I’m not going to keep quiet and I’ll tag this if I want. I’ve been attacked for 3 days straight over my opinion on Fifth Harmony for no reason at all. It may not be what you all agree with but it’s mine and it’s allowed none the less. Not everyone likes 5H and it’s disgusting that your fandom things it’s okay to attack anyone that doesn’t like them or has any negative opinion on them. The difference between me and you is that I didn’t go on your accounts and send you death threats and tell you to kill yourself or I’d love to see you in a grave or that you’re ugly and your favorite person wouldn’t love you and hates you and that you look like a drug addict bimbo or that you aren’t in college cause you’re stupid. For 3 days straight. It’s not okay. It’s not okay to treat anyone like that whether you like them or their opinion or not. I never ONCE told Camila or any of 5H that they should kill themselves or that they don’t deserve to be here because they do. I just don’t like them. Simple. You guys have a lot of growing up to do. It’s not okay to tell someone to kill themselves ever. But if you do I hope it makes you happy that you could be the reason behind someone’s cuts on their skin or skipped meal or even the end of their life. *enter kim kardashian gif* don’t be fucking rude.

Frozen From Two Points of View

(Read from top to bottom for Anna’s perspective, and bottom to top for Hans. This is really bad. I just threw it together for creative writing class, but I’m posting it, anyway)

Love is an open door

And only a fool would believe that

Power and wealth

Are more important than

Family and friends

People are lying when they tell you that

Love between siblings isn’t real

I know first-hand that

They’re wrong

Most say that family will do anything to protect you

That’s a truth that can’t be denied

I’ve had a rough life, for sure

But any hint of all that is gone for good

I used to dream of achieving great things

Now I realize that I already have

Some of the servants used to think I’d lose my mind from isolation someday

I heard them say it, and it still bothers me

My whole life, people have called me a spare

I never understood why that’s such a big deal

True love

Will always matter so much more than

Having a chance at the throne

If only it were easier for people to see the truth

Preliminary thoughts on Smash 3DS thanks to the demo

This game controls beautifully on the circle pad and button layout; it was jarring back during the Smashfest and the lack of a C-stick does still bother me a little but, I have acclimated and now I say with confidence that smash was 100% meant for the circle pad.

The physics feel very familiar, blending the floatiness of Brawl with the laglessness of Melee was a smart choice as those are indeed the best parts of both games’ physics. How knockback works is also specifically designed with combos in mind, and in this game if you aren’t fast enough you WILL be a victim of a zero-to-death combo — the game has been built with that in mind.

As for the playable characters of the demo, Mario doesn’t seem like he went through that much visible change but he feels much more powerful than any of the previous smash games. His forward tilt is a viable kill move now and that’s amazing (and overall he gives me high hopes for Dr. Mario).

Link is also buffed in terms of power. In previous games he had the lack of speed associated with a strong fighter but never really had the killing power you expected him to, with very few reliable finishers. Now his sword is a force to be reckoned with and with the increased knockback of his projectiles Link seems like a great choice for a noob: he can sit back from the fray and deal damage from a safe distance, and when the time comes to get a kill Link has the power to deliver.

I haven’t spent too much time with Pikachu as of this post but of the three veterans available he seems to be nerfed somewhat, not racking up damage as fast and requiring some setup to score a kill. An offensive minded Pikachu main will need to minimize any damage taken and basically fight a battle of attrition, because he goes flying fast. Any other fighter and I would say this ruins their viability as a competitive main but this is Pikachu we’re talking about; there isn’t a Smash game before this one where he wasn’t in the high tiers.

Mega Man controls like a dream. If there was going to be a new Mega Man game on 3DS I would love for Capcom to just wholesale rip the control scheme of smash and use it for said Mega Man game. He was meant for this control scheme. His basic special moves aren’t doing anything for me except for Leaf Shield, so I’m definitely experimenting with his alternate specials, but goddamn does the blue bomber kick serious ass. I thought he would end up being lower tier as back during Smashfest i picked him for smash run and i wasn’t doing much of anything to enemies, but that Top Spin and Hard Knuckle and shoryuken are amazing and any of his aerials that aren’t the buster or Hard Knuckle not only rack up the damage like nothing else but knock the opponent away so you have breathing room. I would say he’s the most broken fighter in the demo but that still goes to Villager.

It is straight up unfair what the Villager can pocket. Which is everything. He can cancel out your Final Smash with it and use Pikachu’s Thunder against him, and poor Mega Man can’t risk using his myriad projectiles because Villager will send them back twice as powerful. And even without that ability, Villager certainly earned his memetic status as a psychopathic mass murderer with all the kill moves he has, which basically amounts to all of them. If anyone is going to get banned in the early metagame it’s going to be Villager, because that crazy fuck is OP and we need to find his weaknesses fast.

But overall this demo gives me great feelings about both versions of the game with how it seems to play and balance everyone out. Items were also designed with the competitive scene in mind so if those particular tight-asses are ever going to experiment with tourney rules I recommend giving them a try. Smash 4 seems to have become exactly what Super Smash Brothers has wanted to be for so long: the deep fighting game anyone can play and enjoy. That makes my year right there.


S.W.A.P spotlight: Stilinskisparkles

1. But, Doctor!
2. Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t)
3. Possibly I Like The Thrill Of Under Me You

Sooo I planned out a new art project a few months ago that I only recently got back to. Terrible timing, really, since I have Uni deadlines and am also a part of a TW weekly challenge contest that started yesterday, but alas!

First up is Amy Rose, ‘cause her work inspires me like no other.

Taoris for T-shirt Museum

A bit smoother version of the GailxHolly moment from the season 5 promo. (x)