jic anyone cares, lol

I recently finished writing a Gravity Falls/OTGW crossover with the lovely and delightful skimmingmilk

She and I will be editing it soon enough and should begin posting on her blog, my blog, both blogs? 


BUT. I do know that it got a little out of hand, so it’s lengthy

It’s only 6 chapters or so, though, so prepare yourselves? lol

Mystery Twins and OTGW bros unite for some distinct fuckery, lol

If there is a proposal in HTTYD3, I want it as a joke

Not like, not serious, but not all serious, if you get me. Like, there’s a super fast paced preparation for war kinda scene, and Hiccup’s defering to the bae/second in command and they’re speaking as fast as they can, then….

Hiccup: Have you secured the battlements?

Astrid: Yes.

Hiccup: Have you secured the elderly and children in the stables?

Astrid: Yes.

Hiccup: Will you marry me?

Astrid: Yes. Wait, what?

Hiccup: (running away) You-said-yes-no-takebacks!