men they were best friends. Man/woman friendships are romantic and/or sexual 99 times out of 100.

That character, if you get it right, does put a different light on the Doctor.

Too bad you haven’t gotten it right yet.

And it looks like you won’t this season either.

Interview: Jontinf (2/2)

Here is Part 2 of our chat with Doctor Who Fanfic Writer Jontinf (Longjackets).

TDWFR: What is the first episode of Doctor Who you ever saw?

Jontinf: My first episode was Midnight from the Russell T Davies era. It’s an example of the show at its best, intelligent and terrifying, both in its monster and the collective hysteria of the supporting characters, such a terrific Tennant episode. The stories that scare me the most are the ones that look at darker aspects of our society. It’s actually tied with Vincent and the Doctor as my favourite episode in New Who.

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doctor who and harry potter

Awesome :)

Doctor Who
1. Rose
2. Ten
3. Martha
4. Nine
5. Rory
6. Danny
7. Clara
8. Mickey
9. Donna
10. Jack

Harry Potter
1. Sirius (all time favorite character)
2. Ron (funny and always comes back and a good friend)
3. Tonks (want to be her and is a bit like me)
4. Ginny ( one of the characters I relate most to)
5. James (such a dork and the best friend ever)
6. Harry ( bc he went though so much but was still a good guy and he is just the best; plus there would be no book without Harry)
7. Lily
8. Lee Jordan ( his commentary is the best)
9. Fred & Geroge ( they can count as one)
10. Hagrid

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i know you love becker because i remember you talking about it before so becker!

OMGGG ANON THANK YOU releasing my tru becker passion thank u

  • DR JOHN BECKER asshole of the world but also best doctor and love of my life
  • reggie 
  • margaret
  • jake
  • linda
  • BOB
  • chris 
  • the character who essentially replaced bob in the later seasons ofc no one can ever be as good as bob but he was pretty damn close
  • lmao LOUIS 
  • i think thats it??? i love this little show to death uguhhhhg 

Favorite Serial(s): The Mark of the Rani, The Ultimate Foe

Favorite Companion(s): Peri

Favorite Villain(s)/Adversary(ies): The Rani, The Valeyard, The Master

Progress: Season 21, Season 22 (have seen everything except ‘Revelation of the Daleks’), Season 23

Misc. Info: THE VALEYARD. Oh my giddy aunt, I love the Valeyard and everything about him and the mystery and just every single thing. Best villain idea ever in Doctor Who (even better than the Master). Mel is nice enough, but her voice drives me up the wall. (Sorry, everyone. I like her better with Six than with Seven, honestly.) Six/Peri isn’t my otp, but they are really precious together. You can really see how much the Doctor cares for her in (I think) ‘Vengeance on Varos’. Honestly, Colin Baker makes Six such a wonderful character, especially in the audios.

If you’re looking for a massive, novel-length, fandom-crossover hogwarts au, look no further! This fic has EVERYTHING:

  • Star Trek
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Torchwood
  • Merlin
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Homestuck
  • about half a dozen different ships (both f/m and m/m)
  • all the relevant characters as children
  • *warning* minor character death
15 things I love

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1. Dancing (Ballet, hip-hop, etc. Love it)

2. Music (Is the best thing ever)

3. Superwholock (Yes, supernatural, Doctor who and Sherlock. I love all of those)

4. Rain (Drip-drop drip-drop)

5. Food (in general)

6. Reading/Listening to audio books (I can escape into different worlds with the main character)

7. My friends (they the best)

8. Anime and Manga (beem watching and read since i can remember)

9. Sweets! (Cake, cookies, muffins, cobblers, PIE, frosting, brownies, etc.)

10. Getting my hair/nails done (idk why, i just like the way it feels)

11. Writing Fanfiction/stories (let my imagination flow)

12. Scones (Not England’s (Hetalia) thought. Sorry Iggy)

13. Travelling (It’s my life goal)

14. Tumblr (My addiction)

15. My followers (because I don’t know how I got you all, but I love you)

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